10 Things you didn’t know about Kakegurui

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler started out as a Japanese manga. However, it has proven to be popular, so it has a prequel, an anime sequel, and a life sequel. It will be interesting to note that the Kakegurui anime is changing for the second time starting in January of 2019. Here are 10 things you may not have seen about Kakegurui:

1. Types of Gambling

The Manga can cover many topics. In the case of Kakegurui, it is not surprising that he was seen as a gambler. However, it is better that more than one manga is placed on the subject, it may be of interest to those who enjoy this series.

2. Appointed to the school for Elite

Kakegurui is one of those stories set at the school for the elite. In short, Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school for the children of the rich and powerful in Japan. As a result, most of them were considered to be members of the wealthy and powerful in Japan.

3. There is a hierarchy in the school

Social hierarchies are common in all times and places where people gather. However, the social hierarchy of Hyakkaou Private Academy is better than most, as it is decided by the individual students ’contributions to the school’s student body.

4. There is a Gambling System

It’s common to hear stories about all sorts of abuses going on in schools, but Hyakkaou Private Academy takes things seriously. In short, there is a system where students play big bucks while playing with each other, a big impact on their ability to help the student body.

5. Debt service is a matter

Debt slavery is a serious problem that goes unnoticed, so it can be surprising to see an anime explode everywhere. However, students who are unable to contribute to the student body because of their gambling debt have the dubious status of “domestic animals,” which is another way of saying that they have become slaves. Debt to those who hold their debt.

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6. Out -of -school debt is increasing

To raise ties, debt service is more expensive than Hyakkaou Private Academy. Simply put, people who are in debt when they graduate from school start with what the story calls a Life Schedule, which decides what they will do with it. their lives and their potential for marriage.

7. Gambling is the Protagonist for Happiness

Given the lizard’s full name, it might not be surprising to see that protagonist Yumeko Jabami is concerned about happiness rather than status or wealth that some of her classmates want. That is, he is the claimant to be the gambler in the full title, even though he is more than the majority.

8. A Motif Nahesa is the Protagonist

Speaking of which, it is no coincidence that the pratagonist has a snake root. One of his disciples was called a serpent that was melted down in their paradise. Also, “Ja” in Jabami can be read as “snake.” Finally, he was pulled by the side students who were seen on some snakes when he enjoyed the game.

9. The Protagonist is a Hime cut

The protagonist is a haircut, which can be grouped as frontal, long, straight side up to the cheeks, and long, straight hair at the back. It is a very different scene that developed among noble women during the Heian period, which explains why she was always in touch with him. Speaking of which, the fact that the protagonist is a songwriter is not a coincidence.

10. The Protagonist can be deceitful

With that said, chanting is even more deceptive. The protagonist may resemble the Japanese archetype called yamato nadeshiko, but in practice, he is cunning, can be controlled, and more importantly, he is not a human being who can be described as a character. to think.

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