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The popularity of anime is growing faster than ever, the world is more. Netflix reported over 120 million homes around the world watched at least one Japanese animation title last year, on their site alone. With nearly 120 million Crunchyroll (anime streaming service) currently available, and new “Demon Slayer” episodes attracting 19% of viewership in Japan, we can expect hundreds of millions of viewers. people who incorporated Japanese art into their media feed.

Anime is the main reason, and so we think. At the time of writing, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train and the half a billion USD raised, it remains the top anime a The Japanese -made movie will be the best movie in the world by 2020. Economically, the movie has saved the anime from a better ending, bringing us the latest we have real problems. Anime as an economy embraces the lack of creativity that has plagued Hollywood for a decade, in return repeating the same principles for earning money.

Generally speaking, we can classify most anime into one of two ways: ‘anime for the public’ and ‘anime for the anime people’—otaku, if you wish. There are original producers such as Ghibli Films, Doraemon-Esque kid’s staples, as well as material from the Weekly Shonen Jump. Historical juggernauts such as “Dragon Ball” and “One Piece,” today’s favorites “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” based on this newspaper posted on the page. konbini cashiers each week.

Year anime Shonen Jump

At times, other Shonen Magazine stories like “Attack on Titan” and “Tokyo Revengers” have become really popular – but most of the anime that the group embraced in the big hailstorm came from Shonen Jump, with its new but useful fighting story. It’s very similar to the Disney-Marvel paradigm, less about the comic book and more about making strings and selling a lot of its IPs. We may not have a ‘Jump Cinematic Universe’ right now, but in spirit it’s always the same – it’s the development of a global library that has been hundreds of millions of depths over the years.

Previously, children around the world would be introduced to staples such as “Pokémon” or “Naruto” or leave anime after their old age or join anime shows for the public. anime ‘. Nowadays, anime lovers have more voice about Shonen Jump shows than they do for ‘real anime lovers.’ It shows the shaky world of cinephilia, full of so -called moviegoers punishing Martin Scorsese for not having superhero movies. The difference here is: who can sue anime fans?

As a percentage, most anime is a crime designed to sell images of girls, images of robots, and other consumers now in a country- but the workers are allowed to try it. From the 70s to the mid -2000s, craftsmen and artisans threw everything on the fence, knowing what was going on. Galactic trains travel among the stars; Young hurt who became a beast when you embraced them; a man in a huge red crater called The Human Typhoon orbiting Mars. Money was important, but the animators worked hard to develop something new, fun and moving.

Looking at the winter anime 2022 line-up, over 20% of the new anime can be named. isekai; The theme, desire-fulfilling sub-genre sees ordinary worlds sent to other RPG-inspired worlds and a network of girls. The other 30% in the line-up are sequels, and the rest are ten other shows about high school girls.

Of course, according to moé boom than ice, and unlimited softcore stuff before that, ‘anime for anime people’ has always done a lot of things. frog; Each so -called ‘masterpiece’ is released on the side of the mound unnoticed by anyone after the flight is over. There are fewer and fewer forms of Japanese cinema that promote a language of art or fiction, than it does to make money.

Anime Cowboy Bebop

Just as Hollywood expected the milquetoast sequels and spin-offs to the franchises that were in the process of making the most money, the anime’s first fat land was heavily transformed to spawn two. strings of Japanese animation; young boys with great powers fighting with each other, or young boys in Tolkienesque lands around priests and elves. This idea does not point to fault, but to return to the same thing “Cowboy Bebop,” and you’ll find more work of art that’s all.

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