Belt’s clutch hits give the series a win vs. Guardians

CLEVELAND – When Brandon Belt was in office, so was the San Francisco Giant.

After playing only three spring practice games, how long will Belt be hot when the season starts with an opening question going into the opening day. Look no further than Belt’s press line in the first week for answers. And in a 4-2 win on Saturday night against the Guardians, securing their third win of the season, the Giants acted when they needed to.

Belt took home the Giants ’first two runs in the fifth, with the second out of center, then took the first run after leading the eighth with his second base. night. The two pitches haven’t had the oomph of Belt’s two pitches this season, but they’ll be arguably the two biggest lessons of the 33 -year -old first baseman’s start at the time.

“I don’t think it’s fair to think about the work we’ve got from it,” executive director Gabe Kapler said. “But it’s fair to think that even with a short spring training, he can come out and do as he is.”

With two touchdowns on Saturday night, Belt hit a .391/.500/.696 and led the team with his four and five RBIs of the season.

“I remember where I was last year when I ran out of time and was just trying to pick that up,” said Belt, who slugged nine home runs with 1,172 on-base-plus. -slugging percentage in the last month of the season last year.

Now, very good.

On the other hand, Giants starter Anthony DeSclafani didn’t make a fifth start for his second straight start, but he scattered five touchdowns over 4⅔ innings to limit Cleveland to two runs and, as in his first start, the bullpen was closed. the exit to the rest of the way. Jake McGee, who hasn’t played since last Saturday, was the last of six restaurateurs to arrive and hold the record, while putting a tie run at the base and throwing a many balls as a whip.

The Giants were undefeated for four innings, but they combined three to five to secure their first two runs of the game on Belt’s RBI single. Thairo Estrada broke the drought, then climbed to third on a double held by Steven Duggar, giving Belt two runners in the picture to drive home.

Belt took the first run in the eighth inning after singing and moved to third on a walk to Brandon Crawford who hit the stocks with a single. Wilmer Flores hit the World Cup which was held in the second game, but the Giants rested when the sack was not covered, the first player of the guards Owen Miller, allowed Flores to win only by throwing Belt’s first i. number number.

“Flores has to use every ounce of his speed to do that,” Kapler said. “She’s not the best foot.”

“I thought it was a double game,” Belt said. “I don’t really know what happened. Flo put in a really good swing at it and hit it hard, but once (third baseman Jose Ramirez) made that game, the routine was easy and throw. You have to give the credit to Flo … if he doesn’t give everything he has there, that would be a double game and we ended up in the inning.

Belt finished the spring from playing with a rash on his knee, but he continued to work on his back and relied on the preseasons over the past two years to prepare well. him for a little work earlier this year.

However, Belt said he was more physically fit after Saturday’s game than he was after the first performance of the season. However, Kapler said he is looking to find a way to relax Belt and the former Giants, even though no left hand is coming to give him a natural day. He could see the hitter selected in the final weekend on Sunday, Kapler said.

“Last Sunday, I couldn’t say the same,” Belt said. “It was hard after playing two games. Now, I think I’m recovering well and I’m very well.

Cleveland starter Cal Quantrill took a hit in the fifth but didn’t go out of the inning, and DeSclafani was tied for the same result in the bottom half.

The Giants gave them a 2-1 lead, but the guards held him in double doubles that proved to be the end of DeSclafani’s night.

In both starts, DeSclafani did not complete the fifth inning. If the former can be counted on his pitch score due to spring training, it can’t be said on Saturday night. After having 74 pitches to complete a 3⅔ in his first start, DeSclafani got the hang of it after 64 pitches on Saturday.

Kapler came to get DeSclafani after Jose Ramirez doubled Owen Miller, who led the inning with two sacks, but he was not in the box. The Giants are well rested and a starter they are looking forward to this season.

Kapler later said he had “great confidence” in DeSclafani and was happy to allow him to end the arm but chose to go to Jose Alvarez to get Steven Kwan’s left arm for the game. end of the inning.

“The construction does not end at the end of the season. Sometimes it helps to keep a few innings on the front page and you know you’ll be happy to have them on the back when you arrive in August and September and beyond.

DeSclafani said he wanted to stay in the game but he understood Kapler’s decision.

“I feel good and I want to take the plunge,” DeSclafani said. “Gabe thought it would be better to go to a new bullpen that we got and I think it was the right move. We won.

The struggle of the pitchers is expected after a short spring training that prevented them from putting in their full performance, but it was a surprise for DeSclafani.

Not only did Logan Webb and Carlos Rodón carry expectations with their first two turns in the switch, April was DeSclafani’s strongest month of the season. His 2.33 ERA in the first month of the season, entering Saturday night, made him the seventh in MLB history since 1920.

But in his first two April starts this year, DeSclafani allowed four runs and 13 hits in 8⅓ innings, a 4.32 ERA.

“It’s not my best bet,” DeSclafani said. “But it was enough to keep the team in the game and get the win. That was the ultimate goal and I’m happy with that.

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