10 Surely it is a grievous evil in Iscah

The villains of Isaiah often use great power as the greatest threat to their earthly security. While the villains are a threat to the protagonists and the magicians, there are unexpected problems in the villain’s life. The strongest villains find themselves at a disadvantage against resources and increasing the power of the anime hero.

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The world of ice encourages criminals to change their plans even when they are not well prepared. The survival of the criminal requires careful planning and resistance to the tragic consequences of the search for the world’s warriors. Winning will not be easy if this anime wants the protagonists who are fighting to restore peace to the land.

10 The Protagonist is about to win

The villains of Isekai stand in the fact that a protagonist with different stats or powers cannot stand. Because of the threat of the villains, the protagonists have to collect legendary supplies or receive victorious blessings from the gods. Many ice worlds give soldiers special intelligence or quick powers to solve the problem of bad guys in time.

Isekai’s villains have no hope of improving their skills at the same speed as advanced protagonists like Rimuru Tempest. To oppose the heroes as evil means to face a really terrible enemy on the battlefield.

9 There is no power to make friends with the wicked of Iscai

Although the protagonist’s villains have chosen allies to help them with their planning, the villains don’t have close friends of the protagonist’s travel team. The villains vent the rage of fighting the protagonists against big odds and avoid death at the behest of their friends. The villains ordered entire armies to rely on themselves for strength and survival.

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Bad isekai criminals take to the streets with the soldiers to communicate with the gods or the rulers, just as Kirito used the navigational powers of Kayaba Akihiko inside. Sword Art Online. Friends provide a source of power that is not expected to intimidate the bad guys on a regular basis.

8 Iscai’s wickedness is even greater

While the sniper villains command armies of minions, the sniper villains are like an RPG KonoSuba face the threat of thousands of tempters. Evil monsters, large and small, clash with guilds and warriors or magicians who are looking for beauty and gold. Opponents of crime will rise when the death of the wicked promises freedom or a strong iron.

The wicked of Iscai did not find respite from capturing many to force them or recruiting soldiers for work. The bad guys need extra strength to maintain their control over their fantasy worlds.

7 They live away from other people

Isekai’s bad guys don’t have the pleasure of being around or spending a lot of time in the company of other people. While some criminals use hiding to go free, such as the works of Kayaba Akihiko as Heathcliff in Sword Art Online, They have no choice but to isolate themselves to avoid observation.

Everyday life in a mental world immediately thinks of requiring a villain to spend most of their time wandering in a secret dungeon. It is even more difficult for the villains of Isekai and his notoriety to explore their worlds of thought without being interrupted by a warrior. The black road is a form of small interaction and time in public.

6 Small villains are condemned to extinction

The disadvantages of Isekai are not the main culprits in the miserable situation of living as a way to get data points for soldiers. The villains first seen in the protagonist’s journey are always stuck in the low levels and can’t survive the high heroes to compete against them.

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To be a little too small is to allow an impossible death for the protagonist’s success. Small -scale bosses are tough but only delay when the protagonist can’t plan a winning strategy. The life of the little sinner is low with frequent pain and anger.

5 Isekai Villains live in guest rooms

In a world of thought, where most criminals take on evil forms, bad people often live in fun places such as caves or fire fields. The wicked of Isekai, deprived of the comfort of the castle, remained in visible places until the travelers fell upon them. The rulers of this world have the danger of being left in a permanent place until they are victorious.

While dark or desolate places can give bad weather a good war, years without the sun or nature can be stressful. Criminals who spend their days in prisons lose time to experience the beauty of the world.

4 The lands of Iscai are round about the slaughter of the wicked

Some worlds organize themselves around the destruction of the bad guys and give players or magicians the resources to accomplish this. The evil ones of Iscai are in the world who want to be killed by joining forces. The deadly ending is that places on the villains to make their attempt to defeat the protagonists seem insignificant in the end.

Living in worlds that want the protagonists to put the evils of ice under great pressure is not going to be successful. The villains have to make every hero or mechanics of the world throw them to protect themselves from facing a terrible fate.

3 Isekai’s evil villains can turn into real monsters

Leaders and villains are often portrayed as monsters or undead warriors who are far away from humans. While a monster is given magical powers or to change critical environments, the disappearance of a human has drawbacks. The evils of inhuman beings exist in a world that is far worse than any other hunger that lacks human love or fellowship.

Living as a villain without human nature is a way of developing new weaknesses that require new vigilance, just as the undead accept divine divination. The bad guys of Isekai are facing social challenges that will come with a change of attitude.

2 Immortal evils can be defeated

Some worlds are described as immortal beings who have special powers to prevent them from dying forever. While having immortality allows the villains to withstand the protagonist’s attacks with little effort, the protagonists always look for a way to win. Immortal villains are responsible for the day when the soldiers can’t find a cheat code or special tools to end the immortality of the villain.

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While disaster prevention does not guarantee the safety of the attacker, as was evident when Fairy King Oberon lost his protection from an ID code on. Sword Art Online. The bad guys are always determined to be able to win even though their ability to win is already there.

1 The bad guys lost the life of a magician

Isekai villains have great power but don’t enjoy much of what the imaginary worlds have to offer the magicians. A criminal cannot choose to join guilds, complete quests, gain fame other than vandalism, or invade prisons for loot. Controversy over the evils of ice cream by magicians will keep them from exploring the city’s entertainment or participating in a competition.

The villains must go secretly to participate in the activities of the thoughtful city without hesitation. Trying to take over the world means sacrificing a large part of what makes the journeys of a world worthwhile.

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