10 New games developed by the Nintendo Classic

Nintendo is probably one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry. The team that has given longtime players like Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link, has had a very strong influence on the media for many years and continues to create new and exciting titles. at normal times. So it’s no surprise that they turned to other developers in their work.

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Other developers like Sega, Ubisoft, and Yacht Club have actually learned from Nintendo, but it’s amazing to see how many titles have their own different tastes. From platformers to dungeon-crawlers, these veterans have proudly placed their Nintendo power in their hands.


Cup head

Grim Matchstick will fight Cuphead in the clouds

Cup head a game that can be considered a contemporary culture for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s a cartoony aesthetic or a run-of-the-mill action, the game fulfills a number of requirements to fit in with better than any of Nintendo’s arcade numbers.

While its features and designs come from classic graphics, its gameplay is more than just some from “Nintendo-hard” titles like Contra a Gradius. Many players have compared some of his platforming levels Super Mario 3. Mario may not do diabolo actions, but he can run with Cuphead and Mugman.

Kaze And The Wild Wind

A banner for the video game Kaze And The Wild Masks depicts a rabbit bowing.

Kaze may know that he is associated with Sonic and his crew, but the gameplay and design of his game feels right at home on the SNES. It’s not part of the system of traditional platformers, but this colorful title feels like taking its lead from Donkey Kong more than anything else.

Regular players can choose Kaze and the Wild Masks and draw immediate parallels between the journey and mechanics of the long -eared rabbit and those of Donkey and Diddy Kong in Land of Donkey Kong. What’s missing is the musical bongo and pistols, it’s more than just the platforming of the mind.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter it’s been compared to many games, but with its 16-bit design, top-down interface, and action-adventure gameplay, it could easily go for an action-adventure title on the SNES. It may not have contained pieces of the same story Hidden Power or A link to the past, but it really takes on their design features.

The story of the game needs to be explained to the player, but it is the combination of Zelda-such as prisons and high warfare below he would gain his knowledge. With a few minor tweaks, this post-apocalyptic journey could go for an SNES purpose.


KeaCode it can be thought of as much larger, more complex Link to the past. There is no shortage of Zelda-titles developed in the eShop, but this game and its anime-inspired designs and themes help it stand out from the crowd in many ways. While the plot and gameplay are familiar to older players, the story goes much deeper than the journey through Hyrule.

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With nods in common Sword Art Online, Sci-fi fans will enjoy this 16-bit odyssey at home. Its compelling story and beautiful sprite design are designed to make it even more noticeable.

Axiom Verge

A photo from Axiom Verge, showing the player using a shotgun.

The Switch is fully integrated with Metroidvanias, but few capture the elements of the game that started out in a better way than before. Axiom Verge. While he would take his weapon system from someone along the lines of Super Metroid, Its design, environments, and features compliment the founder.

There’s no denying that Samus is a good fit in this 8-bit segment. With some new enhancements, the animal hunter can find innocence with Trace and complete the collection of the game’s masters. A crossover between the two titles would make for a very good spinoff.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Earth


A game about a movie based on a comic book inspired by video games is like a hodgepodge of evil, but few retro-inspired games are well aware of their previous efforts. o Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. With its 16-bit features, classic beat-em-up gameplay, and appreciation for the theme, it’s one of the most vocal greetings in classic gaming.

Older gamers can compare them to games like Nintendo Property City river and Sega Roads of wrath, but whoever knows the beat-em-up style will pick up the various memos and nod to the usual arcade titles of the ’80s and’ 90s.

Koko: Curse of the Moon

There are many games that appreciate games of the past, but there are some games that players wonder if someone hasn’t copied a title correctly. A spinoff o Ritual of the Night, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon It is not merely a compliment to the original Castlevania games on the NES; it blatantly takes the background and gameplay away Castlevania III.

From the feast of words to the branches, it is enough to delight the player if one is not painted with a cloth from Konami. All that being said, the game is clear and concise why it is remembered for its efforts.

Cyber ​​Shadow

Shadow launches a wheel in Cyber ​​Shadow

Today, the Oh Ninja Gaiden The series is more closely related to hard hack-and-slash combat than traditional platforming. Fortunately, Cyber ​​Shadow it can fix that change and take players back to the days of 8-bit platforming and acrobatic ninjas in this cyberpunk-inspired adventure.

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The Yacht Club is a developer that has been instrumental in improving the traditional sports of the past, and Cyber ​​Shadow No different. He feels like it’s completely new Ninja Gaiden, and everything from his mechanics to his subjects go a long way to establishing that reality every time.

The Elele

The Messenger is seen with his friend Quarble

The Elele do it Cyber ​​Shadow does his design and delivery but goes a little further in his homage to traditional Nintendo games. Instead of the aforementioned game being a platforming game, The Elele appreciate the two games and two seasons of the game.

The most important feature of the game is that switching between 8-bit and 16-bit shows the passage of time. Fans of retro titles will soon appreciate this combination of classic platform games with Metroidvania stylings. In fact, it was a title to test their ninja skills.

Knight Shovel

Download Shovel Knight game showing a knight surrounded by green trees

If there’s one game that could be the ultimate Nintendo honor, it’s Knight Shovel. Yacht Club’s indie movie title takes on a whole host of classic gamers from various games on the NES. Older players can download the game and stick to the same titles Super Mario 3, Mega-Man, and Capcom Ducktales play.

The game can be considered the best greeting to the vintage game. There are so many features, characters, characters, and levels that can be seen in ’80s video games that are almost invisible. Simply put, the game sees who owns the debt and pays more than the actual honor.

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