Best Anime Fairies

Anime looks everywhere for its motivation. From news and dreams to stories and movies, ideas can be gleaned from countless sources, and over the years anime has compared them all. One of the main reasons for innovating is history.

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The storyline about fairies is just as complicated. While many people agree that what makes a fairy fit as well as the usual archetype, fairies aren’t easy on anime, sometimes sharing a different title with their book. story. Whether the anime fairies are simple or winged or like angry cats, they draw people back to their stories, if they learn more about the basics. Here are some of the best anime fairies must give.


10 Puck (Re: Zero)

Echidna created the Witch of Greed and first met Emilia, Puck, the Great Spirit of Fire, also known as the Beast of the End. Those are important titles for an adorable cat fairy, but Puck lives them all and then others.

Though pleasant and pleasant at times, Puck reveals himself to be the same tragedy as Emilia’s disappearance. For his good looks, good looks, and impressive decision -making decisions, Puck stands out among the best in the world. Re: Noneand some of the best anime fairies around.

9 Post-Apocalyptic Fairies (Man Denied)

In the traditional contexts of post-apocalyptic anime, The man is less it is something that. Its pastel zany world is inhabited by fairies, which is what the human race turns to when threatened by the extinction of wealth and food shortages.

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The protagonist of the show is a messenger between humans and fairies, and the story takes every opportunity to spark laughter and drama from that scene. Among them High technology, a desire for sweets, and a lack of concern for human safety, by post-apocalyptic fairies The man is less Unlike the ancient fairies. If it helps them to separate themselves.

8 Mary Bell (Floral Magician Mary Bell)

It’s a common trope in anime for characters that don’t look their age, and the ancient magicians who are obsessed with little human girls may be the usual power of this genre. Mary Bell mai Mary Bell Flower Shop Which is another kind of 500,000 years old is transformed like a human girl with a staff and a large purple bow.

As a flower witch from the Fairy Magic World, Mary Bell is not a fairy in the usual sense, but it is not a common thing about Mary Bell. The anime character of the light -hearted and red -hearted Mary Bell is not a mockery, but a help to those in need.

7 Sugar

It’s hard to find more wealth than Sugar, the hero of A Little Sugar Fairy Wind. Everything about her is designed to be beautiful, after all. His goal was to use his piccolo to fetch ice like the ice his mother had prepared, which was almost unacceptable, which was suitable for a species called Sugar.

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Sugar loves waffles (as she mispronounces “waffos” as her motto), and he was lazy, stubborn, and very easily enticed, and all these things like a child. Her beautiful eyes and dress helped to show that she was a childish spirit.

6 Titania (Ancient Magus Woman)

In many ways the aesthetic and thematic is against a fairy like Sugar from A Little Sugar Fairy Wind, Titania mai The Old Magus Woman tall, black, and dark.

Directly edited by Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania is accompanied by a group of eclectic, Spriggan the warrior, a mule with an arrow on his head, and a pack of wolves. He’s passionate for a variety of reasons, but one of the strongest is that he’s the best: Titania just looks out of place.

5 Lilith (Rosario + Vampire)

A ghostly spirit without one but two wings, from Lilith The Rosary + Vampire an independent character who enhances his unique role in the anime. He can restore monsters to their true nature using Lilith’s Mirror.

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Lilith was worse than she was beautiful. Although this is one of the differences The Rosary + Vampire playing with her world -building and character development, it goes a long way in separating Lilith between different and interesting players.

4 Yui (Sword Art Online)

Yui, short for Yui-MHCP001 (Mental Health Counseling Program 001), is a tertiary education program developed by ARGUS for the purpose of addressing an athlete’s mental health problems. Sword Art Online. Yui can be seen in both Sword Art Online a ALfheim Online, takes on the role of Navigation Pixie in the final game, a feature that gives him access to project data.

Because of her various roles in the digital worlds in which she lives, and her role as the foster child of Kirito and Asuna, Yui can be said to be one of the toughest fairies in the anime. and one of the best.

3 Nico (Earl and Fairy)

Amazing in many ways Nico, a gray cat, is more true to the image of a normal fairy than anything else from the anime. That is, among other things, choice, regulating the position of his hair and his beard and his clothing, that is, the neck ribbon.

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Between his love of alcohol and tea, his fear, and his need for Lydia whether she wanted to lead or gather information from the fairies, Nico had a lot of work to do, which was important. Here’s a good full -length model and a lot of people will like it, even if it irritates some of the others.

2 Mipple A me Mepple (Pretty Cure)

Mipple, the Princess of Hope from the garden of light, loved Mepple, her chosen protector, who was the truth. The beauty of the two cannot be overemphasized. They can both switch to Card Combines to separate themselves in the Garden of Rainbows, Allow them to conserve the energy they burn due to the normal atmosphere.

In fact, Mipple and Mepple are one of them the best anime fairies on the basis of their names and appearances only, hence the fact that they are necessary to the magical girls around them to maintain their status.

1 King (Seven Deadly Sins)

As a member of the Seven deadly sins from the anime of the same name, King the Sloth. He’s lazy (not surprisingly, given his testimony) but he’s also strong: his ability, Disaster, gives her command over life and death and signs her as king of the Fairy Forest.

The Spirit Spear Chastiefol, his weapon, has many forms with different powers. Seven deadly sins it’s a deep anime with a lot of action, and entertainers like King are part of what it takes. Whether called Fairy King Harlequin, Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth, or Harlequin the Traitor, King is one of the best fairies around.

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