Best Slice-of-Life anime with black undercover voices

The next article discusses murder and self -harm.

The piece of life was accepted as a beautiful expression of everyday life without conflict. Often set in a strong sense of humor, characterized by bright colors and cheerful characters. Series like Nichijou a Wotakoi: It’s hard to love Otaku there are good examples of traditional thinking in this way.

In recent years, anime studios have begun experimenting with incorporating dark themes into what has been created as a light source. This is in line with the growing audience and the growth of various aspects of anime. Combining a piece of life with dark themes adds depth to a series, without making it heavy or difficult to look at. Here are some of the best examples of the anime slice of life that has black accents.

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Wonder Egg Priority is seen by demons in humans

As one of the most recent changes, Amazing Journey He follows the story of ʻAi Ooto after the murder of his friend Koito Nagase. Following the advice of a mysterious group, Ai buys an magical egg, which enables him to fight people’s pain, remorse and fear like the enemies in mind. the dream kingdom. With each person he successfully rescued from their demons, he took one step closer to rescuing his friend.

Despite the deceptive bright colors and young protagonists, Amazing Journey Seek the depths of demons in a person through their dreams. A naughty girl who fights against the monsterized teacher who abused her. A school athlete who is up against a sports teacher who encouraged him. It was even more painful and bitter to be told that everyone was dead.

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The girls’ last trip will be to explore the world after August

the girls ’last trip

Last daughter it is located among the rubbish of the first growing city destroyed by the war. In this post-apocalyptic scene, Chito and Yuuri are the only ones who escape as they run through the desert in their car, searching for food and contemplating life in the past. of war.

This whole anime is light -hearted and beautiful, showing off their actions and experiences on a daily basis. However, by linking their story from a three -person perspective, it provides a more unique insight into the reality of the situation than what the girls themselves have experienced.

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Your lie in April will keep the softness of life

Your lie in April

First introduced as a regular part of anime school life, Your lie in April dive quickly to the deep end. It has been revealed that pianist Kousei Arima will not be able to hear the piano again after the death of her mother. Amidst the themes of childhood pain, Kousei regained the color of her life when she met upbeat violinist Kaori Miyazono, who hid her secret under her happy face.

Interspersed among the safe aspects of everyday school life are flashbacks to childhood trauma and the realities of dealing with a terminal illness. This duality is well realized in dynamics. Despite the darker themes, the whole concept of this series continues, playing on the strengths of the lifestyle piece.

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Alani raises serious health issues

Naho and her friends Enjoy life on the orange

At its base, Orange tell a story of regret. One day, 16 -year -old Naho Takamiya received another letter from himself 10 years in the future, expressing regrets that needed to be corrected. Among other things about the new moving student, Kakeru Naruse, is no longer alive in the future. Given the opportunity to redress past wrongs, Naho worked hard to save Kakeru before history could be repeated.

Subjects of Orange It is more important because his organization is based on truth. The mental health that leads to murder is simple and difficult to understand, and this story accurately reflects that. It doesn’t increase the problem but invites people to watch the characters and characters with the protagonists.

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Usagi Drop broke the curse of being a single parent

Anime can explore many black themes, but the theme of a single parent is not always clear. Usagi Drop following 30 -year -old Daikichi Kawachi as he tries to raise Rin, his grandfather’s orphaned daughter without the knowledge of childcare. Daikichi and Rin have a father -daughter relationship. Encouraged by the situation, they try to reconcile this new life and the strength of the relationship. It is wonderful to see them learn and grow with the challenges and challenges of everyday life.

Anime doesn’t have to be a simple story of everyday fun. When used in conjunction with black themes, they provide a complex process of storytelling that separates these stories from others.

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