Alberto Mielgo spoke on the return for Volume 3, New Challenges and more

Aloha, Make + Robots is back on Netflix for its third wave of new shorts, and most of the shorts are being maintained by both executives and producers! Love, Death + Robots became famous as an animated anthology story when many of these shorts were chosen for some popular gifts. Some of these selections received … Read more

The Anime spent some time with Ash’s team

Pokémon Expeditions He established himself as a legacy record by ensuring that the World Coronation Series would end with the Master’s Eight champions, Ash Ketchum and every Regional Champion from Lance to Leon. In this story, Ash meets old contestants and allies as the story continues its great and rich story of things. However, the … Read more

10 Anime Dubs that really improved the story

More than not, the anime dubs are better or at least like the original Japanese voice acting. While these English dubs only improve the Japanese, some special dubs can actually replace their predecessors. RELATED: 10 Bad Anime Dubs Who Don’t Understand Why Thanks to the talented sound players and guides, the translators, and more, these … Read more

10 Anime villains are better than Lord Voldemort

Harry PotterLord Voldemort’s biggest villain is one of the most well-known pop-culture villains of all time, along with the bloody Jason Voorhees, Darth Vader, and more. Voldemort is a villain who looks at all the villains ’boxes – he’s power -hungry, arrogant, manipulative, cruel, fear -inspiring, and unforgiving. He never stopped conquering the wizarding world … Read more