10 watchful anime pictures that almost never take the trouble

The world of anime is filled with all sorts of characters, from brave and fearless heroes to the cold and counting the bad guys and everything in between. In these stories, the most interesting and unfamiliar ones are the ones who don’t hesitate to jump into the fire, but the other anime characters take the opposite path.

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A vigilant anime person can’t improve their luck if they can help. But these vigilantes would avoid big problems or disaster, and they would want to fight the enemy or make a mission when they knew things were going well. Such people are not afraid or quarrelsome, but they are not troublemakers.

10 Ryota Suzui is a smart player (Kakegurui)

Unlike her wild and hedonistic counterpart, Yumeko Jabami, the humble villain Ryota Suzui is a wary and fearful playwright who approaches everything with humility. He was a regular player in the Hyakkou tradition, so he could not travel much and return home.

That’s why Ryota has become an internal supporter Kakegurui Even though Yumeko loves the middle ground, and he does well. Ryota might be careful, but he was willing to take risks if Yumeko led and encouraged him, and in some cases paid.

9 Uryu Ishida will not work without a plan (Bleach)

uriu ishida

Ichigo’s Quincy friend, Uryu Ishida, is a well -balanced shonen leader in many ways. He was alert and only acted if he had a clever plan in mind, but Uryu was fearless and determined, making a winning team. He can be a shonen protagonist in his own right.

Uryu loves to steal and prepare his missionaries, and he won’t leave things if he can help. If the situation is really bad, Uryu can fix it and take the risks, but that’s not the way he wants to be. He would win the battle on his head before moving.

8 Shikamaru Nara loves planning (Naruto)

Shikamaru Naruto

Shikamaru Nara has a lot in common with Uryu Ishida, both of whom are strong supporters who balance the hero’s mindset with a cautious and cautious approach. Shikamaru, like Uryu, could act boldly and fearlessly, but he would not allow himself to be taken away.

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On more than one occasion, Shikamaru hired his teammates to avoid traps, and he was paid. Shikamaru didn’t want to play with the enemy’s hands with thoughtlessness. But he will make a good plan and continue the war in his own words. He doesn’t have to roll the dice with his life.

7 Iruma Suzuki keeps a low profile (Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Iruma smiled at Welina from the Demon school!

Isekai warrior Iruma Suzuki was sold by his own parents to the devil’s grave, where Lord Sullivan sold him and adopted him as a beloved grandchild. Iruma is the only human being in the whole Netherworld, and he has to be very careful to hide that truth, or else he will.

Iruma kept a low profile during her time at Babyls school and used various methods to make herself a demon. In addition, Iruma does not choose to fight. But conflicts came to him, and Iruma had to do what he could to survive as a human being.

6 Near is Nothing Like The Reckless Mello (Death Note)

almost twisted his hair dead note

Detective L was very careful, even though he took serious risks in trying to arrest Kira, such as when he met Light Yagami as a fellow student at To-Oh University. One of L’s backs, Near’s white hair, is more alert than that.

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For years, Near worked patiently and carefully to gather evidence on Kira before he moved on five years after L’s fall, even though his ultra-cautious actions had slowed. little to him. Near didn’t finish the job until he made good use of Mello’s thoughtless moves to Kira’s back corner.

5 Zenitsu Agatsuma doesn’t like to take risks (Demon Slayer)

zenitsu decision

Thunder killer Zenitsu Agatsuma is slower and more fearless as an assassin, even though he is known for his fear. In a humorous way, Zenitsu is an alert and vigilant demon killer who fully understands the nature of the trouble and misfortune of his profession. It is not wrong for him to be wary of demons.

Fearful or not, Zenitsu is known for being alert when the group comes to demon land, and he doesn’t have to complain and fight the first demon he finds. He preferred to sit back and wait until the right time to strike, and in a way, Tanjiro felt the same way.

4 Momo Yaouorozu won’t work without a plan (My Hero Academia)

Momo yaoyorozu is attached

Like Uryu and Shikamaru, founder Momo Yaoyorozu may have acted fearlessly during the mission, but he would not have acted until he was determined to alleviate the difficulties. Warriors like Katsuki Bakugo jump straight into the fight and fight in style, but no Momo.

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Instead, Momo would take a closer look at the land and its enemies and devise a plan to increase his group’s interests and destroy the enemy’s own resources. Then, only then, would Momo move on and win the maths victory.

3 Naofumi Iwatani won’t play with her life (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

naofumi maka maka

Defensive hero Naofumi Iwatani has no choice but to be vigilant and avoid dangers during her trip to the Melromarc kingdom. He had no self -destructive power, and for a time, he had no support from the other three Cardinal Heroes and the government itself. It’s not an option to take risks.

So Naofumi walked slowly and carefully, always thinking of the consequences of his actions ahead of time, something the other Heroes had not done. It paid off, and Naofumi became a clever hero who could take care of the sun in any way.

2 Sokka has watched the world (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The Last Airbender: How Sokka gave the fire race his deadly weapon

The animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender The stars of Gaang are a team created by Avatar Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Toph Beifong, and they strike a balance between care and fearlessness. Of the four, Sokka was the most cautious, he didn’t trust Aang at first.

Sokka believed in the responsibility of the entire Southern District, and he stood to be important if he took the unthinkable challenges. Sokka often reminds Aang and Katara to avoid trouble on their journey, but his friends can’t help save the others, so Sokka has to stay alert or leave.

1 Megumi Tadokoro rarely raises issues (Food War!)

Megumi holds the bowl with both hands

Soma Yukihira is a big threat, and he likes to come out and accept problems all the time. Then there’s her new smart partner, the good Megumi Tadokoro, who uses home -cooked cooking to please the judges. She didn’t experiment in the kitchen, though she tried the skin and cooking the monkfish herself, which is a big deal.

Megumi followed Soma’s lead and learned to be a more fearless and confident cook, but she didn’t like to take risks, and she didn’t compete. other cookies to problem shokugeki games. But Megumi slowly established herself as a chef until she entered the BLUE competition for the final competition.

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