Castlevania SOTN The guide to walking the room

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night it is considered one of the best games ever made, in part because it helped to promote the non-linear game design that was first tested in Castlevania II: The Quest for Simon. One of the main features of this game design is the hidden passages and retrieval when the player has access to new movement controls, allowing them to search the map. Land.

As the tours begin through Dracula’s Castle, players run between Maria Renard in a room that houses a large clock. At first glance, there are three entrances and exits, one on the left, one on the right, and one directly above. What players don’t realize is that there are three other hidden areas in the room, one of which must enter the second half of the game and its true effect.

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For the first door on the roof of the room, players have to wait until they find the Soul of Bat. When found, they can fly straight up a short path to a new room. In this section, players can see the clues about the hidden paths in the clock room itself. When they reached the end of the trail, they entered a new room. To the left of the entrance is a Potion, Hammer, and Life Apple. On the right are Gravity Boots, which are a much better way to go straight up.

The left side is the simplest of the three hidden sides. Every other minute, the picture moves to the left -hand side of the room, showing a new path to Olrox’s Quarters. In the first quest, players will encounter several enemies and a path to the Colosseum and a teleportation room. With the availability of Soul of Bat or Gravity Boots, they can explore more places. This area gives access to the Sword Card, allows the Familiar Sword, and later leads an officer to grant access to the Echo of Bat, which is important for exploring the Catacombs.

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The image will also move on the right side to show a new path, but the player only uses the Stopwatch sub-weapon in the room. Inside are two rooms that have a Heart Center and Alucart appliances. While each piece of Alucart gear gives a small bonus to Alucard’s stats, providing the full team gives a +30 bonus to the LCK score, as well as setting the level of meaning “Alucart.”

The last hidden area in the clock room is in the basement. To unlock this path, players must obtain a gold ring from the bottom pits and a silver ring from the royal chapel. The description of these two rings combined is “Wear in Clock Tower,” although this is a mistranslation, as they do not have the same place in the Museum. The first message will say “Show us the big clock.”

By placing the two rings in the clock chamber, the hands of the clock move down and open to the floor behind the 13 rings of the bell. Just downstairs was an elevator and two bedrooms. To the south is a storage room, and to the north is a room that contains the Life Vial and the Heart. Taking the elevator down leads to a relationship with Maria, who gives the player the Holy Glasses, although due to power, Maria may require the player to fight her to prove it. their property. Either way, the Holy Glasses were crucial to Richter’s rescue and gain access to the second half of the game.

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