Canned Deus Ex Movie Script changed a lot of the game

Film directors and writers have been trying to turn games into movies for years. The past few years have seen some famous characters – Sonic, Detective Pikachu, Netflix’s Castlevania series – but many others have passed. The latest feature from a story released for a Deus Ex movie is not made into production (in USA Today).

In 2012, director Scott Derrickson was very hot on the heels of Sinister – the most terrifying film ever made – but did not take the roles of Doctor Strange from Marvel Studios. At the time, he was working on a remake of the 2011 game Deus Ex: Human Revolution with Sinister collaborator C. Robert Cargill. The film was canceled, but Scott Kinney, director of Prime Universe Productions, provided a 2014 film of the documentary to USA Today, along with some interesting details about the film’s production process.

The most famous thing about the script is that it changes the story of the game. In the game, protagonist Adam Jensen wakes up after an explosion with a series of experimental cybernetic additives in his body. Of course, they give Jensen all sorts of new things, but in the world of Deus Ex, the treatment of the upgraded ones is different from the “clean” ones. When asked how he would handle the additions, Jensen replied “I didn’t ask for this.”

Most of the documentation follows the game, but when Jensen woke up in the hospital after the explosion, he actually asked his boss, David Sarif, to step up for him. retribution.

After the film, however, Jensen confronts one of the film’s first opponents, Barrett, and while cutting off Barrett’s arm, he says “I didn’t ask. for this. ” The plot is really good, even compared to the rest of the document, and these two scenes forget what was supposed to be an important part of Jensen’s story – it was augmented at will. From Super Mario Bros. and Assassin’s Creed, which is one of the biggest worries that gamers go to movies about their favorite characters. Is it a real change, or is it just a license name that loses the heart of the original story?

According to Kinney, the film was not intended to be rated R despite some important action features in the script.

“Most of the studios at the time – he was ahead of Deadpool in the big finale with an R number in the US – they didn’t like making big movies that were meant for adults only. , “he said. “I think an R-rated movie if it’s made today, it’s not a distraction.”

Why wasn’t the movie made? Yes, Dr. Strange is a small part of the blame for that.

“We’ve progressed well on that [the Deus Ex] literature, and it’s an amazing asset, ”Derrickson told Empire Online.“ Those people at CBS Films hired myself and C. Robert Cargill, I love them, they’re good people. It’s a very good process going on, and it’s a little painful. Getting over Dr. Strange was the most important thing. The truth is I need to get rid of Deus Ex. I can’t expect them to wait two years for me. “

According to Kinney, the studio canceled the script because “Deus Ex wasn’t the kind of movie they wanted to make or enjoyed making” at the time, and they wanted to change it. ” from making movies like Dwayne Johnson’s Faster. which they previously hired, to movies like The Duff. “

There’s a big piece of USA Today’s story that you can read if you want – the story is supposed to be as possible, even for the picture.

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