Auburn beat Jacksonville State by a straight seven

Seeking help at the end of games in the days when Carson Skipper and Blake Burkhalter weren’t available, No. ran on three hits in the final four and 2/3 innings in an 8-4 road win over the Jacksonville State Gamecocks. The duo hit nine and teamed up with starters Mason Barnett and Konner Copeland to drop 15 on the night as Coach Butch Thompson’s team won their seven straight wins.

“Barnett has done enough and Copeland isn’t as good as he was at that start last week,” Thompson said. “I think he finished winning the ball game. Allsup did well for us tonight, but just clean enough to finish the game.

“I thought Carson Swilling was very good and he had a great time going there the last two innings. I appreciate that work.”

On the pitch the Tigers got two touchdowns each from Bobby Peirce and Brody Moore with an old shortball that added to three runs on Tuesday night. First baseman Sonny DiChiara got one hit, went three times and picked up three runs for the Auburn offense that missed several times to break the game.

“I’m just trying to be steady as I walk and lowering my leg, which is on my back leg, and leaving the pieces to fall where they can come from.”

It took until the fourth innings before anyone made it to the standings, but not without Auburn midfielder Kason Howell’s big defense in the bottom of the third. of the inning. With one out and a runner in front, Barnett left a pitch on the wall that former Alabama player TJ Reeves had cleared in center field. On his return and during his flight, Howell took a home run to keep the Gamecocks off the board.

“I did it in press practice,” Howell said. “Sonny was always hitting the bullets in practice and I thought I got a place from Sonny and I knew I could put my foot on that chain. He was good enough to hit high and I could hit. get in. I tied my foot to the chain and my foot was caught and I stood against the wall.

Walking to open the fourth, DiChiara scored the first of two Brody Moore RBI singles to put the Tigers ahead, but Jacksonville State tied the game in the bottom of the fourth in the first. of two home runs Carson Crowe.

That was only the beginning of trouble for Auburn in the beginning as Barnett’s back -and -forth approach was what Copeland had to fix the box coming out of the bullpen. . After an altercation that moved the runners, Copeland got a ground ball and a flying ball to finish off the entry and hold on to the game.

With Jacksonville State in its third cup of the night, Auburn used a lot of assists to break the game at the tip of the hand. Leading up to the inning, Cole Foster was hit by a pitch when Blake Rambusch got the same result a few times later, while the Tigers were in business.

After traveling to DiChiara to attack the teachers, Brooks Carlson was hit by a pitch to boost the run. A new pitcher didn’t help things when Cam Hill went on to beat the Tigers 3-1. Peirce scored one in the third inning before adding the fourth point on the wild pitch. In doing his job, Moore’s world ball was released on the right in the fifth inning to give Auburn 6-1.

With Barnett’s help, Copeland had trouble with his lower arm. After a single lead, Reeves doubled to put the runners in second and third with no outs. The walk attacked the bases without an outside before one cut the Auburn leader four and left the bases under attack.

Coming out of the bullpen in a big position, Allsup got a flying ball to get the run before the inning was over. The big newcomer did his job to limit the damage and keep Auburn ahead of three.

In Auburn’s seventh, several major insurgents were added when DiChiara, Cam Hill and Peirce teamed up to attack the stocks together. Moore’s second single RBI of the game picked up DiChiara from third before Nate LaRue’s run ended the score for Auburn on the night.

Jacksonville State added a solo home run in the bottom of the seven and got two runs in the ninth against Swilling, but he ended the night by shooting the Gamecocks last two to seal the finish. to victory.

Auburn returns to action this weekend when the Tigers travel to Knoxville to face No. 1 seed.

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