10 tracks stuck in a friend Leon Bartfort’s Sim was Isekai’s best competitor.

Stick in a Sim Dating Another entry into the anime world isekai that first began during the anime Spring 2022, telling the story of the mysterious hero Leon Bartfort and his journeys into the world of automotive games. Leon fell down the stairs one evening and saw that the third son of a rural chief had been born again.

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Although problems were fixed against him in a dog -eating matriarchal world, Leon would not give up. He will use all his heart to survive and get important partners for his cause, and show the other protagonists how to do it in just a short time. Leon may not be the strongest scorpion hero, but he was one of the first and most fun to watch. What is important to him?

10 Leon played an Off-Beat game

Isekai’s protagonists are able to end up in a whole new world for a variety of reasons, such as skeletal antihero Ainz Ooal Gown playing an ultra-realistic MMORPG rather than holding on to that game forever. Leon Bartfort also covered the game world, but he wasn’t playing a JRPG or MMO. He was going to play the ottoman.

Traditionally, girls love autobiography, as has newborn Katarina Claes. In a small way, it was nice to see the male leader playing these games, since he was mostly for his sister. Leon knows how to improve his skills.

9 Leon has a Tribute Story about his Protagonist role

Not all ice leaders are in the civil war, but there are some of them, and Leon Bartfort is one of them. On the other hand, he felt compelled to save the sun as a black horse hero and stand before the mob, and he would be guilty if he left that task. But that was against his deepest desires.

Leon wants to join the “mob” aftermath and enjoy a relaxed and stress -free life in the dark, like Azusa Aizawa the ice cream witch. But if Leon did that, he would not be able to save the people. It was very interesting to watch Leon with this internal conflict and try to find a solution.

8 Leon Practices Gambling

Some anime stories like Kakegurui or Apocalypse Kaiji Casino about gambling and high stakes, but the protagonists are very careful whether to try this or not. No one will see Rimuru Tempest at the Roulette table or the racetrack, but Leon will be there.

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One fun episode about Leon Bartfort is about NASCAR -style hoverbike racing, and he’s had the time of his life to kill everyone. The more he bet on himself and the more money he made, the more angry Marie was at the villain. He is not a threat.

7 Leon can prepare a tea party

Leon Bartfort will do well at Eden Academy at Kiu x Ohana, where the students were supposed to be beautiful in the eyes of Henry Henderson’s head. Few protagonists can throw a classy party key, but Leon definitely can, and he looks good. She is very beautiful, compared to Kirito and Tanya Degurechaff.

Leon took the whole class to celebrate the tea party, and he took on that subject when most of the other warriors just rolled their eyes. He showed confidence and sweetness in Leon, and he did his best even though his guests were kind and unappreciative. He has more power.

6 Leon stood for the lesser known people at school

Isekai’s protagonists may stand up for the innocent and defend the weak, more like the Rimuru Tempest or the Subaru Natsuki type, but not many of them get into the business. snobbish himedere. They would drive well and try to avoid trouble, but Leon went inside.

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It wasn’t Leon’s fault when Angelica Redgrave was wrongly rejected by her fiancé, but Leon got into the same things, and it was good. Leon made a good friend to Angelica, and in return, Angelica became a pleasant and humble person. Not all pride is lost, as Leon points out.

5 Leon Pilots is a fun Giant Robot

Isekai’s warriors could use a variety of tools or weapons to advance, from Naofumi Iwatani’s commercial shields to Senku’s tools, while Leon took over. it to a new level. Luckily for him, there are a lot of sci-fi anime characters in this otome game, including giant robots called Armors.

Leon was happy Stick in a Sim Dating fans when he launches an independent Armor from the past, and uses it to smash new features on the battlefield. And his weapon was only a stick to accomplish the task.

4 Leon Owns His Own Ship, Friend

There are few protagonists and few villains on their own ship, but Leon Bartfot is a ship, and yet he doesn’t pay for it. He took full advantage of the sci-fi style of the modern world and compiled his own Star Wars-style ship, a car called the set off.

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of the set off The robots flew in large numbers, including Leon’s captain Luxion, which meant he was ready to fly if Leon had few friends to call. This ship can hold itself to a flotilla of heavenly and beautiful pirates inside.

3 Leon refuses to kill

Isekai warriors often had to defend their lives from monsters or evil spirits, and they might have to take lives to prove their own survival. One thing is to melt the big drunkards and wipe out the demons – there is nothing against those who have been killed in battle. But Leon’s enemies were people, from those air raids to the innocent Stephanie Offrey.

With that huge robot and set off on his side, Leon can kill whoever passes over him, but he will be afraid of it, and he will show dignity and restraint. It’s twice as much when anime fans compare Leon’s poor treatment to the number of his enemies. That doesn’t change his style.

2 Leon entertained the Queen

Anime fans can’t be happy when the protagonist boldly goes through something amazing, even if they don’t care. A good example is the protagonist who is fearless and has high love, which Leon does when he tries to seduce the princess.

Queen Mylene was happily married, but Leon welcomed her, and she was truly beautiful. It was a misfortune, but Leon was an interesting genius about it, and surprisingly, the queen was delighted and a little excited, contemplating her work. She would not leave the king to run with Leon, but she had a good idea of ​​him.

1 Leon is very Tall in all respects

All in all, Leon is kind and easy -going as a scuba hero, even though most of the other heroes are hooked on one or two skills like Subaru’s diplomacy or Tanya’s mindset. the army. Leon can do anything, which reduces speculation and cliché as a scuba leader.

Leon can withstand intimidation, give mental support to his friends, steer a giant robot, captain set offgo on D&D Find style, prepare a nice key party, and even use the sword in battle. He gained experience in home farming on Bartfort County.

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