Calumniation games by Kakegurui Creator; More information is presented


Today Izanagi Games gave a new take on the escape/bullet shoot ‘em up hybrid game Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

Today, Izanagi Games released a press release to provide something new about the escape/bullet shoot ‘em up hybrid game Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

The game, which first started for 2020 and then slowed down this year, is slow again. Will be released in the spring of 2022 for PS5, PS4, PC via Steam, and Switch.

Below you will check out a new demo of Binko starring Sengoku Shunji and Rina Azami.

We see the story of Yurukill: The Calumniation Games.

Sengoku Shunju wakes up in his prison cell.
A woman wearing a fox helmet introduced herself as Binko, and said: “Sengoku Shunju, you are a criminal who has been sentenced to years in prison, you have been given the time to have your freedom.
You have to live with all kinds of ‘interests’ in a ‘fun park.’ If you win, your sins will be forgiven.
“No, you are wrong, I lied! I am not at fault!”
The perpetrator of some of the alleged crimes is revealed. Her name is Rina Azami.

“Sengoku Shunju. A name I will never forget. You killed my whole family. Therefore I will not forgive thee.
Sengoku is in prison, charged with arson and murder — of burning 21 people, including Rina’s family.
Usually, the victim does not believe any of Sengoku’s words because he is innocent.
In addition to Sengoku there were four criminal gangs and their victims.

The accused criminals were called “Prisoners,” and the injured were called “Executioners.” Offenders and injured people need to compare themselves to the visitors of the amusement park.
Six were convicted and five were convicted. Five teams: Mass Murderers, Death Dealing Duo, Crafty Killers, Sly Stalkers, and Peeping Toms.
Prisoners hoped to overcome difficulties for which they were pardoned.

If the sheriffs succeed, their wishes shall be granted. In the long run, they can punish their loved one.
The problems take place in a park called “Yurukill Land.”
All sorts of secrets will be revealed to the teams at each celebration.
Who will survive in the evil land, Yurukill Land?

We also learned about Homura Kawamoto, whom you know about in the making of Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler and who created the original story for the game, which will also be written by his younger brother, Hikaru Muno.

We already know that the designer, Hiro Kiyohara, worked on the Valkyria Revolution.

Below you can read profiles for each of them, along with a list of employees.

Homura Kawamoto’s profile

Homura Kawamoto made his debut with “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” in 2014, in Gangan Joker magazine. The Kakegurui series, including spin-offs, has sold over 6.2 million copies, and has been translated into various formats including anime, movies, and games. Kawamoto has worked on original features and design for many titles, including “The War of Greedy Witches,” and “Greatest M” (co -authored with Hikaru Muno). He also passed the registration exam in Japan.

Hikaru Muno’s profile

Homura Kawamoto’s younger brother, Hikaru Muno, started a job search book called “Bonjin Naitei Senryaku” (Job Hunting Strategies for Average People) in 2012. He has worked on many related projects. he offers basic features for comics, novels, how to book, board games, and is the author of Kakegurui’s simple novels, “Kakegurui Trip” and “Kakegurui Joker.” He also worked on “Build Divide” and “High Card” (co-written with Homura Kawamoto) as well as a board game called “Hen-na Kanji” (Chinese).

Hiro Kiyohara’s profile

Hiro Kiyohara is a manga artist and graphic designer. He is best known for the comic power of “Another,” among other titles. He has worked on film for a number of episodes, including the “All-Round Appraiser Q” and the “Detective versus Detectives” series. He is a graphic designer for the PS4 game “Valkyria Revolution” and is writing the manga series “The Decagon House Murders” for the monthly manga magazine, Monthly Afternoon.

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  • Original story: Homura Kawamoto (Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler)/ Hikaru Muno
  • Actor/ Director: Shinsuke Umeda (Death Come True)
  • Design: Hiro Kiyohara (Valkyria Revolution)
  • Lei kani: Yuko Komiyama (Monster Hunter series)
  • Genre: Escape the journey and shoot them
  • Shoot the episode development: G.Rev (Mamorukun Curse!)

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