5 Tomie stories we would love in the upcoming Netflix Anime

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When it comes to the various editions of Junji Ito’s awful manga anthologies, none of its value has changed before. Tomie.

After enjoying a live action movie and movie franchise in Japan for two years, Tomie has his first anime change in 2018. The Junji Ito Collection. For that particular story, only three of Tomie’s manga stories were changed: “Tomie” Parts 1 and 2, and “Painter.” With the new announcement, Netflix will be re -editing Tomie’s new stories for the new anime story Junji Ito ManiacHere is a list of five Tomie the stories we want to see on the screen.

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Tomie: Basement is a Traditional Horror Story

Although he is a sequel to “Tomie Part 2” (aka “Morita Hospital” on the Tomie manga), “Basement” reads like a Japanese horror story and is transformed into a live movie called. Tomie: Play again. In the first story, Tomie becomes Reiko’s classmate and begins an affair with a young man named Tadashi, who is the husband of a Morita Hospital patient named Yukiko. Mio.

After Tadashi’s murder, Tomie’s body was taken to Morita Hospital where his former teacher, Mr. Takagi, to his father to give his bodies. Yukiko ended up getting Tomie’s virginity, only to be taken away soon after because the virgin started a new Tomie clone.

The girl and Tomie’s head are kept in the hospital’s basement until they figure out how to end it. At first, they try to kill Tomie’s head with radiation, only to end the speed of his re -creation, resulting in a new Tomie clone. Tomie then tried to kill his own virgin to avoid further testing, but was killed by Dr. Tamura. Mr. concludes. Takagi fires all over to keep Tomie’s clones from escaping the world. Unfortunately, he doesn’t count for a single Tomie clone: ​​Yukiko herself, whose entire body has been transformed into a copy of Tomie.

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Tomie: Picture/Kiss/Mansion Introducing Tsukiko Izumisawa

It’s another favorite Tomie The story is a three-parter “Photo”, which will include “Kiss” and “Mansion.” The three -part story reveals the character of Tsukiko Izumisawa, who is well known for her live performances. Tomie movies in Japan. Tomie was a favorite, Tsukiko started out as a high school student and a member of his school’s art team. He also took pictures of other students and sold them to his classmates who were looking for those students for ¥ 10,000 a piece. Tomie was the first “student” to report Tsukiko’s misconduct and was expelled from school.

Ironically, Tomie himself has a weakness that Tsukiko reveals beyond conception: Tomie’s true demonic nature is evident in the pictures he takes, so he spreads those pictures at school. Unfortunately for Tsukiko, this is a mistake. Not only did Tomie brainwash his classmates to kill Tsukiko, but although he escaped their assassination attempt, he did not escape Tomie himself and was forced to move. Even after he moved, Tomie and Mr. Takagi in his new city continued to threaten him there, and more people died.

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Tomie: Well done on Survival Horror

One of them is Junji Ito Tomie The stories develop into the life -threatening horror of “Revenge,” which was transformed into a live -action movie called. Tomie: Punishment in Japan. The first manga story is about three walking men who are found in the snow while climbing a mountain. Along the way, they see the body of a naked young woman – with a man falling to his death trying to save her. Both men can help her, although things are not quick to take over when she becomes part of their team.

After complaining about the cold, a man opened his boxes to give the woman his clothes. When the men get tired and decide to set up a camp, the woman demands that they go and find a house. When the woman got tired of walking, she made one of the men carry her on her back. The man in his chest died of hypothermia and only one man and woman made it to a house. Inside, the woman testified that she had met the man’s brother a month earlier and had killed him by cutting him into pieces, which the man was hard to believe. Eventually, the man stabbed the woman and left the room, only to find his brother’s body being eaten by a clone of the woman, Tomie reported.

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Like “Revenge” is “Waterfall Basin,” which takes place in a secluded mountain village. The story begins with a mysterious salesman like Mr. Takagi arrives in the village with a short bag, selling mysterious bags for people to plant in their gardens. Most locals refuse to buy his “product,” except for the person who bought the bag because of the knowledge, it was seen as a piece of meat. After a long stay in the village, the mysterious shopkeeper was evicted from the neighborhood – but not before he had thrown all his bags into a nearby waterfall.

Sometime after the customer left, the village noticed an increase in murder near the waterfall. The cause of the killing was not known until the two fishermen saw the woman’s body in the water and one of them tried to get her out of the water. When the fisherman could not wake up, another man went into the water to look for him, but he knew he was afraid that his friend would be eaten by Tomie’s clones. Although the body of the fisherman was found, no clones were found. After a while, Tomie’s entire army of clones emerged from the waterfall and went into the village.

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Tomie: Going to the demons/high standard/looking at narcissism

The last three Tomie The stories published by Junji Ito are three parts about a narcissistic man who decides to punish Tomie in a very sad way. Starting out as a well -known role model, Ryo met Tomie through a local and quickly fell in love with her. Unfortunately for her, Tomie did not respond to her comments and teased her. When he taunts her in a way, she tells him not to insult her – and Ryo is attacked by a murderous man shortly after cutting out his eyes.

Ryo grabs Tomie afterwards and tries to hurt her eyes like the murderer did to her so they could be together. However, she found that her eye pain soon healed and her eyesight returned to normal. Then he cursed her twice, only to see her heal a secret. This is why Ryo ended up with his flat and burned and injured himself in the process. Along the way, he meets Tomie and decides to “punish” him with age. He tries to do this by shooting different baby girls with Tomie’s blood so that they become human Tomie clones. However, his plan did not go as planned and Tomie’s fate was left in doubt.

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