9 Netflix Is Not Anime Properly

There are many different definitions when it comes to the term “anime.” However, it was agreed that the story be expedited and made in Japan for a Japanese audience to cite. However, when it comes to the holiday movement, pappet demonstrations, and international community events related to Japan, fans cannot agree with the idea.

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For the most part, if a series is made outside of Japan, it is not an anime, even if it is made in a stereotypical anime style. However, Netflix sometimes combines anime with anime-influenced titles in order to increase the popularity of the anime.

9 Castlevania: The lizard has never been cut off from Japan

Castlevania The technology is based in Japan, while the video game story is inspired by Japan. The animation team received some support from D’Art Shtajio in Japan. That said, it was considered Western for the most part, with American studio Frederator Studios serving as the producer.

The story is about the murderer Trevor Belmont who fights with Count Dracula, who wants to punish his wife after she is burned as a witch.

8 Blood of Zeus: The story is that of a sister to Castlevania

Zeus runs the final battle

Koko of Zeusto be seen Gods & Heroes, an American film series about images of Greek history. He is listed as the “original Netflix anime.”

The story can be thought of as part of the sister story of Castlevania, because it has a similar working story. It was created by Powerhouse Animation Studios with animation done by South Korean studios First Film and Hanho Heung-Up.

7 Trese: This story comes from a song from the Philippines


even though Trese designed as an anime, it is a Filipino series with the beginning of a Filipino horror story that surrounds a tourist who fights the powers of a witch to make sure many police officers take care of it.

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For the most part, Trese is a Filipino company, while BASE Entertainment, its operating company, is based in Singapore and Indonesia.

6 The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf: This Film is a South Korean-American Project

Vesemir from The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher: The Dream of the Wolf He is the spinning wheel of the living creature; Ka Witcher, a Polish-American joint venture. For many anime fans, the development in Japan allowed the film to be considered an anime production in its own right. However, the film is a South Korean-American co-production, with South Korea’s Studio Mir working on it.

5 The daily life of the immortal king: A Chinese Donghua

The daily life of the immortal chief (1)

While the Chinese donghua is sometimes mistaken for Japanese anime, Chinese animation has become popular over the years and has established its own dedicated fanbase.

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The daily life of the Immortal Chief a Chinese story before the cultivation of a donghua of the same name. While Western viewers may watch it on Netflix, it was first streamed on the Chinese video sharing site Bilibili.

4 Dota: Blood of the Dragon: A joint venture between Korea and South America

koko dota dragons

Because of the Dota 2 video games Dota: Koko o Dragon An animated mindset created by South Korea’s Studio Mir and Ashley Edward Miller’s Kaiju Boulevard, it will be a global production company.

The lizard joins a dragon knight, Davion, whose spirit joins an ancient dragon and goes with the moon queen to fight the demon Terrorblade.

3 Neo Yokio: An American-Japanese Workplace

neo yokio toblerone

When it comes to the animesque, Neo Yokio Which is one of the hardest examples. It is often thought of as an American work. However, various Japanese anime studios have done so, such as Production IG and Studio Deen.

Not only does his status as an anime flux, so his status as a Netflix Original. Although criticized by the platform, it was originally made for Fox before being selected by Netflix.

2 The Haunted House: The Series Is A South Korean Production

Hale Haunted Netflix

In The Haunted Houseto be seen Shinbi Museum, Hari and Doori are brothers who befriend a magical goblin named Shinbi who helps them fight ghosts. And every soul they conquer has the power to retrieve them when they need it.

The ‘South Korean’ setting and references to Korean history will help viewers realize the fact that the series is not a Japanese work but is for South Korea, coming from CJ ENM.

1 Voltron: Defender Support: Fans aren’t sure if the original Voltron is Anime

Hunk and Lance and Pidge and Voltron Legendary Defender

Even the fans of the teacher Voltron Perhaps thinking the series is an anime, it’s harder to be honest. A truly American company Animal King GoLion regardless Dairugger XV fleets hui pu.

The Netflix series, however, was developed by South Korea’s Studio Mir and produced by companies from the United States, such as DreamWorks Animation Television and World Events Productions.

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