Anime Sports and the nature of the relationship

There’s something about sports anime that just draws people in.

That’s why every season, there’s about one new sports anime on the line. Not all of them won, of course, but it shows a demand for knowledge about the sport and the people who play it. This leads to a very important question: why?

For some, sports anime is like watching a sports game. He’s just a playboy. This is an ideal position to take if you haven’t really seen a sports anime in its entirety. What does it mean to look at a group of enthusiastic people who are playing volleyball (or baseball, or basketball, or swimming?… Any sport can be included here to decide the idea) ?


However, there is something outside of sports in this way that attracts people. Even if you haven’t played a sport, a sports anime can be a very emotional and personal experience due to three things. For one, the sports anime is full of complexities and relationships. Second, there are some important issues related to the audience of the character. Lastly, sports anime has stories that closely match sports, theater, theater, and other genres, in order to appeal to different audiences.

It’s important to look at the images and relationships found in nature. To do this, let’s take a look at some of the most popular series: Saving a Yuri on the snow. Saving He’s probably the most famous (and the story is responsible for the rise of sports anime we’ve seen since the mid -2010s) and is focusing on swimming … except, no. The story is about a group of friends – Haru, Makoto, Nagisa, and Rei – and their relationship with each other and an old friend, Rin. The lizard continues, more things are added and the pain is exacerbated as the boys learn to deal with the pain that can prevent them from pursuing their dreams, managing their dreams. The pain of losing loved ones, and the struggle with feelings of inadequacy and confusion. This is kind of like Yuri on the snow, which is about filming but not really; looking at a nervous man named Yuri and his relationship with former world champion Victor, and his feelings of anger and inadequacy and learning to manage his anxiety.

In these two examples, you’ll see that while these animes are about sports, they don’t have to focus on sports. Sport is a way of taking on serious issues and relationships. In the case of SavingSwimming was an activity that brought the friends together but also attracted them, and it was an activity that was used as a motivator. Along with Yuri on the snow, The skating film is meant to show Yuri’s struggle with her anxiety and her body. It’s an inspiration for her feelings, but it’s also a symbol of her relationship with Victor, who is a wonderful man, but requires a lot of work and good management. Sports anime gives a lot of attention to the lives of the characters and their struggles, as they are able to reinvent the sport by creating a story that is unique to stand alone. This is important, because these traits and relationships are what make a character interesting to people.

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Of course, there is the fact that sports anime is a genre that can combine many themes and lines of different genres to create a compelling story and also present a sport. For example, 2019’s Hoku Hoku about the middle school boy’s tennis team, and it was a great opportunity to see the boys learn and grow as players. Underneath that, each of the boys struggled with many things, from the abusive parent, to understanding their masculinity, to their parents ’fear of them, to mental illness, and so on. everything in between. 2016’s Finished out balanced patterns of training and play with a wide range of personal features among boys, and addressing the problems of physical image, guilt, and poverty, and how to achieve these factors affect relationships and organizational dynamics. This is not unique to these titles, however; Sports anime often offers a handful of common themes that everyone can relate to, such as the idea of ​​loneliness that comes with sitting on it, the nature of being busy and not working. to people, the power of perseverance and perseverance in achieving your goals, and how stress can create feelings of inadequacy and anxiety and how it can be destructive in a relationship.

What really attracts people is the way the sports and the teams that play them are in a way to alleviate the personal problems we are facing.

By the time HaikyuuKageyama had previously joined the Karasuno group, he had joined himself. This came from the trauma of being an ace player; The people trusted him a lot. As much as he worked hard, he became ridiculous and arrogant, pushing people to keep himself on top. At first, it was very difficult to work with the other members of Karasuno. But even though he spends more time with the team and his seniors show him how things work, and he starts to make friends, this kid is not under a lot of pressure. He began to heal and become the way he wanted to be with the support of his team.

Or take it Finished outIwashimizu. He was a very good football player and his friend Miyuki introduced him to sports in middle school. During the game, Iwashimizu ended up breaking Miyuki’s shoulder during the argument, and was afraid to play after the team’s vice -captain complained to him. that’s what happened, even though Miyuki said it was a disaster. This is why Iwashimizu will leave the game until high school, when Gion pulls him back into the sport. He is playing with this new team until he can play Miyuki again, he starts to heal from that injury and he realizes it is a real disaster, and he can enjoy the sport again and his friends.

Sports anime is full of stories like this, and last but not least, that’s what people get into the character. We want to be part of a group that accepts us despite our shortcomings, and we want to support us in our learning. This technique helps people to have that feeling, albeit in a practical way. When you see the joy of a team after a win, when you see them comforting each other after a fall, when you see them coming together to help each other, remember This is what man is made of: lift each other up and help. they won over each other.


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