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Thanks to systems like the Nintendo Switch and the rise of the indie genre, Metroidvanias has had a huge collection in recent years. Search engine optimization has allowed game developers to send players new and in -depth content to other developers, governments, and regions in this ever -increasing format. But this kind of game doesn’t end without someone being careful.

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The hosts of Metroidvainias are eclectic and colorful, each having their own unique characteristics, skills, and tools of their trade. There was a swordsman here, a scientist there, and a good hand of the hunters, they all became forgotten faces of the character and the whole game.


Simon Belmont (Castlevania)

Since the dawn of the home-console age, Simon Belmont has redefined the concept of a developer-platformer. While flying over Koopas and Goombas is a lot of fun for NES owners, there’s something fun about taking on Dracula’s armies with an army of weapons and a wheel. good chain.

Simon went so far as to allow others to run the process, he left the character of the entire subgenre of games. Although others were familiar with his method of searching, his first appearance laid the groundwork.

Race (Axiom Verge)

A monster fires a laser at Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge takes power away from choosing the classic ’80s games, but the best way to describe the title is an honorable mention team Contra and the teacher Metroid. From the nature of the game, it hurts to know where to pull his powers, but his great science gives it a different flavor to the casual seeker.

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Unlike Simon Belmont or Samus Aran, Trace portrays all sorts of people who find themselves in a Metroidvania world. He was better than having all the weapons and powers needed to survive in an alien world. In a sense, it was the perfect phone in the days of the NES.

Rusty and Dorothy (SteamWorld Dig)

Fight on Steam World Dig 2

Although thought to be a Metroidvania name, Eli Mokuahi More similar to what will happen if Metroid a Eli-Eli they are combined in one game. As the title suggests, the player must dig and dig their way through a lost mine in a steampunk-western world inhabited by robots and terrifying mutants.

Rusty is at the front of this tour, and Dorothy at the end. These two robots are more adept at digging underground as they search for iron and a hidden object lying underground. Steambots offer a beautiful look among other things in the style, pulling the style into a brighter and more colorful place.

Juan Aguacate (Guacamelee!)


Guacamelee! can be thought of as entertaining but loving the Metroidvania style. With its luchadors, skeletons, and large pieces inspired by Mexican culture, there are more and more nods in games such as Castlevania a Metroid it is thrown away. There is a real Chozo image twisted in some corners of the game.

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A magical luchador that takes an army of the undead to a place that most players will remember. Were it not for his magical strength, magical mask, and non-lethal driving, players will easily remember that wrestling is one of the most beautiful features of the genre.


It’s abusive

In this great pain Spirit-as a hybrid game, intrepid players will wear the steel armor of the Penitent One. With their deadly swords and a set of spells, they must hack, cut, and carve their way between an army of demons and enemies trapped in a disease in a dangerous world. inspired by the Renaissance religion.

From the height of his helmet to the way the blood he left in his path, he was perhaps the most visceral of Metroidvania heroes. People like the Belmont family were not as evil as this holy warrior. Spectacle is a way to stand for a full -fledged production environment.

Dance (Dance A and the blind forest)

Hard to deceive but very beautiful, Dance And The Blind Forest and its end is a beautiful cave of Metroidvanias in an enchanted forest land with a bitter fairytale story. It’s not always pleasant and pleasant to describe many of the characters, but this wide -eyed wild spirit is different.

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Ori is beautiful and suitable for a Pokemon or Kirby the title, and his fun pig design that stands him out from both wrestling and sword wrestling. It is better to hide such threats.

Quoth (Cave Story)

Cover photo for Cave Story

If anyone is looking for a reason for the rise of new Metroidvania names, History Which is probably the reason for the new wave of games. A Metroid/Mega-Man-name promoted with the touch of Undertale, The game sees Quoth, a reanimated robot, must save a kingdom under an evil scientist and his mechanical minions.

Quoth is a clown in another world, much like the combination of Mega-Man and Pinocchio. While he flies among the same clusters of other video game heroes, players can catch up with him when searching for measurements for the first time.

Ka Naita (Naita Hollow)

The Knight pauses at the beginning of Knight Hollow.

Knight Form It was Metroidvania who understood the basics of style but enhanced and improved on what had been left behind by the originals. The same can be said about his pint-sized protagonist with a mask and nails. Drawing from Metroid, Castlevania, a Dark spirits, the Knight can live in close proximity to one of these deceptive worlds.

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Sword and magic with an insect theme are the name of the game for this heroic idea, and he is better equipped to take care of the various threats scattered throughout Hollownest. Arguably the look of the character, he made the name of his predecessors proud.

Samus Aran (Metroid Series)

Metroid Dread shows how useful Samus Aran is in other Metroid games

The reason Metroid He has the right mindset, but his mechanics are still at the embryonic level. However, she gives the players some of the most important women leaders in the industry. Samus Aran wasn’t the princess and he knew how to play the blaster, but he didn’t really get into it until his end on the SNES.

Super Metroid It was the first Metroidvania, though, before the rest of the title was released. Another claustrophobic black world filled with weapons, blessings, and enemies has become a big part of the character, and Samus is admired.

Alucard (Symphony of the Night)

Samus made Metroidvanias, but Alucard and Symphony of the Night it is holy. The man may be a little naughty, but Alucard takes the best of both worlds into a creative creation of an action-platforming title. Take out the monsters and monsters Castlevania with sprawling maps and system upgrades Super Metroid, completed the Metroidvania document.

Alucard may be as tough or easy as his player wants, he can use a variety of weapons and explore every nook and cranny of Dracula’s castle. Not only that, but playing as an acrobatic vampire is a beautiful breath of fresh air after fighting between monsters like the Belmont family every now and then.

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