46th Annual Kodansha Manga Awards Nomination Announcement – News

Japanese publisher Kodansha announced the 14 nominees in three categories for its 46th annual Manga Awards on Friday. Kodansha announce the winner for each category on May 11th.

Very good Shonen manga

A Pair of Cuckoos
Miki Yoshikawa
Machine: Shōnen Magazine (Kodansha)
Summary: Nagi Umino, a 16 -year -old high school student and a second -year student at Megurogawa Academy, was transferred at birth. When she goes to a party to meet her birth parents, she meets the unmarried, speechless Erika Amano, who decides to make Nagi her cheating husband because she doesn’t want to. it’s really big. But when Nagi made dinner, he realized that his parents had decided to change the hospital by marrying the girl who was raised by his biological parents … Only Erika herself! (Via Kodansha Comics)

Shangri-La Frontier
Ryōsuke Fuji, Katarina
Machine: Shōnen Magazine (Kodansha)
Summary: Second -year high school student Rakurou Hizutome is interested in only one thing: seeing “bad games” and hitting bad guys. He was unparalleled in his playing skills, and no games were too bad for him to enjoy. So he was introduced to the new VR game Shangri-La Frontier, he does his best-min-maxes and jumps to the prologue to jump right into the action. But a smart player like Rakurou can see all the secrets Shangri-La Frontier huna …? (Via Kodansha Comics)

Frieren: Beyond the end of the trip
Kanehito Yamada, Tsukasa Abe
Machine: Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan)
Summary: The journey is over but life goes on for an elf mage who is starting to learn how to live. Elf mage Frieren and his fearless companions defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the land. But Frieren will live long for the rest of his first party. How does she know what life is like for those around her? Years after their victory, the funeral of his friends opposed Frieren without his death. Frieren begins to fulfill the last wishes of his teammates and sees himself embarking on a new journey… (Via Media)

At that point I found myself reincarnated as a Slime
Taiki Kawakami
Machine: Shonen Sirius (Kodansha)
Summary: Mikami’s middle age didn’t go as planned: She didn’t find a friend, she was caught in a post-mortem operation, and she was stabbed to death on the way home. 37. So he wakes up to a new job. world right out of the RPG mind, he was cursed but not too surprised to see that he wasn’t a knight or a witch but he had become blind, boneless. But there are times for slime to be a hero… (Via Yen hits)

Very good Shōjo Manga

At midnight the moon shines
Mika Yamamori
Machine: Food (Kodansha)
Summary: Yoi Takiguchi has long legs, a deep voice, and a good face … which means that Yoi is a good person and most people don’t know that she is a girl. In fact, he has the nickname “Prince” as he remembers it. Well, until he met Ichimura-senpai … he was the only one who really knew himself. To her surprise, she doesn’t know how to handle this new relationship, even if her new friend is a prince (and a prince, at the time). The story of the two high school principals begins here! (Via Kodansha Comics)

Nina the star woman
Machine: E Aloha (Kodansha)
Summary: Nina began a miserable life, stealing for a living – and was later sold into slavery by her own brother. To his surprise, however, he arranged for his captor, Prince Azure, to live the life of the princess … that is, the princess-priestess who soon died. now, Alisha. But as things change, Nina won’t leave her old life without a fight … But how can she trust Azure? And can she stop the thoughts that are growing in her heart, knowing that she will marry someone …? (Via Kodansha Comics)

A Sign of Love
Suu Morishita
Machine: Food (Kodansha)
Summary: Yuki is a regular golf student, whose world is surrounded by her friends, social media, and the latest customers. But when he meets on the train to meet his best friend and classmate Itsuomi-san, his world begins to unfold. But while Itsuomi-kun can speak three languages, sign language is not one of them. Can they learn to communicate the growing feelings between them? (Via Kodansha Comics)

My Happy Marriage
Rito Kohsaka
Machine: Gangan Online (Square Enix)
Summary: Miyo was born into a noble family, was raised by an abusive mother and married to Kiyoka, a warrior because of the heartlessness of her former husbands who fled within three days of their arrest. . With no home to return to, Miyo slowly begins to open her heart to her cold and broken husband, even though their acquaintance is rock solid … Maybe this is her chance to find true love and happiness. (Via Yen hitsdescription of original stories)

Greatest Branch

Oshi no Ko
Aka Akasaka, ʻO Mengo Yokoyari
Machine: Youth fly every week (Shueisha)
Summary: The story of the manga begins with Gorō, a doctor who oversaw the birth of his favorite character Ai Hoshino, who retires from the fun business to give birth to his twin babies. However, before ʻAi was born, Gorō died of an accident, but he was reborn as ʻAi’s daughter, Aquamarine Hoshino, according to her memories.

Skip and Loafer
Misaki Takamatsu
Machine: Afternoon (Kodansha)
Summary: Good student Iwakura Mitsumi dreamed of leaving his small town, going to a prestigious university, and making positive changes in the world. But he was so determined to achieve his goals that he was not ready for the different (and abundant) city life that awaited him at Tokyo High School. Luckily, he used to make quick friendships with Shima Sousuke, a well -retired classmate who seemed to be very skilled. Can this stupid country girl do much in Tokyo with Sousuke by her side? (Via Seven Fun Seas)

Chi: Chikyū no Undō ni Tsuite
Machine: Great Comic Spirits (Shogakukan)
Summary: Renaissance knowledge was only beginning to burn in 15th century Europe, although those who saw the fire were burned for their heresy. In Poland, a prodigy boy named Rafal is thought to be another important figure in science, but an encounter with a man leads him on the path to a heretical truth.

Police on a Pod
Miko Yasu
Machine: Morning (Kodansha)
Summary: Policewoman Kawai has had enough of her unique job and was about to give up her registration, when it was too late – she met the new female leader of her station. ! And after spending a little time with this beautiful example, Kawai knew he might not be finished. (Via Kodansha Comics)

Yankee-kun to Hakujō Girl (The Delinquent and the Girl With the White Cane)
Machine: pixiv, Nico Nico SeigaManga Hack (Kadokawa)
Summary: The manga is about the relationship between a criminal named Morio Kurokawa, who patrols the city’s streets, and a girl named Yukiko Akaze, who goes to the police station. school for the blind.

Yakuza Challenge: Raise the Tanin ga Ii
Asuka Konishi
Machine: Afternoon (Kodansha)
Summary: Yoshino grew up as a yakuza princess of the Osaka Somei criminal family. Everyone left him alone because of his sharp eyes and his mobster relationships. But when his grandfather signed with Miyama’s criminal family in Tokyo, he was offered to be engaged to Miyama leader’s granddaughter, Kirishima. At first, Kirishima is seen as calm and friendly – but when he reveals his dark side, he reveals that he is in more trouble than the gangsters Yoshino has encountered. This recording is a kind of wild ride for the tough yakuza princess and her spinning yakuza prince! (Via Seven Fun Seas)

In years past, Kodansha Some have also awarded the “Best Children’s Manga” award, but starting in 2015 Kodansha added the nominees for that piece to Best Shonen Manga and Best Shōjo Branch section.

Last year, Muneyuki Kaneshiro a Yūsuke Nomura‘s Blue Lock she won the best Shonen Manga award. Megumi Morino‘s There is a position called Aloha the ‘Oi won Shōjo eat Manga. By Kiwa Irie Yuria Sensei no Akai Ito he won the Best General Manga award.

Sources: Kodansha, Comic Natalie

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