Aoashi may have been one of the newest contestants in Anime Sports

Below are the casts for Aoashi Episode 1, “First Touch,” currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anime protagonists aren’t usually attracted to some kind of mindset. However, few anime will introduce a guide with as much nuance as 2022’s soccer-themed spring. Aoashi available only once. In most anime, the development of the protagonist is the easiest or slowest in his or her progress among the main character. Hunter x Hunter’s Gon is a great example. Those leaders were fired by their support as a result, and fans felt they were inferior by comparison.

In case And Aoashi Ashito Aoi does not have this problem. In her first episode, the 15 -year -old revealed the flaws in her character – but she also showed that she knew them well. He came as One piece Luffy felt he did not feel the need to change his attitude for someone else. Ashito really lived on his own, even though he seemed to be being evicted.

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Ashito and the competitive wrestler

Chapter 1 o Aoashi to start with a football game that showed Ashito’s team wasn’t very good and trusted him a lot. This could not be seen by the opposition as they angrily reported that Ashito was still being bullied. He was the team’s star player and the only one who could score goals.

Interestingly, it turns out that this idea is not that Ashito is an independent player. Her coach and daughter, who are known to help show her games are normal, not about status or organization. The coach doesn’t mind, even though his star is hitting goals.

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The guard for the team against Ashito and teased him by remembering him when they played for the same team. He explained that Ashito was not invited to any team because he was a lazy pig and had to leave those teams. In the beginning, the nurse’s words didn’t bother Ashito at all – that is, until he started insulting his friends. He said his teammates were boring, calling them easy -going and well -trained people who just handed the ball to him and hung around in front of the goal.

Ashito physically assaulted the boy and the game ended with the loss of his team as he was removed from the game as a result. Looking at the situation, Ashito’s response was obvious. But even more interesting is the fact that after Episode 1, that evil guard visited Ashito’s house with his parents. He reveals that he not only insulted Ashito’s teammates; he also insulted his mother and family. That’s when Ashito heard a lot and attacked him.

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Ashito under the stars

After the game, Ashito ended up meeting Tatsuya Fukuda, a coach from an elite youth football team called Tokyo City Esperion. He was impressed with the way Ashito was playing and wanted to see him for himself. At first, Ashito could not show any skills or show interest in design projects, the teacher thought he might be wrong. However, Ashito leaves him shocked as he explains how he and his team were able to photograph. He said it was not a crisis, but a real effort.

Ashito admitted that he could not do anything unless his teammates allowed him to play as he pleased. They were the first group to accept him for his character, which he did not expect. That is why he admired them even though they were weak in intellect. Normally, someone like Ashito in a team like this is a jerk and looks down on his teammates. The fact that Ashito is not the same is a testament to his heart condition.

Aoashi it first showed him to be an amazing protagonist from which viewers can feel a great deal of nuance. Developing Ashito’s character over time is a fun thing to watch. Best of all, it’s not just that, because manga readers know that this series is packed with a bunch of pictures and stories. Viewers should be happy with Aoashi While it airs during the Spring 2022 anime season.

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