Anime is what puts their protagonists in the middle of Hell

Anime is not always about movies and charity work. Many animes put their protagonist in the middle of Hell and force them to face trials and tribulations. Of course, that’s how we see the protagonists struggle through the challenges they face, and how they overcome each one.

In some anime shows, the protagonists go so far as to surprise the fans while the character is alive. It makes for an interesting watch to see what else is coming to the protagonist, and the viewers are glad they’re not going away. Read on to see some of the characters who had a hard time with their anime, and it was even more powerful.


10 Mieruko-Chan

Mieruko-Chan giving fans a combination of comedy and real horror. Miko Yotsuya’s daily life can be very difficult for him. She was introduced to the audience as a high school girl who saw terrible lizards. These monsters follow him and often ask him if he can see them, but he swears not to allow them to live.

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This explains Miko’s fate, as these monsters are growing in terror through the show. Miko starts to find it hard not to look at the monster’s face, but he fights through it with nothing.

9 Blue Heart

Yatora Yaguchi feels as if her life is stuck and not going anywhere. She is worried about losing her mind and has no idea what she wants to do in the future. After receiving encouragement from seeing the land of Shibuya, he decided to work. Yatora’s first thought was to paint, and he did so.

He was amazed to get good ideas about his first painting, which gave him the motivation to work to find a place at Tokyo Business University. Throughout the show, Yatora struggles with his confidence in his image, and is deeply hurt during the trials. Viewers see Yatora being deprived of sleep and stress going through a difficult time with trials, a struggle that many can relate to.

8 Aina Kamahao died

Ganta Igarashi is thrown into a horrible world when he is committed to murdering his classmates. He finds himself locked in a prison called Aina Kamahao died, where he lived among some frightened people. Because of the severity of his punishment, he had to wear a collar to gently put the bitterness around his neck.

Inmates have to engage in horrific and life -threatening games to prolong the drug in their cells. Ganta meets a lot of people in the show, and he struggles to fulfill their real expectations, creating a strong sense of confidence in his fellow inmates.

7 Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun

Nene Yashiro entered the spirit world after summoning Hanako-Kun, the spirit who was occupying the bathroom at Kamome Academy. Hanako-Kun promises to protect her after they grow up to be strong friends, but thanks to Nene’s interest, she gets into all sorts of problems.

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He is often thrown to another world by the spirits of the school, leading Hanako-Kun to go there to rescue him. Nene has to deal with terrible spirits that threaten her life as she fights with the loving side of life.

6 Demon killer

After finding his family dead in the aftermath of the attack, Tanjiro Kamado vowed to destroy all demons. His only surviving family was his sister Nezuko. She was so worried that she knew Nezuko had become a demon, but she refused to kill him.

He vowed to find medicine for his sister and saw a man inside him after he refused to kill her. Tanjiro became a member of the Demon Slayer corps and confronted the horrible demons in a show that didn’t want to kill him.

5 Upcoming Diary

Yukiteru Amano immediately found himself in a terrifying world when he received the titular Future Diary. This is something that reminds her of the future, and each Future Diary has a different power. Yukiteru has to play a live game against the other players, and the goal of the game is to be the last one.

Favorite yandere character, Yuno Gasai, develops strong feelings for Yukiteru and defends him when players come to kill them both. Yukiteru lived in a state of constant fear, waiting for the attack and trying to hide from the seekers for him and Yuno.

4 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji Ikari was a regular school student until he met NERV director Misato Katsuragi. Because of the loss of his mother and father, it was widely believed that Shinji should not be able to work at any age. Misato’s kindness comforts her, and she wants to escape the stress of everyday life.

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Shinji and Misato moved in as he began training to fly Evangelion Unit-01. Throughout the anime, viewers see Shinji spiral downward after he experiences devastating situations and a horrible life. He had a serious responsibility for the safety of others, without being seen to be a nuisance to a young student.

3 Tokyo Ghoul

In the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki took Rize Kamishiro a day after hooking up with him over a book – which is a big surprise, even though he’s an introvert. Rize was soon identified as one of the most feared ghouls to roam Tokyo. After a tragedy, Rize died and Kaneki became very injured. This leads Kaneki to need a physical transplant, and following Rize’s death, the hospital uses her bodies for surgery.

Although Rize is a ghoul, this starts to turn Kaneki into a ghoul. He becomes a tough type of human and a ghoul while trying to lower his demands to eat flesh and blood. Kaneki must leave the government in search of the ghouls and find a way to his new life.

2 Re: Zero

A regular Subaru Natsuki student goes to a convenience store and soon realizes that he has been taken to a strange world. Events lead to his murder, along with a girl he met, Emilia. Subaru was brought back to life, but taken back in time.

She remembered her murder, but she also knew her day had been set. Subaru can turn the clock every time it dies. This is frustrating at times but it also gives him a lot of time to make the best result for a situation.

1 They weep

Keichii Maebara moved to a rural village, and life was good for a while. She makes new friends, attends a new school, and enjoys the peace of a small village. He formed strong friends with four daughters: Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika.

However, Keichii is slow to see how good things are in reality, and he learns about the many murders that take place in the village at the annual festivals. Keichii asked his worried friends about the murders, but he met in silence and did not trust his friends. He began to think that they knew more about these murders, and for some reason, they hid the information.

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