10 Tokyo Ghoul tracks mentioned

The manga series hit seinen by author Sui Ishida Tokyo Ghoul That’s the story of half-human, half-ghoul competitor Ken Kaneki. He was a high school student of the book, but now he was thrown into the evil and twisted world of food ghouls that roamed the streets of Tokyo, hence the title of the series. It has a sequel series, Tokyo Ghoul: re.

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Tokyo Ghoul He has a good chance of becoming one of the better seinen teams, what with his interesting culture, the fight between CCG researchers and ghouls, the friendly fighting system, and with a normal black voice. That said, a well -made lizard like Tokyo Ghoul Can’t help but use various anime clichés, tropes, and conferences, all in its own right.

10 The Manga is even better

Pop culture fans shouldn’t be elitist snobs when they say things like “the book is better” or “the movie is over.” This may be the theme in most cases, however, it’s hard to deny that some anime can’t capture much of the original manga or simple stories, including Tokyo Ghoul.

It’s kind of a professional cliché for the original manga that is better than the anime version, and so on. Tokyo Ghoulhis own anime, it is impossible to measure the original work of Mr. Ishida. On the plus side, the anime has a popular song that opens and ends with its name.

9 Ken Kaneki quickly gained power at night

Many shonen and some seinen anime stories feature a hero who starts the story with no special powers or weapons, only to find them in the early stages of the story. story as an anime like all sorts of things. Ichigo Kurosaki soon gained the power of a Soul Reaper bleachThe first season, for example, Yuji Itadori ate one of Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers to become a magician.

Tokyo GhoulThe same with Ken Kaneki. He is almost killed when Rize Kamishiro the well -dressed ghoul is attacked, only Ken transforms Rize’s bodies into him, giving him a kagune and the mana ghoulish. Now he is one of them, like it or not, and this situation is very familiar to old anime viewers.

8 Ken has a later version

Strong anime fighters cannot use one skill or one outfit to fight. Too often, warriors and villains will dominate with a new weapon or a new style, like “this isn’t my last style!” Frieza is a famous example. Tokyo Ghoul do this with his combat system on the kagune.

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Ken soon began to use Rize’s kagune, which was designed to look like a four, but it wasn’t the only one. Ken eats the evil Jason to get his coach, who turns him into a more terrifying ghoul and centipede -minded. He probably gave up that Frieza line in the war against Kotaro Amon.

7 The Hero walks with his power

It is a common strategy, if not cliché, to show shonen and seinen warriors who have black power within to give them strength at the cost of losing or hurting their comrades. Features range from the Hollow in Ichigo to Naofumi Iwatani’s Rage Shield and Naruto’s biju cloak style, among others.

Ken Kaneki got into the woods when he woke up his staff, and he just walked away like a berserk ghoul who tore everything around him. He ate with his best friend Hideyoshi, who usually didn’t hurt Ken. Ken was a little afraid of his own power, but he had no choice but to use it again.

Most shonen anime and some seinen anime have a dedicated anime system that requires regular presentation so that the viewer can follow what is going on and make appropriate assessments of that fighting strength. with this fight. For example, Jiraiya and Kakashi often explain how chakra and jutsu work, and Satoru Gojo explains the in and out of spells / magic.

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And likewise Tokyo Ghoul, with a combat system based on the four main kagune types used by ghouls, not to mention rare ghouls like Ken’s. Then there’s the quinques, or CCG weapons made from the kagune of slaughtered ghouls. A little explanation too.

5 There are Monster Hunters

There are a lot of anime stories that fit the “monster hunter” paradigm, with experts dressed up with good weapons attacking the world for some kind of monster and killing them. There are samples from Soul Reapers at bleach to the first-runners D.Kane-Heleele and of course, the demon -killing group had it in place Demon killer.

Tokyo GhoulTheir own hunters are CCG hunters, who usually wear robes and trousers while patrolling the streets for ghouls to kill. These animal hunters always take the quinque with them and use advanced research skills to find the ghouls that are trying to integrate into the human community. It’s a cliché, but it works.

4 An Ancient Wisdom

There are many anime stories that feature a wise old man who can teach the protagonist about the combat system, secret worlds, etc., and these wise old men are sometimes mentors. or grandparents to the hero. Tokyo GhoulMr. Yoshimura is the smart old man.

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Luckily for Ken, Mr. Ghoul is a kind and gracious ghoul. Mr. Yoshimura asks Ken as an employee to give him the house on his head, even though Touka opposes first.

3 There’s a Bad Association, Aogiri Tree

Various anime characters depict an evil group with members who have a unique costume or other familiar theme, and they are very strong warriors. Samples range from the Phantom Troupe to the Akatsuki terror group to the ten Espadas and the twelve Demon Moons/Kizuki.

The global criminal group is called the Aogiri Tree Tokyo GhoulThe power of this cliché is familiar but interesting. It’s a great idea right now, but the anime fans can’t help but love it, and Aogiri Tree gives. Its limbs can irritate the anime bone.

2 There is a wicked but heartless place, Tatara

Not only that Tokyo Ghoul depicting an elite villain group, but having the “brutal but cold” villain archetype. These evil ones were different but fearful, with their cold nature, no heart to compare with their great fighting strength and blood types. Other examples bleachUlquiorra Schiffer, Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherPride a NarutoItachi Uchiha.

Tokyo Ghoul, now owned by Tatara ghoul China, a high -ranking member of the Aogiri Tree. He was cold, unassuming and calm at all times, which was very different from his bad habits in battle. He reached into Ken’s chest without hesitation and acted as if he didn’t care. Ulquiorra did the same.

1 There is a Battle Maniac, Juzo Suzuya

There are a lot of shonen anime stories that show a character who is just afraid of fighting and bloodshed, and a seinen group that shows this interesting cliché. So did Captain Kenpachi Zaraki bleacheven though My Hero AcademiaMuscular was arrested in combat and murder.

Tokyo GhoulJuzo Suzuya is a self -conscious, eccentric CCG researcher who specializes in fear by learning and staying calm. But he loves to fight ghouls and always wants to prove what he can do. He often made requests to be given more quinques to play.

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