8 The worst Vampires in the games

Vampires are favorites and common monsters in many media formats. Perhaps one of the oldest surviving monks, there is nothing like a pair of teeth that evokes fear and dread at the starvation of the vampire who seeks at night for food. Vampires have a history of more than a hundred years and are a … Read more

How to unravel the nature of the Bat

One of the biggest video games on the 1997’s original PlayStation collection Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which has been re -released in various formats for new consoles. Serving as a deputy Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night change the whole Castlevania franchise with its nonlinear gameplay, related to the quest. It’s new … Read more

The best games to play in 2022 right now

We worked through the best part of the first video game calendar. While the idea of ​​a “slow time” for the game is a thing of the past, with well-played titles coming out every month, what really explained the first few episodes of the game in 2022 is all AAA. Among them are a handful … Read more

The best anime shows on Netflix, set

Although the genre is often confusing, the anime is just that, the film is clean. The nature of the animations, which are computer made and hand -drawn (like the great Studio Ghibli), is typical of ancient Japanese culture. With the very first anime dating back to 1917, the style covered every type of animated action, … Read more