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Aside from the fact that players have to search a small map in order to find things to help them progress, there are other similarities among the majority. Metroid a Castlevania The titles are of course both awful. Because of this, it’s not surprising that so many games in the Metroidvania genre have similar horror scenes.

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Most Metroidvanias, however Knight Form or Blood: Ritual of the Night, there are some simple threats without fulfilling it. But there are some games that are actually designed to be a headache and a Metroidvania experience.



A photo from the beginning of the REDDER game

It was first released in 2010 as a Flash game on Newgrounds and re -released in 2016 on Itch.io, RED A science-fiction novel about an astronaut named Hannah who has to land on Mars to run out of fuel. To continue his journey, he searches for the civilization left behind on earth in order to find the shiny stones he used for firewood, but he must be careful because there are defense systems. of civilization on the web.

In addition to the bad news made by Amon26, who developed some Flash games such as Gyossait, The game is seen as something else Metroid-as the name. But when the player collects the gemstones, the game slows down, the song changes to something more sinister, and the player begins to feel an unexpected outcome.

Sanctuary Online

An image from the game Sanctuarium Online

Built in 15 days for the 2022 Dying MMO Jam, Sanctuary Online is a 3D platformer and one of the most awesome titles available on Itch.io. According to the imaginative story about the game, Sanctuary Online a mysterious MMO created in 2005 for the Nintendo DS. Although abandoned and forgotten for years, one server survived after developers tried to shut it down.

Because of this, the player must enter this last server, search the world, find the 10 “gods”, and destroy the one who rules the world. To accomplish this effectively, the player must quickly switch between the first and third person types, each allowing the player to see common elements that they cannot see alone. only.


A photo gallery from the REDO game!

Released in 2019, TRY AGAIN! It’s a scientific laboratory built in a post-apocalyptic world where biomachines have destroyed everything. After receiving a letter from an unnamed teacher saying to meet them at the Solar church, the main character, a young girl and one of the last survivors, decided to travel to then in order to find another man.

Inspired by the actions of Tsutomu Nihei and HP Lovecraft, the game gets to explore a large and decaying city filled with dangerous monsters, dark spaces, and cloudy skies. To succeed, the player must collect various weapons and equipment found on the journey.

Moe Ueleele RHN

A photo from the RHN game Dark Dreams

Produced by indie developer Arkhouse in 2019, Moe Ueleele RHN a Metroidvania life adventure based on the developer’s own dreams. Throughout the game’s universe, the player uses an RHN, a machine that records and interprets dreams. After rescuing the machine, the player enters a “dark dream” or “bad nightmare” where he protects a knight who decides to rescue a girl who has imprisoned himself for who thought it was fair to do so.

It’s like a terrifying horror game Yume Nikki, The game accurately simulates the surreal reality of dreams by combining absurd humor, inexplicable fantasies, and terrifying visuals. Using swords and spears, including guns and rocks, the player must navigate vicious platforming areas and defeat dangerous bosses.

Salt and Sanctuary

Photo from Salt and Sanctuary

With the last game, Salt and Sacrifice, released on May 10, it’s the perfect time to play 2016 2D Spirit-such as RPG action Salt and Sanctuary. After the player creates his independent protagonist using a very deep precision tool, the journey begins with the player having a stowaway on a ship carrying the princess. When the ship is loaded, the player is stopped by the intruders and wakes up on a misty beach.

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The player explores the vast world in the game and completes quests, they have conquered other and terrifying fallen into salt that the player can use to improve themselves. . While expanding their path through the dirt leads to unspeakable error in depth, the only drawback of the game is the fact that there is no map.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

The battle of immortality is Ender Lilies

One of the best RPGs released in 2021 is the action platformer Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights. In the realm of Land’s End, the endless rain of destruction has turned all living things into undead monsters called Blighted. Most importantly, Lily is the last living white priest, the one who can cleanse the evil.

After waking up in a church with no recollection of her past, Lily had to use her powers to travel around the country to find out why it was raining. Unlike the other Metroidvanias, Lily has no power to fight. Instead, he calls upon the spirits of the living beings whom he has purified to fight for him.


A photo from the Sundered game

Developed by Thunder Lotus Games, which created the 2020 driving sim Spiritfarer, Confined It’s the Lovecraftian hand-drawn roguelike Metroidvania that was released in 2017. During a major disaster, the main protagonist, a wanderer named Eshe, encounters some mysteries and is drawn to down by an unknown force. In this maze -like dungeon, he encounters the Shining Trapezohedron who gives him special powers that allow him to defend himself and escape.

To separate itself from the rest of the character, the bottom sides change each time the player dies, and enemies can attack at different times. Because the player uses Elder Shards, they will receive one of three effects.


An image from the GRIME game

Released at the end of 2021, Wild he a Spirit-like Metroidvania can stand out from different titles because of its surreal and detailed world. Made in a universe full of sentient stones, the protagonist, a kind of human stone with a black hole for the head, is created after the two have embraced each other.

To get these, the player must win and eat other stones. Because this planet has a landing system where moving rocks sit at the bottom and carved rocks sit at the top, the protagonist threatens the current planet, so most living things will try to prevent the protagonist from climbing between levels.


A photo from the game Blasphemous

Released in 2019, Hoinoino he a Spirit-such as Metroidvania whose strong religious graphics and themes. The game takes place in the fictional land of Cvstodia, ravaged by a force called “The Miracle.” After the destruction of the cult called the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrow, the single life, also known as The Penitent One, embarked on a journey to win his Holiness Escribar and climb the mountain of ashes.

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At the top of the mountain, the Repentant finds the sacred worshiper called the Cradle of Affliction, which is the main object he seeks. Depending on how much the player is full and if they have DLC, they will get some of the same effects.


A photo from the Carrion game

Described as a “reverse horror” game, Carrion a 2020 action-adventure puzzle game where the player controls a tentacled blob-like monster that has escaped from its confinement in a research facility. The player is looking for the big house, they need to conquer and destroy the people in the house in order to survive and grow.

During the search, the monster will also discover parts of its genetic code that will allow it to grow and gain additional powers. Throughout the experience, players experience flashbacks to explain why what happened and the horrific revelation in the aftermath.

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