A Wisconsin mother has been charged with murder at the age of eight as a result of the Ukraine War

Natalia Aleksandrovna Hitchcock told police she feared the Russian government was about to steal and abuse her children.

Unable to bear the outcome, she told them she hurt her 8 -year -old son because “she didn’t want to be abused,” according to court documents.

Hitchcock, 41, is currently charged with first -degree murder and attempted murder for stealing 8 -year -old Oliver, and attempted murder. Killing her other son last week in their home in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. He faces a life sentence if convicted on the first charge up to 60 years in the second.

Hitchcock’s attorneys at the state office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post Thursday night. Earlier in the day, one of them told a judge he was worried Hitchcock was unfit to stand trial and asked the lawyers to evaluate his thinking skills, a request the judge approved.

Sheboygan Falls police – after interviewing Hitchcock, her husband and their 11 -year -old son – described in court documents a mother who was released weeks after the attack. Russia, his homeland, Ukraine. During the war, researchers say Hitchcock’s mental state deteriorated. She thought the Kremlin was about to steal her children and she thought her husband was selling them to strangers on the Internet, according to court records – even though she insisted He was preparing for an attack on their hometown of Wisconsin, numbering about 8,200 men.

Hitchcock’s 15 -year -old husband, and the father of their two children, told police his wife was fine before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He did not take drugs, did not drink and was not diagnosed with mental illness.

But he began to worry about his wife’s mental state after Russia’s invasion in late February and the subsequent war “intensified” Hitchcock, according to court documents. . He started drinking vodka, heard noises and saw a “rage of rage,” where he went into a rage, he told police.

On March 25 – a month into the war – the situation worsened, the man told police. Hitchcock thought the staff would take his children and people thought he was a Russian spy, according to court records. He told police he had difficulty sleeping and thinking.

Hitchcock was reportedly upset that he could not book a flight to visit his parents in Russia at the time. She wanted her husband to stay home from work and stock up on guns, knives and livestock, as well as a camp stove and firewood, according to court records. He bought an oven and firewood, as well as other food to “comfort her,” he told police, but not weapons.

Hitchcock gave his personal story to the police, telling them he was worried he was dead and that someone was guarding his mind. He said he saw “brain fog,” like the police, and that the Russian government was afraid it would steal and abuse his children.

Hitchcock said he considered killing himself and knew his sons would not leave, according to court documents.

“That’s when he thought to himself he was going to, ‘Finish his injury with my hands,'” police wrote in the complaint.

On March 29, Hitchcock told his 11 -year -old son to hold his head under the water in the family swim to see how long he could rest his breath. While doing so, he told police he saw his mother’s hands on the back of his head “pushing him down.” But the boy was able to fight his way out of his arms and run to the second room. When he grabbed a knife near the kitchen, he started to cry until he put it down and hugged it, the complaint said.

Hitchcock told police he did not expect his 11 -year -old son to die. But for fear of the Russians abusing the children, Hitchcock said his youngest son could not defend himself, according to court records.

So, a day later, he “put both hands around her [Oliver’s] Neck and squeeze as much as possible [he] he was out of breath, “police said in court documents.

He then grabbed a knife and began to stab himself in the chest to “cut his heart out,” police said.

The 11 -year -old told police he went into the room he shared with his younger brother to see his mother lying on a bed, with a “large knife.” As he looked around, he saw Oliver on the floor under a shed and “he started to cry a lot,” police said.

Her father, who was sleeping on the chair, heard the crying and ran, according to court records. He tried to rescue Oliver and called 911. The boy was taken to a nearby hospital and later moved to Milwaukee, where he died on April 1.

Hitchcock, who suffered a “minor injury to the chest,” was taken to a hospital, where a nurse told police Tylenol was “too serious” in his system, according to complain. After the doctors released him the next day, he was taken to the county jail, where he was held in a $ 1 million jail.

The man is in court on Tuesday, WITI said. When officers led Hitchcock out of the courtroom, he tried to speak to the film’s family.

“I love you, yes. I’m very sorry, “he said, like the field.” I don’t know what happened. “

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