At the end of ‘The Cellar’, it is explained: Did Keira save her family? What happens to Demon & The Woods?

Directed by Brendan Muldowney, the horror film “The Cellar” seems like a poor attempt at telling the classic story of a family moving to a new house that turns out to be fun. Set in an unnamed land, even a twenty -minute drive from the city, the film shows the Woods family as they engage in haunting and try to find explanations for themselves. With ideas and movies like half -cooked, “The Cellar” can appeal to those who are drawn to the horror genre.

‘The Cellar’ Plot Summary

Keira Woods and her husband Brian moved into their new home on a small street out of town with their son Steven and young daughter Ellie. Steven seemed very happy in this new place, seeing his toys and video games gathered in a special room that his father had arranged as a playroom for him. Ellie, on the other hand, isn’t too happy about her parent’s idea of ​​moving into this old and sinister house from their first home with her friends. Brian gives the family a tour of the house, sees exotic paintings by the original owner, and mysterious symbols carved in wood above the rooms. In one corner of the house, there was a door that went down to the bottom of the house, old and wet, visible and very dark, and that added to the character of the house, said Keira. Ellie was standing at the front of the stairs, the door was locked secretly and she locked herself in, holding the girl inside. Her parents could open the door with a key on the side of the door, but Ellie wasn’t scared anymore, and she hated the house even more. However, as a result, children have to spend the night at home with the parents going to a crisis meeting before meeting the customers the next day about it. in their advertising business.

Ellie tries to put Steven to bed at first, but he doesn’t like the boy playing with the toddler. He shows her a goat’s skull he found in a secret room of his playroom. The room is filled with other signs and an abacus box. They have a gramophone with a record and play it to hear the voice of the person reading the mathematical equation and then count the numbers from somewhere. Soon after, the lightning went out, and the house was covered in darkness. Ellie called to her mother, saying she was scared, and Keira told her to go down to the pit to check the fuses. To help her daughter reduce her fears, he told her to count the steps on the ladder as she went down to ten, and she agreed to sit in a row. count with him. Ellie was still counting in a trembling voice until the ninth step, and she was even more afraid when she closed her eyes to step on the tenth step. Keira praised him and told him what the advice was when he heard Ellie counting the steps to ten, as if in a vision. The parents hurried home, but Ellie found herself missing.

The big disasters ahead

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Whose house is it? What’s so mysterious about it?

The parents immediately called the police, and search teams were held at every location near the home. Police also looked at security footage in offices and parking lots, but did not find a track of Ellie. Keira posted the missing messages around town, releasing officials saying that Ellie could run away from home, as she had done before. Police also told the mother that her daughter was involved in cyberbullying, and Keira now feels sad and guilty for giving her growing daughter away and the view. He began to search the house, and when he went down to the house, he saw his number engraved on each step of the ladder. Each step from the first to the last second, from the first to the ninth, was numbered correctly, but the last step had a long mathematical number engraved on it.

That night, he walked around the house again, and seemed to hear a woman’s voice coming out of his basin, counting the numbers. He went to look at the house again, and in the dark he kicked one of Steven’s balls on the stairs. Without the lights, she could not see the stairs, but Keira was heartbroken to hear that the bottle had fallen more than ten steps, indicating that it was too long. of the ladder. To find out more about his house, he picked up all the signs on the doors outside each room and asked a woman from the office to find out about them. The symbols replace the Hebrew glyphs that do not think much of themselves, but include the name Leviathan. Other events continue, this time with Steven, as the abacus boxes move through his playroom by themselves, and he is quickly taken by a spectator who counts him out of nowhere. go to the secret room. Another time, Keira locked herself in the doorway and was so scared that she thought something strange was inside, so her husband opened the door and let her out.

Woods had bought the house on sale, and all they knew was that it was about an old woman who was selling it to earn her medical bills. Looking with the customer, Keira sees a famous mathematician named John Fetherston, a colleague of Erwin Schrödinger, who mysteriously disappeared on a beautiful day with his entire family, except for his young daughter, and so it is. Never to be found and heard of again. Keira approached a project of mathematics with the analogy she had seen on the ladder, and it was said that it was probably the part of the branch of mathematics invented by alchemists, and it was almost like incantation incantation to lead to, or intention. , the existence of a different measure. The professor also told him that a similar painting had been found in a house in Belgium where a family had gone missing. She told her husband about all she knew, but Brian chose not to believe her and angrily tried to break the back rung of the stairs leading down to the house. But this is only the production of a metallic sound that triggers the gramophone to play the recorded rhythm and attempts to lure Steven into the office, where his parents rescued him at the time.

While Keira goes to meet John Fetherston’s daughter, Brian researches the clues online. What they learn can be combined like the house they bought as a door to another place where a demon named Baphomet lives and takes people away. up to. Fetherston opened this door with his mathematical skill, and by that precise analogy, in order to cure his son’s illness which science could not cure, and in doing so, he agreed. with the devil to turn his house into one The tombs of Baphomet.

The finale ‘The Cellar’ is explained: What will do to the forest in the finale?

The demon tries to seduce Steven with one of his players, and the parents rush to find him when the house gets dark. They saw him in a secret room in his playroom, where he was seen walking in a deep, completely dark place. Keira pulls him out and puts him down, but Steven appears to have caught him. So did Brian, the last person to count the void and fear the demon’s arrival. Keira tries to hide from the goat’s head fiend, but the monster catches her, and she runs to escape his grip and runs down the stairs to the cellar. He now knew that the stairs to the door were too long. This door again leads him through a tunnel to a wide space where he can see thousands of dead men and women walking forward in lines, as if found, and numbered. Some count in the billions, and Keira almost gives up hope of finding her daughter, whom she sees as one of the many who have been seduced by Baphomet’s greatness. Then, all of a sudden, he looked at a foot with a fan like Ellie’s, and he saw his daughter in a scene and pulled her out of line. Keira ran with all her might to her house, pulled Ellie, and the two of them carried her out the door.

The lights in the house seemed to be on again, and Brian and Steven seemed to be gone. The family was happy to be reunited as Ellie regained consciousness, but Keira wanted to spend more time in the house and lead her family to the front door to leave. But when they opened the door, they saw a long staircase through a deep gray that led up to a light room that looked like the door of their warehouse. The whole family, including Keira, began to count the numbers again, and the house, seen from the outside, showed that it had been moved to Baphomet’s kingdom.

The result is clearly a loop in the building, not allowing occupants to leave the premises when they discover its secret. The whole film and its ideas are silly and kept under development, as if the idea was put in place after the idea to make it Lovecraftian, but there is no end and no end in sight. The whole action and direction is sloppy and lazy as well, and not having the ability to search or watch, “The Cellar” is a terrifying movie that’s hard to say.

“The Cellar” is a 2022 Drama Horror Film written and directed by Brendan Muldowney.

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