American Idol season 20 episode 13 recap: Top 14 is shown live

“American Idol” continues on April 18 for its fifth time on ABC and 20th overall. As always, Ryan Seacrest he hosts the reality TV series while being a superstar Luke Bryanthe pop princess katy Perry and Oscar -winning singer/songwriter Lionel Richie create a court order. In this section, the top 10 voters are shown before the four judges are chosen to finish in the Top 14 this season.

IKE Join the final Top 24 competing for the American election [PHOTOS]

This season, judges began a new nationwide search for American singing. The evaluations were conducted in Nashville, Tennessee, Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California. If a gold ticket is awarded, the images of hope will succeed the Hollywood circle. In a new spin this season, three contestants were awarded a Platinum Ticket, which allowed them to release the first round of the Hollywood Week. Kenedi Anderson leave the competition, however Daughter a It’s Jay stay still.

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Below, follow up with all the action on Night 13 of Season 20 of “American Idol.”

8:00 pm – Earlier on “American Idol,” the Top 20 was featured and sung for the American election in a three -hour event. Manaolana Danielle Finn, red a Sir Blayke It is not cut. Tonight, the American ballot will be shown. Who will go to the Top 14? And who are the six that will be sent to be arrested? Let’s go!

8:07 pmAva Maybee He was the first to learn his fate tonight and Ryan confirmed that he was in the Top 14! Without pressing, she sang “Cuz I Love You” by him Lizzo. Ava said she was honored and appreciated being there.

8:12 pm – Then learn its consequences Christian Guardino. She was safe too! He sang “Creep” by Radiohead. This song has often been performed at talent shows and Christian is not one of my favorites, so I’m glad this doesn’t count in the ballots.

8:20 pm – After hearing about its consequences Cameron Whitcomb. America didn’t pick him in the Top 14 so he sang “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” by The SteelDrivers hoping the judges would save him. Katy thinks this is her best voice to date and says she has lowered her strength to a reasonable level. Cameron says he’s growing up and he wants to live here!

8:23 pmAllegra Miles Next and he realizes he didn’t make the Top 10. I’m a little surprised by this, but he’ll sing his original song “Tainted” in order to persuade the judges to take care of him. Now I’ll keep it on Cameron. I think we’ll see who gets into trouble tonight. I can’t imagine him missing the Top 14.

8:27 pmFemale K He was also relieved to find that he had become the Top 14. He sang “Bust Your Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan at the festival. It’s a fun, moving song. It was nice to see these artists relax and have fun without the stress of being judged and chosen tonight. Yes, at least the Top 10… of the unfortunate singers will be severely affected tonight.

8:35 pmDaughter to learn its consequences later. He sees the worry, but Seacrest quickly reassures him with the good news. He is moving forward! He celebrated by singing “Vice” to him Miranda Lambert.

8:38 pmKatyrah Aloha The next and he knows what is to come. He did not comply with the American election. Hoping to be rescued by the judges, Katyrah sang “Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan |. There are times when the beauty of his voice is not the same. The judges were happy with this action, but I was not. It will be interesting to see what they choose.

8:46 pm Cadence Baker was called and told that he did not have the votes to move forward. Wishing to please the judges once he sang “I’m your baby tonight” by Whitney Houston. Katy praises Cadence for his goodness. I don’t think it’s a good idea for Katy to prefer the looks of a singer rather than their voice. I think we’ll see later if they save him.

8:50 pmDan Marshall she was thrilled to see that she made the Top 14 and celebrated with Lionel’s own “Stuck on You”. He really has a voice in this song! That’s probably the best thing I’ve heard of him.

9:00 pmLeah Marlene That’s the next one and I have to believe he’s safe after last night’s stellar performance. That’s the case and he celebrates with his own motto, “Wisher to the Well.”

9:05 pmNicolina He was the next and saw that he had succeeded in the American election. She will sing “She Used to Be Mine” by him Sara Bareilles at the festival. The points are full!

9:10 pmSage coming forward and after getting the safety of three men in a row, Sage knew he was there for bad news. She will sing “Brown Eyed Lover” by Allen Stone for life. He’s on his own way to this competition, but I don’t know if this will stop him. Lionel didn’t agree with me and Sage said he was “well taken care of” and “owned the field.” Maybe they’ll save her!

9:15 pm – Then learn its consequences It’s Jay, which was not saved by America. Shall the judges deliver him? He will sing “Believer” by Think Dragons for his shot. Jay is a good singer, but I think Broadway might be his way. He was an actor and could thrive in that area. He has a powerful voice and he is blowing up the house outside of that place!

9:23 pm – After the lights Noah Thompson. He was rescued by the Americans after his most humiliating act last night. My eyes are rolling on you America! At the very least, she sounds better tonight than she did when she sang “Cover Me Up” Jason Isbell.

9:26 pm – America did not save Jacob Moran, so she sings “Rise” for Katy to save herself. This is a song with all the tools in the tool box, but he uses them a lot. Katy said she paused after hearing Jacob sing. He told Jacob that this was the power of his future. Will they not deliver him?

9:30 pmElli Rowe This is the next song of his life. The United States did not save him, but the judges? He sang “All I Want” by Kodaline. She sounded good tonight and I saw Katy watching the match, wondering who she would sacrifice to save her. I think Allegra is Elli’s biggest competition. They are very similar in ways and very intelligent. Lionel’s compliments were returned to convince them that Elli had already decided to return home.

9:37 pm – It’s in the back Emyrson Florawho learned that America loves him and chose him in the Top 14. Tonight he will sing “Love in the Dark” by Adele without trying to survive. It’s a good thing because he’s everywhere with a voice.

9:42 pmMike Parker Ryan later revealed that the United States had not chosen him any more. He will sing “Bed on Fire” by Teddy is swimming with the hope of salvation. He had to stay. I’m rolling my eyes at America right now, but that’s what I mean.

9:52 pm – There is one place left in the Top 10 of America before the judges finish in the Top 14. Will the last place go to Tristen Gressett for Fritz Hager? Go to Fritz! Tristen will sing for his life, but Fritz will sing “Golden” for him Harry Styles first. Then Tristen took with “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. It would be nice to get a rock and roll it! Good job, Tristen!

9:59 pm – Now is the time for the judges to rescue four artists to make the Top 14. Who will you rescue? The four songs moving from the Danger Zone to the Top 14: Allegra, Jay, Mike and Tristen. That means Cameron, Cadence, Elli, Jacob, Katyrah and Sage will be leaving the competition.

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