Bilibili announces over 50 new Chinese Anime titles in ANIME MADE BY BILIBILI 2021-2022, bringing Chinese Anime to a global audience.

During its years of development, Bilibili has been home to many of the top Chinese anime production companies and one of the largest Chinese anime production companies. It released a total of 430 Chinese anime titles and generated 178. Over 340 million users watched Chinese anime in Bilibili, with more than 1.9 billion viewing hours. , with an average annual growth rate of 40%.

“Chinese anime is going to be an important part of food culture Chinabut our goal should not be limited to the local market, “he said Carly Lee, vice chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Bilibili. “Anime is mindfulness, and the love of mindfulness is shared by human beings. Anime is able to cut through cultural barriers and conversations. Chinain ‘Made for Global’, with the hope that Chinese anime will gain worldwide fame.

Bilibili has announced in 2019 that he will also be working on an animated version of The Third Physical Problemworld honoree e China The most famous scientific historian is Liu Cixin. Liu once said that he thought anime was a good way to study science fiction. Bilibili released a new trailer for the title at the conference, further revealing the crowd Three Physical Problems universe to long -term fans.

Working in partnership with global partners, including Funimation, NETFLIX and Sony Music Solutions, Bilibili continues to bring Chinese anime abroad, and has released 24 Chinese anime titles on the world from 2020-2021.

Heaven Official’s Blessing, an anime created by Bilibili adapted from popular Chinese mythology, is the first Chinese anime series to be screened on Funimation, the world’s leading advertising platform. The title is also included in NETFLIX. Funimation also announced Link Click, a new title created by Bilibili that captured the hearts of listeners for its touching story. The title was ranked in the top #20 on MyAnimeList, the world’s top online anime group and archive. First kau o Blessings of the Almighty a Link Click has 420 million and 180 million views on Bilibili. Both seasons of the two titles will be released in Bilibili.

Both titles received positive feedback from global audiences about their style, stories and quality of work. An observer said Blessed are the heavens, speaking, “I’ve never seen an animation that’s so fun! The unique effects, the music selection, and the story are so good!” Those who Link Click appreciated for the quality of Chinese anime. Someone said: “This anime made fun of me and changed my whole idea of ​​Chinese animation. I’m really happy that they’re so good.”

By telling the stories and values ​​of the Chinese people, Chinese anime can help introduce Chinese history and culture to the general public. Working with Shanghai Animation Film Studio, it is one of the most honored animation studios of the time. ChinaBilibili will come up with a new name. Yao — Chinese History, is based on the stories of eight “monsters” (or “yao” in Chinese) from Chinese culture. Bilibili will change The Sword and the Fairy 4a standard game and an IP TV theater on Chinain the animation.

Bilibili also published an episode of Fog Hill of Five Elements, which focuses on cultural elements taken from ancient Chinese texts. The Mountain of Mountains and Seas. The title has attracted many people for its unique style of painting such as traditional Chinese paintings. The Legend of Princess Chang-Gethe songs of the famous filmmaker Xia Da will also be adapted to the Tang king.

Some famous titles will see their endings in Bilibili, including the third season of The Daily Life of The Immortal King and Fairies Albums. The total number of title views reached over 500 million and 200 million respectively.

Bilibili will continue to turn high -quality comics into animation to maximize and maximize available IPs. The company has some of China, and convert 17 music from stage to animation. It will also change to five new titles from Bilibili Comics.

To further support professional talent, Bilibili has expanded the “Little Universe Program”, originally launched in 2016, to identify and train individual animation students and anime producers. The expanded “Light Catcher Initiative” will not only cover professional anime students and creators, but also provide opportunities for young, inexperienced anime lovers to get involved, and encourage anime production teams compete with themselves to create high -quality works. Some of the projects awarded over the years have become projects under Bilibili’s sponsorship.

A recap video of the event and a full line -up of new titles is available here.


Bilibili is a flagship brand and a leading video community with a mission to enhance the daily lives of young generations in China. Bilibili offers a wide range of video information with all the videos you want as a resource. Bilibili builds its community of aspiring users, high -skilled, skilled craftsmen and a strong emotional connection between them. Bilibili created the “bullet chatting” feature, a life -changing experience that transforms perception by sharing the thoughts and feelings of others watching the same video. Today it has become a home of all kinds of interest for the younger generations China and the border to spread Chinese culture around the world.



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