Save! The last part 2nd – Review

Remember, this review is on the irons for the first time Save! The last blow movie. The first Save! The last blow The film ends with Haru and Rin parting ways, as they struggle to reconcile their dreams of world swimming with their humble desires as friends. After losing Albert in Sydney, Haru separated himself … Read more

10 Tokyo Ghoul tracks mentioned

The manga series hit seinen by author Sui Ishida Tokyo Ghoul That’s the story of half-human, half-ghoul competitor Ken Kaneki. He was a high school student of the book, but now he was thrown into the evil and twisted world of food ghouls that roamed the streets of Tokyo, hence the title of the series. … Read more

Anime and the negative effects of growth | Culture

The popularity of anime is growing faster than ever, the world is more. Netflix reported over 120 million homes around the world watched at least one Japanese animation title last year, on their site alone. With nearly 120 million Crunchyroll (anime streaming service) currently available, and new “Demon Slayer” episodes attracting 19% of viewership in … Read more

10 Funny Anime Movie Designs, Organized

Whether it’s Shonen Jump or Netflix Originals, there are many anime titles that have introduced fans to new features that they have become passionate about. But if fans like them or hate them, there are some strange and ridiculous ideas. RELATED: 10 Shonen Anime There are families While not all of them will be discussed … Read more