Discussion Comments: Physical Millers present tough opponents – but leave a score on the outcome in our own hands.

Was our game plan wrong? Of course, Rotherham had a different idea than Cambridge, but in the past, we’ve agreed to a very different game plan – one that tried to get Rotherham and go with them physically. Unfortunately, Rotherham have strengths that we don’t have – they are strong, straightforward, in the ear of … Read more

Texas Mother Melissa Lucio – NBC 5 Dallas -Fort Worth performance is recorded

An appeals court in Texas on Monday adjourned the execution of Melissa Lucio amid growing doubts about whether she murdered her 2 -year -old daughter in a case that received the support of lawyers, celebrities and some jurors sentenced him to death. The Texas Criminal Court granted a request by Lucio’s lawyers for a sentence … Read more

NHL Standings: Last Week

It was the best time of the year for hockey fans – the result of the seven -month marathon known as the NHL regular season was the result. Sports games are just around the corner when teams compete for the Lord Stanley’s Cup and sign their names in immortal hockey. For the Eastern Team, it … Read more