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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 which was released earlier this month, and, like its predecessor, is a big and serious one. While movies about video games are notorious for being bad, our favorite blue hedgehog on the right has proven that you can do it right. With that said, here are five video games that can translate well into a movie.


From its very beginning in 1986, Castlevania became a major title in the retro game. The gothic, side-scrolling action game distinguishes itself with its unique story of vampire hunters. In addition, the visual and sound aesthetics created an atmosphere like most NES offerings at the time.

While other players from me have seen their stories translated to the big screen, Castlevania The vampiric world lived in the dark. Some other video game consoles of the time have found their way into the fundraiser. Not the same Super Mario Bros., whose other story is about two pipes rescuing the princess from a sinister anthropomorphic turtle, Simon’s quest to kill Dracula is the simplest translation of the film. From time immemorial Nosferatu Helped to explain how horrible it is during audio movies, vampires go along with movies like necks and teeth.

Although there is no livelihood Castlevania movie, the game has had an anime twist.

It’s harder to be honest Castlevania Almost becomes a movie at times. Used to, Stay bad The film will be directed by Paul WS Anderson, before it will be replaced by James Wan. For those unfamiliar people, Wan is the next most feared threat Knowledge, Deception a The conjuring. even though Castlevania: The Movie He had all the necessary equipment, and the project was not completed in 2009.

While the Konami franchise hasn’t gritted its teeth into live film, there may be hope. Reports suggest in the dark of October that the publisher will lift the franchise out of its box. Adds a resurgence of live game changes, and more Castlevania A reboot can reboot the video players.

The longest

When it comes to indie horror games, there is little to compare to dream wood. The longest. The nail-biting story of a researcher uncovering the dark secrets of Mount Massive Asylum is something that excites me to this day. And as a terrifying threat that is hard to intimidate, it’s an accomplishment!

Using a night vision camera as a portable gaming device, The longest it plays like a movie trailer found while sitting. While the film critic in me wants to crawl out and say that the horror footage subgenre is known to often end in disaster, that’s when I thought it could be done. As a life -threatening horror with high -flying fears, the film is able to use the first person scene to give people a different sense of emptiness and fear of what the game has created. .

Consider a living practice Dr. Trager

In addition, the game has a rich lore, full of supernatural experimentation and evil. All of these stories leave room to build the story of the game without copying and pasting the code directly. With further payment, The final tests, currently in development, IP stands to grow in popularity and re -establish itself as a life -threatening threat. And with that, this indie gem can have all the functions for a truly horror movie transformation.

The Story of Zelda

Moving from horror to a video game with the potential to become a family of normal minds, we have The Story of Zelda. Like other Nintendo franchises, most of Link’s quests are lifeless game relics that help shape the entire business. With its rich and unique history, therefore, the idea is even better The Story of Zelda necessary in film therapy.

With an economic history spanning many years, there are many writers to draw. While the timeline is confusing on the series, returning the game to its original form could make for a memorable movie. The description of the NES RPG really follows a traditional “travel adventure” model.

The story of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A young boy, and not a warrior, Link must go to the kingdom of Hyrule to save the land and his princess Zelda from the evil of Ganon. Is that a simple version of the story? Yes, but it does something like doing family thinking in the form of a linear movie.

As for the game, a Legend of Zelda The film can serve as a good starting point for sequels to further explain the lore. While the first film may introduce Triforce of Power, the sequels have the opportunity to enhance the story. The films can best describe the devastation that plagues the incarnations of Link and Zelda among the generations of Hyrule.

Holy Line

When it comes to open-world gangsta games, most people immediately think grand theft auto. However, as GTA To help spread the word to the wider world, other developers have worked to make the design their own. And more than anything else “GTA clone “, Holy Line do very well when using a tried -and -true approach, while making a play with an independent voice.

While Rockstar’s crime scene has included a degree of satire, Holy Line grow strange and evil. As a result, the humor and best action of the games combine well in a dark comedy. When it comes to the ultra-violent, yet gangster action scene, nothing has worked better than the Three Street Saints.

Who are you going to throw Johnny Gat at?

Just think of a movie that shows a fight movie where the main character uses a big pink… you know… instrument. Yes, let’s go with that. Also, there can be a feature playing the small septic tank game from Holy Line 2. Lastly, there is too much power for outlandish comedy to make a living Holy Line The game is wrong.

Aside from the bad laughs, there may be hope for the future. For the first time in years, Deep Silver and Volition are making a new entry into the franchise. Although the Holy Line Reboot features major changes from the original franchise, revealing an in -depth detailed configuration suite so devs always know what to do to get the job done. Finally, the reboot is coming this year, that is Holy Line to return to the individual’s perception of the core culture.

Death Note Reading (1 & 2)

The franchise is at the top of most game-to-movie wish lists, Redhead Cure he also finds his way here. While there’s a lot to love about Rockstar’s world wide shooters, the best part of these games is the story. In fact, I’m about to argue that the stories of Red Make Redemption 1 & 2 are sports movies.

Red Make Redemption 2 it’s a cinematic game

So while recounting the last days of Arthur and John it feels very important. Red Make Redemption 2 set the free time to go back in time. In a story about a man with a design of his own, Dutch van der Linde, a Red death The film could culminate in the famous Blackwater Massacre that created the 2018 game creator.

In addition, Western history is more with movies than with games. Such as Red death taken from the west of the film’s golden age, a return to the original of its unorthodox style. The range, a Redhead Cure A well -crafted film can grow in a world built into games, while establishing itself as a new film production.

Do you think these intended videos are good? What other video games do you think would make for horror movies? As always, share your thoughts in thoughts!

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