How the legacy of the show continues

Even though it’s been almost three years since HBO’s (kind of) humiliating end Games of Thrones, The eternal effects of the show’s popularity continue to show no sign of going any further soon. even though The game of thrones, in his own right, he did not re -create the form, he changed the form. More … Read more

5 video games we want to make:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 which was released earlier this month, and, like its predecessor, is a big and serious one. While movies about video games are notorious for being bad, our favorite blue hedgehog on the right has proven that you can do it right. With that said, here are five video games that can … Read more

Bubble (2022) Review

When you take the world’s largest streaming service on Netflix, and combine it with Anime, fans can expect to see some of the best the industry has to offer in terms of performance . Netflix original as well Castlevania a Devilman Crybaby The friendly crowd was well received, breathing life into the anime on the … Read more

Super Zangyura Review – Niche Gamer

While developing ours Super Zangyura review, it is easy to remember Kill the Vampire. Nowadays, some indie gamers may reject the “metroidvania” game and opt for a more visual and linear action-platformer. Sometimes called “linearvania” or “classicvania”, this type of game promotes high difficulty and memory quests. The teacher Castlevania come out, there are many … Read more

Is it repealed?

See if Big Mouth Season 7 works or not? It’s been a while since the animation was finished for kids only. Netflix doesn’t leave a stone unturned to enhance the genre and bring features that are as hilarious and fun for fans. With similar evidence BoJack Horseman, F for family, Castlevania, Disenchantment, Rick and Mortythe … Read more