10 Easy Tips And Tricks to Get Good Health


7. Improve your health with vitamin C

It gives radiance to your complexion and protects the epidermis against pollution and inflammation, making it more luminous. It is also effective for improving elasticity, eliminating dehydration wrinkles, or for filling in nasolabial folds, reducing dark circles… For optimal effectiveness from the first to the last use, use it ready to use, or under form of powder to be mixed with the matching treatment.

Vitamin C is a super antioxidant that helps fight skin aging. This incredible collagen booster is able to plump the skin, firm it and smooth out wrinkles. Another advantage of this active ingredient, it helps to fight against the appearance of brown spots and to fade those already present. You can therefore use it as an anti-aging treatment, or in addition to your favorite product. Only advice: avoid accumulating vitamin C formulas in your routine.

8. Some health tips for self-cleaning

To become aware of the phases through which the moon passes is to fully experience the transformations that take place in our organism and to take full advantage of these energetic movements. The spring moon phase is the rising moon which brings a lot of vitality. This is also the east direction. This is an opportunity to do a cleaning in your house, in your head and in your body, and to practice the ritual of manifesting desires.

On your altar, place an auric spray, a candle, a flower, a feather, a clear quartz and one or more gems depending on the nature of the request (citrine for abundance, rose quartz for love, malachite for healing). Light the candle and purify the sacred space with the auric spray. Breathe deeply. State your intentions in the present and in the first person, using positive affirmations. I am what I want, what I aspire to be, and I am in the present moment. You can decide to give more energy to a request if it turns out to be a priority. Finally, thank the Universe.


9. For a beautiful vitality

It is essential to massage yourself every day to maintain a dynamic energy flow, a beautiful skin quality, toned muscles that support it. Self-massage of the armpits is also recommended. They are massaged from top to bottom, going towards the heart, dry or with vegetable oil, but also dressed, ideally in the morning or at any time of the day when you feel that you need to boost your energy.

We also think of dry brushing the body, always from bottom to top, self-massage of the face using a guasha to combine acupressure and lithotherapy. We will stimulate the muscles and fascias and produce instant radiation.