Anime Oshi for Ko is expected to be a Breakout Hit

Form o Kaguya-Sama: Love the war is in the works seinen manga/anime in the future. Aka Akasaka is a hard worker, he doesn’t just write chapters Kaguya-Sama but his theatrical story is similar Oshi no Koalong with Like Scum photographer Mengo Yokoyari taking all the photos.

Oshi no Ko was recorded in Japan from April 2020, but this story soon began to be translated and recorded in the West in recent months. Fortunately, the industry is working hard to get manga fans Oshi no KoThe Japanese release, and even better, Doga Kobo studio’s Shikimori is not only beautiful fame will be established Oshi no Kothe upcoming anime series. It’s a good time to be an Aka Akasaka player.

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The History, Images and Subjects of Oshi No Ko

The author of Aka Akasaka continues the high, high-IQ seinen romance themes in his new story Oshi no Ko, but in a different way now. even if Kaguya-Sama a simple comedy about a high school war, Oshi no Ko It’s a theatrical performance with a few partial scales inserted, which helps to separate this lizard. The witch has a role now, but it doesn’t cover the most rigid personal game and heartbreak. Oshi no Ko‘s compelling’ ano ‘ōpio. It helps to keep this story familiar but new at the same time, showing the extent of what Aka Akasaka can do.

Oshi no Ko focusing on the Japanese film industry, the TV reality theater industry and the children’s theater industry at the same time, with images included in one or more of these sites. The protagonist is a country doctor named Goro – a man in his mid -20s who is beaten up by the famous young actor Ai Hoshino, and Goro’s young wife Sarina feels the same way. The tragedy begins in Chapter 1, when a mysterious man stabs Goro again and kills him. Then Goro sees himself born again as Ai’s newborn baby – Ai’s child hiding from the earth. Goro, who was born again under the name Aquamarine Hoshino, was not the only one; She has a twin sister named Ruby.

Now, Aquamarine and Ruby get a new shot at life from square one, growing up as the son and daughter of the mega-film Ai while trying to figure out what the hell is going on. This new life was for both of them. They can follow in the footsteps of their young mother and become an integral part of Japan’s evil and deceptive entertainment industry – or they can be born again to face pain and helplessness. It won’t be easy, even if Aquamarine and Ruby have the hard work pieces and inherit the beauty of their mother -in -law. It’s a theatrical/scenic/film game like the others, and fans of manga and anime can quickly dive into the story.

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Where to read and watch Oshi No Ko

There is little information about the upcoming anime edit Oshi no Ko Outside of the studio Doga Kobo has the option to launch it, but anime fans can be wary of making or releasing new content that the studio will release later. Now, the Oshi no Ko The manga is a good choice for exploring the new seinen story of Aka Akasaka.

Manga in the West is available only on the Manga Plus app and website – a popular free app that boasts a library of titles, with unique features such as Don’t worry, Sekime-San! a The Hokkaido Gals are very friendly. Manga Plus, in an effort to find Japanese books, releases four full translation chapters every Wednesday at 10:00 AM CST.

As of this writing, Manga Plus has 32 chapters of Oshi no Ko Reading is available, with the first six chapters and the latest six chapters always available for reading and the remainder can be read twice each before being completed. Maybe that’s it Oshi no KoThe manga will soon be licensed for manga release in the West, as it shares a similar Manga Plus name. Kubo won’t let me not see. If so, details on where to buy it Oshi no Ko The branch will be added when this information is available.

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