8 The worst Vampires in the games

Vampires are favorites and common monsters in many media formats. Perhaps one of the oldest surviving monks, there is nothing like a pair of teeth that evokes fear and dread at the starvation of the vampire who seeks at night for food. Vampires have a history of more than a hundred years and are a huge trope in movies, films, and video games.

A value of games is about the bloodthirsty nosferatu; Some are black lords seeking to rule the world, others are rebel warriors who are angry at their loss and decide to destroy others of their kind. On the other hand, their blood pressure continues. Vampires will turn an unknown city into nothing to satisfy their thirst and raise an enemy for joy. Here are the worst vampires in video games.

8 Jericho Keʻa: Darkwatch

Jericho is dark

Darkwatch is a classic Playstation 2 FPS video game featuring Jericho Cross; a rogue vampire on a journey to destroy the vampire lord by helping a secret group called Darkwatch. Jericho is a criminal on the run for train theft until he chooses the wrong code and releases a vampire master, which begins the process. Darkwatch takes Jacob on a real journey to give players the freedom to choose which way Jericho goes down, be it monster or human. Jericho struggles with his thirst for the game and is constantly tempted by the power received from the vampire.


7 Rayne: BloodRayne

rayne bloodrayne

Rayne works as the main protagonist of the Bloodrayne franchise; in the story, she is a kind of vampire and a human woman. Her upbringing was miserable; His vampire father killed his entire family so that he became loyal to him and his other children. Rayne was a smart man who would not take away his jewelry and cut off his head with his twins.

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He prides himself on being able to kill so many vampires to justify his hatred of his character and his father. Rayne joined a secret society called the Brimstone society which sought out all kinds of gods; Rayne knew he was the best person to punish his employer.

6 Therese and Jeanette Voerman: Vampire: The Masquerade

vampire the masquerade therese

In Vampire the Masquerade, Therese and Jeanette Voerman are the same, two personalities in the same body. They are vampire kings in their family and show up differently during the game’s advertisement.

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Jeanette is a childish and shallow person who just wants to have fun and think of herself as a “Prettier face” compared to herself. A cold, cunning, and unloving Therese embraces her high vampire status and sees humans as weak. Therese is polar against Jeanette, a pure man in nature and a strong Vampire baron who rules Santa Monica.

5 Demitri Maximoff: Darkstalkers

dimitri maximof darkstalkers

Demitri Maximoff first appeared in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. Over the years, he has been seen in the right part of Capcom titles, most wrestling games. Demitri is a proud and powerful vampire who eats the blood of beautiful women. His thirst for blood was his second desire for power as he constantly sought a way to destroy the human race, seeing them only as a source of food and trying to cover the earth with violence. dark. Demitri was a powerful officer of the night and a skilled technician who was admired by all who saw him.

4 Bloody Mary: Infamous: feast of blood

infamous bloody mary

Bloody Mary is the main opponent of the spin-off game Infamous “Feast of Blood”. He was a cold vampire and was considered a Governess in his past life; after his conversion he wandered about the earth, leaving a trail of bodies in his path. He was healed of Cole’s hemorrhage and returned to his youth, and soon began to disperse the riots in New Marais. He sought to fulfill his reign over the city and beyond the earth, and with his miraculous power for nearly a hundred years, he gathered the saints to do his will. .

3 Kain: Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver

kin blood omen legacy of kain

Cain is a character from the Blood Omen franchise that has stood as an important pillar in the history of the big game and new features that have been released since then, such as comics and stories. Cain is the guardian of Nosgoth, an interdimensional world in the Blood Omen franchise; He takes on an anti-hero status in the game and is a very powerful ancient vampire who is branded as a scion of the rest.

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Although he was a skilled technician, a swordsman, and able to effectively use the powers of his vampiracy without much fanfare, not many people were able to stand against him. His journey in the Blood Omen games is long and arduous, taking him from the advice of the game’s main protagonist to join a multifaceted arc.

2 The Red Queen: Vampyr

the red vampyr queen

The Red Queen is the epitome of Vampirism in the video game, Vampyr. He is the source of all vampires and is centuries old, returning often to spread his disease around the world.

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In his sins and evils, it is the thirst to be tormented by vampires that rises when he wakes up from his slumber, driving the lowly vampires and others into the abyss. angry rage for the need to feed. The Red Queen was worshiped as a blood god who founded a druid cult who would protect her and see that her wish was granted, and her story continues.

1 Dracula: Castlevania

castlevania dracula

Dracula Vlad Țepeş is the great and immortal protagonist of Castlevania through his visions. There are many names, most commonly known as the father of vampires, Dracula is a problem of the human race, in search of their destruction many times over. Dracula killed the crowd for no other reason than to provoke him. Although his hatred and bitterness were not always the same, this was not always the case. Dracula went insane when his wife was burned at the stake just for loving him. Later, he washed his hands of the dead and they were seen to be healed of diseases by wiping them off the earth.

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