10 Nintendo Games That Need Their Own Anime

Nintendo is one of the most beloved video game companies; Their first intellectual property went to explain their nature and character. Their games and their images are household names, familiar to many generations. While their popularity is largely due to their approach to game design, the stories and styles that inhabit the games are also related to this.

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Many Nintendo games have features, settings, and designs that serve well with other media. Same franchises The Story of Zelda, Kirbya F-Zero already available in manga or anime adaptations. However, there are specific games in Nintendo’s history list that make for an interesting and exciting anime. If these Nintendo games were to be turned into anime, they would really show the creative thinking and writing of the game.

10 Splatoon is Dynamic, colorful and simple

The man is finished. That is the year of the mollusk. The Inklings and Octolings travel the Earth to their post-apocalyptic movie cities. Splatoon There is more to the fight between the races, with a greater focus on war, but a simple anime can be made from this one. Due to the PvP nature of the game, the basics of a quirky sports anime can be found.

A Splatoon The anime features a competitive edge even though it is very strong and powerful. The work gives itself the power of anime as a visual experience. The electronic music from the game enhances the speed and levity of the anime.

9 Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emissary He Epic

One of the most popular additions to Super Smash Bros. Brawl His latest tour type: Subspace Emissary. It’s a long and combined story that captures the most popular characters among Nintendo and against each other. Friends may not be recorded, big names like Ridley and Bowser are seen, and have fun trips.

An anime version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl it can really change the mind. It gives the audience the final story about the specific characters. For non -natives Son of Icarus, Pit may not be the most popular name. The anime can address this by giving the characters a room to describe who they are.

8 The Ultimate Slice-Of-Life Anime is available at WarioWare

WarioWare A small collection of small games were recorded in the belief that Wario would deceive his friends into making low -cost games to sell. He has a great voice with tons of wacky words. As an anime, it’s possible to create an amazing piece-of-life series with a strong gag feeling. Each section can look at a game or two, revealing the many silly ways these games are wrong.

The cast is the biggest market of all WarioWare anime. From the young witch Ashley to the adorable 5-Volt mother to the deceptive madness Wario, the anime boasts a variety of characters that always add something new to each event.

7 Metroid Prime will be the Moody Action movies

Metroid Prime Remembered for its space and 3D movement. The world of Metroid it’s pre -recorded in its 2D scenes, so the first 3D shooter is shooting at doubts. Fortunately, Prime the gap can be filled. His emphasis on a first -person shooter really reflects the sense of isolation around the game.

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In case Metroid Prime to be transformed into an anime movie, the story must reflect the fury and loneliness of the game. Freedoms must be taken to allow Samus a way to express his thoughts, but it is impossible to remove the constant misery around him. To be honest, this anime can be a classic for both action -packed and terrifying characters.

6 Inside the fire emblem is a type of Fantasy: Path of Radiance

The scope is Fire symbol: the path of red he titanic. It touches on the politics of some warring nations, speaks of the need to resist racism, and in many different ways. It was a trip to the land of Tellius. The story is packed with action and conversation.

An anime version of Fire symbol: the path of red take a few seasons to get it right. Still, each piece is fun to watch. Intelligent and nuanced communication increases the interest of the important ones. Ike is a good leader for anime. The work offers a great idea to help him make an anime sequel: Fire sign: Radiant Dawn.

5 The story of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a return to the Anime Adventure Classic

Between all the games i of the Legend of Zelda franchise, The Wind Waker Which is pleasant and revealing. Its type of image is given to a photograph. The link of this game is the simplest. He is not an electorate. He was just a child trying to save his sister. Along the way, she joined many other things to help her understand who she was.

You can make an anime about it The Wind Waker honoring his heart. Anime like Osamu Dezaki Island of Property or various performances from the World Masterpiece Theater that set the tone for the anime’s transformation of the Wind Waker – real hearts, wandering journeys, and a romantic image.

4 The daily pleasures of hiking: Lau Hou

Nintendo hasn’t made a fun or exciting experience before they did Animals. It’s a fun world full of beautiful houses, new adventurers like Isabelle, and a survival simulator. Players create an independent city from ancient times that is home to beloved NPCs. Some people love everyday activities like fishing and picking up cats. Some people are proud of the beauty of what they do in their cities.

Animals It’s the perfect setting for a bucolic slice-of-life anime. Rest all around. It can match the style and speed of different anime Hoomoana Hoomoe. Promotes a simple joy of living, Animals: New Leaves an entertaining anime.

3 A linear path to the story of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the most popular games of the past few years. The story of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a global release experience that demands the franchise to move forward in new and exciting ways. Firmly put the game in the hands of the players. Its map was completely open when the Great Plateau ended. His physics engine provides some of the best and most enjoyable relationships in the franchise. This game has the deepest combat system The Story of Zelda.

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However, freedom is found in Breath of the Wild come at a price. The story is twofold in knowledge. The game is full of pictures and stories worth a look. Anime is a great way to show them off. He can edit the story to put a strong emphasis on story plots and motives.

2 Pokémon introduces the anime Isekai Trend with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

of the Pokona The franchise has had a very successful anime series. However, they always want to make offshoot series or movies that are not related to the original anime. This is a great time to introduce a gem to their list.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is in a world full of language Pokona. The main thing was taken there and woke up like a Pokona. The anime Isekai is very popular these days, so this entry is worth it.

1 Fire Emblem: Three Houses Passed the Union School

The re -entry Emblem ahi, Three Houses It is a combination of popular school life simulators and search engine optimization. He took the Persona approaching while caring for his subject. Controversial governments are central to the story. In fact, it is the anchor of the game’s misfortune. All leaders and dignitaries go to the same school and interact with each other. The conflict in the middle of the game exposes the cracks in the system and separates the students.

Unfortunately, the story of Three Houses too much for the game to serve. The darker streets can be well -prepared. An anime with multiple seasons can fix that and allow for a lush story Three Houses to head.

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