Anime Studios is having the best 2022 right now

As we approach the middle of 2022, it’s time to look back on the first half of the year and pay tribute to one of our favorite anime studios who did an amazing job. With the 2022 summer season just around the corner, let’s dive into some of the anime studios to get the best 2022 right now!

7. Shin-Ei Animation

Funny Master Takagaki-san Movie Trailer

Shin-Ei Animation should be seen halfway through the year. While most fans in the studio don’t know it, there are some big names under his belt. The first Master Takagi-san jokes in Season 3 back in the winter of 2022 and a movie for the same series this spring. Shin-Ei Animation is also accelerating A Pair of Cuckoos this spring in collaboration with SynergySP, which received a good reception and continued the summer with 24 units.

Put all that on the anime to continue like that Doraemon a Crayon Shin-chan, Shin-Ei Animations has had a good year in the half. Along with Chimimo and anime children Iii Icecrin Papalua set this summer with A Pair of CuckoosShin-Ei Animation had seven projects for the past year, according to the number of projects they had in 2021.

6. A-1 Kii

Kaguya-sama: Aloha ke Kaua-Ultra Romantic official trailer

With only one anime series being aired and two episodes from one that have been postponed for three months, A-1 Pictures is probably the most unlikely to make this list. But after the two-episode spectacle ends the first season 86 Eighty -six back in March, and now Kaguya -sama: Love is war – Ultra Romantic (Season 3) for spring 2022, A-1 Pictures has released the highest quality anime this year — at least the least.

86 Eighty -six It was the only anime that was released Attack on Titan The Last Season Episode 2 of his #1 spot in our 2022 winter election. Not only that 86 Eighty -six dethrone the hit series, but it did so in weeks as well. Now, in the spring of 2022, Kaguya-sama has won the charts, comfortably sitting in the top-5 each week since the first event of the new season was announced. This series is the second highest rated anime of Spring 2022 on MyAnimeList and Anilist.

A-1 Pictures has already announced upcoming projects later this year. The original TV anime series Lycoris Recoil has released a movie now and will start airing in July with the first anime TV series Kiss aboutwho released a trailer.

5. JC staff

The Ilamuku and his way of life movie theater

JC Staff is not as famous this year as the others on this list. But they have developed a solid lineup around the Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 seasons The strongest Sage with the weakest stalk a How a Realist Hero Rebuilds a Kingdom Part 2 to start the year, the studio gave anime players two anime ideas that they could put on fans. Then in Spring 2022, we have the most popular The Ilamuku and his way of life and that which is not known The Demon Girl Next Door 2—They both received excellent reviews.

All in all, JC Staff didn’t give us anything to keep people flying right now. But their lineup is seen in the depths of the half that needs to be seen. And now the studio will release its biggest title this year with O DanMachi Season 4 which will be flying this summer to close the list at the end of the year depending on the nature of the trip.

4. OLM

Summertime Showcase Showcase Showcase #2

OLM has become one of the best anime studios this year. With 11 projects available in 2022 (14 to 2021), the studio is heavily involved in current projects. The only reason they are not high on the list is because of the weight. Afterwards Komi can’t talk in Season 2, Give it a summera Life with a normal human is back in a Knockout Fantasy on top of their major projects this year, a Love the whole game to slightly increase the depth of the line, not much else to turn heads – at least by half.

And while the previous anime series didn’t have the reviews it did, OLM also released a Car Movie: In The Woods film this spring. All in all, the OLM line now finds the studio a niche on this list.

Komi can’t talk in Season 2 movie theater

OLM does not announce any additional programs at this time for the summer and fall. But see how Give it a summer to continue into the 2022 summer season, as well A Pair of Cuckoos with Shin-Ei Animations, OLM can only watch the magic thriller story in the summer.


Attacking Titan is the last season Part 2 official trailer

Sometimes even less. While many believe that MAPPA is the studio that will be working on most of the projects, so far only two styles have been released so far this year—Attack Titan Last Part 2 a Hula Hula Dancer. But we are seeing the consequences Attack on Titan is the final season of episode 2 left, MAPPA should be in this list. Hula Hula Dancer Nowhere near the same level of popularity, but he has managed to build a successful tracker and overall average.

After setting up the weekly Anime Corner video stories, and going online with each new event, MAPPA worked with Attack on Titan is the final season of episode 2 take the room to the third on this list, and so on.

MAPPA announces future activities for 2022 Kakegurui Twin in season and Kanaka Chainsaw after a year. MAPPA has also released a trailer for a remake of Yuji Kaku’s manga Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. No official release date has been announced.

2. CloverWorks

My Lovely Dress movie theater #2

Coming to 2022 flying for fans, CloverWorks has presented another popular anime this year, with two strong Anime-of-the-year nominees in the final seasons with It’s mine Dress-Up Darling (Winter 2022) a Kiu x Ohana (Spring 2022, in collaboration with WIT Studio). CloverWorks has developed a slice-of-life anime Akebi’s sailor suit in the winter of 2022 also. However, the office hit the road in time 24th District of Tokyo run into performance problems. But the first TV anime film ended up on a high note and turned out to be a fun watch.

Kiu x Ohana movie theater #2

More stories by CloverWorks this year In the heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki (Spring 2022) and the continuation of the child anime Norimono Man: Mobile Land no Car-kun. CloverWorks is not announcing future projects for 2022 at this time. However, Kiu x Ohana was enrolled for the second round after the first 12 rounds.

1. White Studio

What else can be said about Wit Studio that hasn’t been said yet? Since the passing of Attack Titan lighting up MAPPA, Wit Studio continued to hit the ball and didn’t jump a punch, especially in 2022. Starting the year with the last half of the first season of Famous of the Kings, Wit Studio has managed to give us one good project after another this year. Do not Famous of the Kings in the winter i Kiu x Ohana, Swella Vampire in the garden in the spring, Wit Studio could have the best 2022 so far in comparison to any other anime studio.

Swell movie theater

What one missed was that Wit Studio put together a beautiful three -minute event Magic: The Meeting earlier this year it had over a million views on YouTube. As the saying goes, Kiu x Ohana It will have a second board to be played by CloverWorks. Otherwise, there are no upcoming projects for this year announced by Wit Studio. However, the lizard Monthly form He has a season on Netflix GEEKED WEEK coming up on June 8th. The original sci-fi anime hasn’t received any news since the announcement of its official series in 2018.

In the meantime, please do yourself a favor and watch an anime that Wit Studio produced this year. Famous of the Kings, Kiu x Ohana, Swell, Vampire in the gardenor The girl from the other side OVA, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Vampire in the garden movie theater

Your favorite Anime Studio right now?

So what anime studios this year are you most interested in right now? Is there any studio that makes this list? Please let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to always vote for your favorite anime of the season in our weekly poll.

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