10 Best Anime Murderer Women

Anime is full of different heroes, but nothing is as exciting as the assassins. They don’t look like some of the anime’s best fighters, but their sneakiness and ease really add a punch. The assassins, that is, create the archetype femme fatale love to completely eliminate the tired girl in the trope problem. RELATED: The … Read more

Every Gundam Anime From the 2000s, set

In the year 2000, Gundam has restored a respectful relationship to all Gundam series of the ’90s. Same report Wings of Gundam done Gundam important not only in Japan but in the West. However, every decade brings new challenges. To keep the relationship going, Sunrise decided to try the original again Gundam. RELATED: The best … Read more

Join the greats of Anime

Trapped in a Sim Dating: The World of Otome games is hard for bad guys It’s a new anime sequel of the spring 2022 season, set in a sci-fi-inspired automated gaming world where wealth, power and deception are commonplace. Protagonist Leon Bartfort must use all his skills to survive as the third child of a … Read more