Anime that directed the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope

These women have put their own spin on the manic dream girl trope to provide Anime lovers with more powerful female images. Manic pixie dream girls are available for the same reason of adding richness to the story of the male protagonist. She is accustomed to loving kindness to teach her husband a valuable life lesson. None of these girls are happy with the depth of character, as they are more likely to act as role models than people with their own story.

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When women see their voices, they seek a better presentation to the community, and many anime are required to go against the grain of the manic pixie dream girl trope. Rather than becoming an idea introduced to hit the male money, these women resisted stereotypes by working their own way.

10 Rukia Kuchiki: Bleach

When Rukia Kuchiki first met Kurosaki Ichigo and others bleach, she has a kind of “girl in trouble”, but viewers quickly see what this young Shinigami looks like. Rukia landed herself in trouble with Gotei 13 after hiring Ichigo as a Shinigami Substitute, but by working as a team they cleared his name.

Rukia’s character may be similar to that of the manic pixie girl tope, as Ichigo’s entire Shinigami journey didn’t run without his involvement. However, her character firmly removed her from the stereotype, as she was an independent woman with a troubled history and a strong relationship with her foster brother Byakuya.


9 Motoko Kusanagi: Ghost In The Shell

Not only was Motoko Kusanagi a wealthy woman, but she also struggled with internal problems when questioned about her character. Kusanagi is a leader in the Security Division of the Japanese Police Force. He trusts Batou’s help, however Spirit in the Shell The story of Kusanagi, and Batou is just a supporter.

There is nothing “manic” or “dream girl” about Kusanagi in it Spirit in the Shell, because he is not trying to increase anyone’s opinion. This cybernetic warrior is determined and resolves his attempt to find the Puppet Master and reveal his true nature.

8 Re-L Mayer: Ergo Proxy

Re-L Mayer was a rebel with a very different character from the other citizens of Romdeau. He was part of the Intelligence Bureau and had no interest in testing people. With the difficulty of the Regent’s granddaughter’s high status, Re-L brings out a lot of energy and shows a growing sense of importance as the sci-fi story unfolds.

The main protagonist, Vincent Law, immediately falls in love with Re-L (and who can blame him!) But, contrary to traditional tropes, his love is not immediately reciprocated. Re-L becomes the last heroine, as she threatens her life many times to save Vincent after he is taken to the Commune.

7 Asuna Yuuki: Sword Art Online

While some of the 10,000 players are trapped in the Sword Art Online In the game, Asuna quickly rises to become the top swordsman of the Knights of the Blood League; finished without the help of Christ. Asuna’s love provides the essence of Kirito’s life, however, she is the one who teaches the red -headed beauty a valuable life lesson.

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Asuna can work hard in life, and Kirito has taught her to value life. Most importantly, Kirito doesn’t deny Asuna his freedom and he often goes to give Ner a chance to fight, fully aware of his potential.

6 Clare: Claymore

When Teresa was beheaded during the war, Clare gave everything to punish her friend, even becoming Claymore; the first man to do so. The dream girl can take the back seat as this difficult human-Yoma hybrid manages her own life out of a painful path.

Claymore is found dedicated to love in the same way as Raki, however, the two are separated, it is not clear if they will meet again. As much as Clare was hurt, however, she continued her first quest to bring Priscilla down, and the story is thankful that the love of all of them did not leave her.

5 Jonah: Jonah of Dawn

Yona is given a dangerous path with an immediate transition from the pampered life of a princess to a life of escape. After his father was killed, Hak (the ideal manic pixie dream boy) fled the kingdom with Yona and, at his request, learned his fighting skills, archery, and sword.

Yona has all the tools to fit the stereotypical dream girl image, living a secretive, cruel and uncaring life. However, his good looks and devotion to his father, Emperor Il, were quickly taken away by the spirit of the warrior when Yona turned himself into a deadly weapon.

4 Utena Tenjou: Daughter of Kipi Utena

Utena Tenjou takes female stereotypes in many ways after she became a Duelist unnoticed and worried about being paid with a woman. Anthy Himemiya is actually given to him as a Rose Bride, the final female trophy winner. Utena decided to dress the king’s best man as he tried to save his daughter from trouble.

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Utena could have gone the easy way and Akio Ohtori became a great asset, but he struggled! During an epic battle, Utena destroys the treacherous castle and field, sacrificing his own life to free Anthy from the captives of slavery.

3 Robin Sena: Witch Hunter Robin

The fifteen -year -old girl needs to be special to hold herself in the midst of a group of adult hunters, and luckily for Robin Sena, she deserves the bill. As the “Designer Witch” created for Project Devil Child to create a new generation of magicians with genetic power, Robin is the only magician who is proven not to go feral from the powers of magic. .

Robin, however, holds his own path when he begins to question the ethics code of STN-J, whose goal is to kill witches without hesitation. He relied heavily on Amon for guidance, but their meeting was a great success – despite his age, Amon appreciated Robin’s power.

2 Blue Saber: Fate / Type Moon

Artoria Pendragon portrays a typical female character of the Fate series, showing the feminine power of King Arthur. With Excalibur at his side, Artoria refuses to allow female stigmas to stop her quest to become king for herself and finds herself the story of the war god in the process, even though these things have been accomplished. all under the masculine nature.

In the dark, women were not allowed to rule, so Robin strengthened his manhood to be king. Blue Saber relies on his own ability to maintain integrity, often releasing his thoughts on Shirou Emiya for work.

1 Nezuko Kamado: Demon Slayer

Nezuko walks the line of the manic pixie dream girl trope in demon killer, as a motivator for Tanjiro Kamado develops into a demon hunter himself, in a brave attempt to save his sister. At first, Nezuko is portrayed as helpless, as if his new demons have weakened when speculations are made about his blood. However, everyone knows that the demon girl is stronger than they thought, and her decision to stop Nezuko from harming innocent people.

Not wanting to fall victim to his misfortune, Nezuko transformed himself from a heavyweight into a weapon inspired by Blood Demon Art and became a member of the elite group. Tanjiro and his friends could not have been where they are today without the help of this demon girl.

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