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It’s no wonder the glory is chaotic Kakegurui popularity has risen among cosplayers and Tiktokers. Simple student costumes combined with a variety of styles and concepts of art (all of which are in a state of insanity) allow artists to play and experiment with different styles, the details, and functions.

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In fact, a lot of people are dressed up as the famous anime girl cast which is pretty much a rabbit hole in itself. Favorites will dress up as protagonist Yumeko Jabami, then entertainers like the proud Mary Saotome, mysterious brothers Kirari Momobami and Ririka Momobami, gamer daughter Runa Yomozuki, nail collector Itsuki Sumeragi, and Midari Ikishima.

9 hayoon.y

A beautiful description of the Kakegurui Seen by a very talented cosplayer, Dahla takes her own spin by bringing a gothic duality to her character, as if inspired by the titular superhero. She was dressed like Yumeko, right in the grace and spirit she had before breaking into a happy smile.

8 2 red2 yellow

It helps that 2pink2yellow bring their cleaned photos and cleaning skills to the table to get some of the cleanest submissions for a crazy and nasty look. He is simple in describing Midari but very pleasant to the touch and the spirit. The detail on her eyepatch is simple but fun, adding a cartoony feel.


7 mk0607mg

Bring life to a wide space of Kakegurui throw, along with Mary, Midori, Itsuki, and Kiari, mk0607mg brings their story of passion cosplaying to the table. Their Tiktok in the pictures is more appealing than most, bringing reality to small details like Itsuki’s nails and eyebrows.

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They are considered different, and their personalities shine through. Even cosplays as the head of the Traditional Culture Research Society Yuriko Nishinotouin, it’s a no -brainer to know what cosplay is all about.

6 azzy.cosplay

Azzy.cosplay plays on loved ones as we see them-including Yumeko, Itsuki, Kiari, and Runa-and brings a whole new level to inspired make-up. by other examples. The enhanced glamor adds energy and authenticity to the images and is fun. Nor to say his Tiktok power over Kiari was a joy.

5 pincsoc

Bringing an e-girl and others to the scene of the photos, pincsoc brings a sense of excitement and her performance in the characters of Mary, Kiari, and Midari. He makes the fun gun while Midari works, adding an unexpected photo shoot to an unimaginable fun.

4 yeahimcaroline

Although she covered a small number of films, there was nothing quite like the yeahimcaroline show and the performance of Runa. Called in his intention to bring a member of the student council with quick moves and interaction with his iconic lollipop to awaken the playfulness of the genre.

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The cosplayer and Tiktoker are no strangers to the elfish, strong and magical, bringing out the best in what RunaTok has to offer.

3 THEEDeezumaki

The nature, beauty, intelligence, and spirit combined in THEEDeezumaki’s portrayal of Mary, Runa, and Yumeko. Makes one of the most famous Tiktok in the name of Kakegurui, the cosplayer also impressively creates great human voices. They bring the right balance of superiority and anarchy to his images and his work. Another highlight was the way they painted their blonde eyes for Mary’s dress.

2 goatchii.cos

Goatchii.cos offers their version of the favorite Midari and Runa. A poppy WebCore aesthetic that focuses on great detail and improvisation in the name of make-up brings images to life while supporting a photo shoot. Their Tiktoks in Midari show the same. The fun details of the combination of guns and baby pictures give the crazy designer a beautiful e-girl look. The lash, eyeliner, and decal enhancement for Runa takes her to a whole new level to solidify her character as a playful girl, perhaps inspired by the likes of Belle Delphine.

1 f.ukuro

There are many cosplayers on Instagram and Tiktok. Taking the “Kakegurui Challenge “which plays the most important female characters in a short sound, it doesn’t detract from f.ukuro’s take on the king to participate. , but he dresses in every way with precision and care to make one Kakegurui dispute. The changes are easy for the cleaner Kakegurui Tiktok, who is probably always, his first hit Tiktok with more than 15K likes and 185K shares, deserves it all!

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