Attack on Titan Director explains how an Anime All-Star team is working on Netflix’s Bubble

Attack TitanTetsuro Araki lives with My nameGenki Kawamura discusses how they teamed up with a stellar team of anime characters to help make Wit Studio’s first anime film. Swell on Netflix.

As reported by Anime News Network, it was featured in a recent video Swell The product came after Araki, the director of the film, contacted Kawamura about making a film. Araki explained that he was interested in working with Kawamura because he had a lot of experience in making films and shows for the general public. Becoming interested in Araki’s directorial work Attack TitanKawamura agreed to make the film, and the two hired about six months to cast their thoughts on the film. Swell right about. An imaginary portrait drawn by Araki of a mechanical Mermaid in post-apocalyptic Tokyo quickly established the subject of these discussions, as Araki and Kawamura dreamed up an idea about the meaning of a journey. ocean voyage.

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Gen Urobuchi, who created similar stories Puella Magi Madoka Magica a Psycho-Pass, he was then hired as a screenwriter to develop and mock the literary scientists of the film. Urobuchi did something unseen about 10 years ago Lei hewa, an action-dystopian anime story directed by Araki. Kawamura wanted to work with Urobuchi as he loved his writing Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Takeshi Obata, who famously created stories like Death note a Pau Platinumit is fixed as Swellthe original graphic designer. Although he initially refused to offer to make the film because of his hard work, Obata agreed to do it after learning what the film would look like. “It’s a big idea and it’s a thoughtful idea, so I always wanted to work with him,” Kawamura said.

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Presented to the full star team of anime creators gathered for the film, Kawamura explains Swell It was “a feast of the workers associated with the Araki leader” as appropriate. Araki’s project was intended to bring people who loved their work together to see what would happen if these artists worked together to create something.

It takes place in Tokyo where it is separated from the rest of the world by the rain from the sky by the rain of gravity defying bubbles. Swell Hibiki, a master of the youth parkour style, followed urban training due to the violation of the laws of gravity. After falling into the gravitational sea surrounding Tokyo, the young ace is rescued by Uta, a mysterious girl with similar mysterious powers. They also embark on an epic journey to unravel the secrets of their city after hearing another voice they hear.

Bubble is set to launch worldwide on Netflix on April 28th.

Source: YouTube via Anime News Network

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