6 video game professionals that always need an animated story

Whether Netflix likes it or not, the streaming giant has been known to code for making the best video game conversions. The answer is like animation, as are demonstrations of their similarity Castlevania a Arcane it has been shown that an animated series can take advantage of these IPs.

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In addition to the intellectual freedoms allowed by animation, the more stable the performance the better because these projects don’t feel like a lucrative career. This could open a huge door for other video game franchises, and there are a number of great IPs out there that could argue the growth of the animated TV genre from an artistic and historical perspective.


Ring size

The Elden Ring advertisement shows the Tarnished kneeling under the titular ring

From the latest software Spirits-like effort Ring size it has established itself as one of the best fantasy RPGs of all time. And while the case can be made for the same reasons And the spirit of the devil a Black spirits get animated changes, Ring size Which is the most important issue. The world of Lands Between is packed with FromSoftware’s title track of the simple story, which encourages the player to see the events that take place and join his lore.

The production team can make great use of the style of the game, with the ability to record a cinematic story set in the past – or the future. Events such as the Shattering War, Godfrey’s reign as the first Elden Lord, and more can be explored. Granted A Song for Snow and Fire writer George RR Martin about the game is not out of the realm of being able to film a change on HBO Max.

Blood clots

Although it is a FromSoftware game, Sony is the only PS4 Blood clots it is surprising that it is not taken care of because it is highly appreciated. It’s good to argue that the game works well as an independent story and doesn’t need a sequel, making for a well-illustrated animated story and a reason to dive back into the gothic-terrifying world of Yharnam.

Blood clots drops with a grotesque black-and-white style, and a similar animation studio CastlevaniaPowerhouse Animation Studio will do well with magical animation and inventive monster designs. Among other things, Blood clots praised for his amazing bosses to create some horrible horror scenes. HBO could be another good place for this IP, and it could do well to change the story that was created through the original game and Ancient Searches DLC.


Supergiant Games’ Hades It’s the popular indie darling of 2020, because the game combines the roguelike subgenre with an interesting story and world action. Those two don’t go together in the best roguelike games, but the different writing, style layouts, and proven vocals make it possible.

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With addictive and cathartically fast-paced combat and creatures around the Greek mythology-inspired world, it’s easy to see how easily this can transform an animated show. And in the form of character development, artistic leadership, and talented actors, Hades half of the base was left. Zagreus and his career have already worked to change the meaning of the characters, and if Supergiant stops working on a sequel, an animated story could be a good middle ground to continue the story. stories elsewhere.

The Story of Zelda

The story of Zelda Breath of the Wild

In the words of video games, Nintendo’s The Story of Zelda The franchise is a professional titan. Each major game release for the lizard is an event in and of itself, and the higher universe of Hyrule creates an animated transition that can breathe. Like head-scratchingly hard as Zelda it can lore, much to pull.

If the right writing team is involved in a project like this, a creative tour can tell a world -class tour in the same way that Lord of the Rings to represent the entire world that the Hero of Time travels. And the best Legend of Zelda Players can allow the freedom to tell a story without stepping on canonical toes. The landscape and the world depicted inside Breath of the Wild can be a good strategy for this.

Stainless Steel

The official graphic design of Solid Snake and Raiden for Metal Gear Solid 2

Although there is a livelihood Stainless Steel film in development – directed by Oscar Isaac – the film has suffered through development limbo. Today, Isaac speaks in a red interview about his current Weak knight series at Disney+ they’re trying to get a specific script for the movie, no IGN. And just as tantalizing as Oscar Isaac-led MGS Given the film, it can be argued at least to become a live-action story on HBO as well. The followers of Him is drawing.

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For this reason, and because of the complexity of the story and history, an animated story can be allowed to take on a little bit of the original game to act as an interesting spy-thriller. The likes of Assassin’s creed is getting animated changes and live action on Netflix, so there’s nothing to say Stainless Steel Equal care cannot be obtained. Yoji Shinkawa’s various artistic works can give an idea of ​​how the beauty of an animated show can come close to its design style.


Fear Metroid

Samus Aran finally got his favorite match with last year’s hard work and business. Fear Metroid. It’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2021, showcasing the Metroidvania subgenre that helped propel that it could conquer today’s gaming scene.

The game’s key sci-fi scenes, aliens, and well-received animators from James Cameron are well-received. stranger The movies can take a turn for the worse with threats and explosive action. It is possible Metroid The animated stories in the setting, the years of lore, and the loving heroine that Ripley inspires can be put to good use to combine a seriously claustrophobic science-fiction experience. The use of EMMI from Fear and Ridely’s constant threat to write themselves a hypothetical story.

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