Can God create a better world?

“Live in faith and hope, even while it is in darkness, for in this darkness God is guarding the soul. Put your trust in God for whom you belong. do not think that he will leave you, for it is his fault. ” – Saint John of the Cross

No one needs to work hard to see the pain and suffering in this world. War, crime, and hatred are everywhere. This is not to say natural disasters and diseases. Because of this problem, the believer can be forgiven for asking why God did not create a better world?

Indeed, it is a difficult question and requires knowledge that we cannot know the mind of God. However, it is a worthwhile question to consider and I will address it in this paper.

A Real World

Not the best thinkers think the world we live in is right. However, the existence of a perfect earth or paradise is what the Bible describes as the environment that God created for the first humans.

In a sense, the garden of Eden provides (whether real or symbolic) a geographical view of heaven. In the garden, Adam and Eve had a very close relationship with God. The result of this perfect relationship with God is that human beings are immortal and their will is perfectly organized. Human beings are created well and placed in a better world.

Now, for the good of something, it needs to be properly organized. In the context of Genesis, the moral order is assumed to have obeyed man and the people obeyed God. This rightful command was lost in the Fall of Man. This problem is not related to the original sin in man’s relationship with God. He also distinguished the proper order between nature and man. The natural world is not good for humans (Genesis 3:19). Indeed, the expulsion from the garden of Eden marked not only the loss of human holiness but the upheaval of all kinds. It is in this troubled world that we are born.

Meheu of holiness

Despite the turmoil and trouble we see on a daily basis, the entire universe in which we live holds some manifestation of the holiness that God intended.

We live in a wonderful world that doesn’t have to be inhabited. According to Roger Penrose, a doctor of mathematics at Oxford University, the average number of the universe is “1 part in 10 to a power of 10 to a power of 123, which is what followed. 10 to 123rd power zeros. ” Suffice it to say that mathematics could not have created the universe because of an idle process.

Here again, Two famous scientists, Fred Hoyle and N. Chandra Wickramasinghe described how life is based on natural resources. They estimated that there was less than once in 10 to 40,000 powers that could be created by a single process.

All over the world, there are evidence of innovation. For example, ripples are seen worldwide from the original Big Bang event in the region of 100,000. To a lesser extent, the universe would exist as a group of gases – no earth, no life. If this number were smaller, there would be large black holes all over the world. Of course, life is not possible in the whole world.

This universal science (I’m sorry) is not only universal but the entire universe is designed in a way that supports life.

Not only science but our very nature reflects the concept of holiness. From the turning of the temple tables, to the famine of Gandhi and the departure of Martin Luther King, we have been hungry for righteousness, for love, for God. We were hungry after remembering paradise.

This memory of a better world continues even though we live in a broken world.

What is the cause of the current problem?

It is straightforward and easy to combine many, if not all, of the world’s shortcomings to fundamental error. It is straightforward and easy to attach fundamental error to the human power of free choice.

However, God did not relinquish freedom. If free will leads a person to reject God – and that is the nature of sin – then the mind of God is what God knows that people will not listen to. While trying to answer this question is not worth the slightest thought, it seems that acting in the image of God, among other things, is the right thing to do. Righteousness is necessary because human beings cannot be responsible for their actions without the ability to choose.

The idea that can be drawn out is that God is more valuable than the good of the free will over the evil to come. However, the human condition is in its fallen state, a state in which we cannot free ourselves. We need to save.

The New Plan of God

Fortunately, God is not pleased to allow us to live in our miserable condition. He gave, out of love, a way out. That way out is well described in John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Through Christ the way to paradise will be opened. Although we may not see the perfect world that God intended for this life, we hope for that better world in the life to come.

The end

The answer is if God could have created a better world it is as if God had created a better world. It is because of man’s ability to think freely that he leads to sin, which has caused innumerable mischief in that holy world. However, the desire for perfect love, justice, and immortality will continue. Because we are fallen, we have a first impression of paradise. We are hungry for that paradise; we are hungry for God.

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