10 things about becoming an anime favorite that no one has talked about

There are many life -changing aspects to becoming an anime fan; remember life before doing Pokona Soft and fall. Life would be very different if fans weren’t fed up with Studio Ghibli movies or the manga that took them to other worlds while staying at a nearby bookstore.

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There are many aspects of anime that go beyond the anime and movies that enhance lives in many ways, with nostalgia providing comfort and lessons that last a lifetime. What consumers read, watch, and fill their time with has a huge impact on the quality of their lives. Fortunately, the anime fans have chosen an endless variety of interests and lifestyles.

10 Real Thought Relationships

Anime wouldn’t be as popular as it is today without drawing some hearts and creating emotional connections through relevant and admired characters. Series like Kahuna x Hunter Continue to maintain a strong playground after an eight -year hiatus because the lyrics aren’t hard and the storyline leaves viewers.

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There are entire YouTube streams discussing the various anime universes, family reunions, and other effects created by loyal fans. Fans expect these features to be similar to what they will experience in real life.

9 Anime sets unrealistic expectations

Like the anime Fruit Basket include certain family relationships, friends, and relationships that can be linked to create negative emotions. Each species grows out of their difficult times and develops good powers of their own. In the same way, they have a better relationship with other bad people than before.

While appreciated, viewers can find it difficult to relate to real life with real people. Romantic expectations are high, with similar characteristics Tomoe from Kami Sama Kiss, a real magician, or loved ones derived from wealthy conglomerate families.

8 The costs of becoming an anime player

The fun is expensive. There are shops and stores dedicated to anime, manga, and related retailers. Stores like Box Lunch and Kinokinuya are booming as anime rises in the mainstream media. With a wide variety of retailers to suit the needs of the viewers from clothing to photo albums, the possibilities are endless.

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There are some anime events around the world such as Fantasy Basel held in Switzerland or California’s Fanime Con where tickets start at around $ 100 in advance of the tour and houses. Fortunately, these expenses come with the joy of meeting new people with similar interests. Whether at a Comicon event or a bookstore looking for manga, viewers can be sure they’re not alone on their anime journey.

7 Anime is a long story short

While most anime lovers will remain stable after many-long years, it won’t last long. Each rewatch of an anime creates new relationships. Sometimes, when the congregation fills in the gaps not seen before, it becomes even more bitter.

While watching an anime for the tenth time can be comforting, nothing beats the idea of ​​watching amazing combat scenes for the first time, such as the showdowns in Chimera Ant Arc of Kahuna x Hunter. One of the hardest parts of becoming an anime fan is probably scoring for new releases.

6 Anime people create good communities

Anime, as well as other imaginative and creative forms, is often accused of being nerdy by those who are not happy to see its great character. Fortunately, there were as many supporters as there were critics. Finding friends through similar interests is one of the many gifts of an adult, and the anime community is not short of passionate friends.

Visiting a nearby bookstore or Anime Pop store is a great way to find a partner. Komi could not speak fan to discuss the latest with. Social networks and organizations, both in person and virtual, are another way to make new friends. There are some anime related programs so it’s even harder to find a partner with similar interests.

5 Unlimited Anime Search

Everything in the anime looks good, including the food. Look Food Warfare without the stomach it completely suppresses the appetite. Most of the audience can easily remember the nature of pigs and eggs Castle of Howl’s Moving Castle and almost honey. Also, the noodles are not the same as in the anime.

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Fortunately, depending on the city where the anime player lives, Japanese food is available in a car or order online. Anime food is great at boosting imagination in the kitchen, inspiring viewers to re-create dishes like omu-rice that are often seen in anime-like shojo. Maid Sama | or bento boxes that have an unlimited amount of recycling.

4 Anime Gifts Parts of Japanese culture

The rise of anime in the United States has introduced viewers to cultural differences they may not have known. Japanese culture portrayed through cartoons such as anime gives viewers a broader way of looking at life. This is available in small items like hot tea with dinner, leaving your shoes at the door, or sitting on cushions Japanese floor rather than American bed.

Some veterans in the anime often provide in -depth insights gained from Eastern teachings and remind viewers to think and be slow.

3 Anime is a great escape from the outside world

Each favorite anime has their favorite comfort anime that helps them through difficult times. Seeing a breakup, moving to college, or losing a loved one can make it difficult to put into words.

Friends and acquaintances like Naruto and Sasuke from Naruto or family ties like the Sohma members Fruit Basket can provide comfort and solace during difficult times of life. This allows viewers to escape reality – if only for a short time – and feel like they are in a world of all sorts.

2 Becoming an anime player is a waste of time

Becoming an anime fan takes time and a lot of attention. One piece, for example, prints over 1,000 pieces and 400 hours. The number of fans has grown with the anime being aired for years, as well Pokona beginning in 1997 or Doraemon in 1979.

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For serious viewers, it’s better to keep track of their favorite anime than to watch an event from time to time. It pops up after the release dates and checking out the latest fan fiction story and Reddit posts. This is a time of end but it is also suitable for loved ones.

1 Life lessons that last forever

Most of all about becoming an anime fan is the life lessons that go along with it. The creators of the worlds of Pokonademons, multiple universes, and superhuman powers share this common theme.

Like the anime Homicide Class gives viewers new lessons with each piece, as well as the value of independence and the gifts of trust in each other. All kinds of anime Kotaro lived alone demonstrates the importance of friends and support systems in a very lonely world, reminding loved ones of respect and hope.

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