Akuma Nihmune talks about Anime and his upcoming EP to take me home

Akuma Nihmuneto be seen Numiis releasing his new EP Carry me home on June 17. The EP comes as a celebration of his commitment to working full time after gaining 100k followers on Twitch and YouTube. Numi also received over 50k Spotify listeners. His most famous cover, CPR, now has 500k games on Spotify and 500k views on YouTube. We had a chance to talk to Numi about her career on VTuber, her anime favorites, and her upcoming EP.

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There are a lot of great anime this season. Are there any things you like right now?

Kiu x Ohana. I can’t get enough of the Forger family and I think he’s one of the coolest comedians ever!

We want to celebrate very nice girl a son and Anime Trending. What are your options for good?

My best daughter ever Utah Kasumigaoka do not Saekano. I have a lot of pictures of her and a pillow cover that I enjoy watching on those lonely nights. My best girl of the season, I love it You’re Forger. As you can tell, I’m a bit of a dark -haired guy, it’s no different. He was strong but unhappy and wanted the best for his family. Another favorite Becky Blackbell. Watching her talk about Anya and confirming to my friend her made me so happy! Every aspect of the show is amazing.

Want to watch Summer 2022 Anime?

Aside from the sequels I understand most of us are waiting ahead (The devil is part time), I’m really looking forward to looking Yofukashi is from Uta. My favorite style is romantic, and the idea of ​​this manga change makes me happy – even though I think I’ve had a lot of trouble sleeping.

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How did you start working at Carry with Home?

I had a song arranged in my room that I built after streaming for two months. I started melting on my old school computer. I placed him on a stretcher and sat on a chair while he locked himself. It wasn’t good for my back, but it worked for me! Thanks to the love and support of everyone, I was able to find a much better setting, so I did my best to make as many fun songs as I could!

When making music, I try to find a vibe that I want to go with. For example, the song “Vegas Woes” was made after I got excited when I went to Vegas for my birthday last year. I thought about how bad it was and it was translated into music.

Take me to the Home Cover Illustration
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What’s the story behind the cover film for the EP?

The cover art for every EP I released was done by a friend of mine yun0jii. We made a story with his art and I can’t thank him enough and his great work.

The cover photo is meant to show me the beginning of my journey as a medical practitioner. I changed from a silly devil girl to someone who can make a lot of people happy and I’m stuck in emotions and I feel like I’m going to lose what I do a lot of the time. Lots of other words taken through art, but I’ll leave the Noombas to check!

What’s your favorite music on the show?

My favorite song on the EP is “Nostalgic Sunshine”. I wrote this song after seeing a friend from high school who was visiting my city again after a few years and I thought about it coming from good friends and visitors. I wrote in the hope that he would do well with what he was doing while I hoped to do the same for myself and my streaming/music business.

Number 100k subscribers
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What’s the best “Numi” song on the EP?

The biggest “Numi” song is “Vegas Woes”. If you listen to the songs, you can clearly see the moments of my Vegas trip that I talked a lot about in my streams. It’s a very interesting song that I think will make everyone happy and laugh.

Do you have any upcoming projects on the page?

I have a Meme album coming soon that will do something special for my viewers. They helped me make all the songs on this album, so I’d love to hear their thoughts on it. I have some new features and lore in the works. I don’t want to be too upset, but there’s a LOT to come and I’m very happy.

Do you have any other goals for the future?

I want to join my friends and play more games! My streams are just talking, so I want to try more with my audience. I want a Dakimakura one day, but that’s a different conversation [Numi laughs]

Akuma Nihume is a YouTube and Twitch Virtual Independent Partner who created content for YouTube and TikTok. He is a musician who will soon release his 3rd EP. His main streaming features are “Just Chatting” and “Music”.

Get me home release on June 17 at nihmune and Spotify and Apple Music. Numi can be found on Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube. At the time of writing he did not have a Twitch account.

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