10 Manga that need a good Anime conversion

The world of Japanese anime owes a great deal to the manga industry, considering how many anime stories are based directly on manga titles large and small. In some cases, a solid manga series can explode in popularity if it finds a good anime, as is the case with Demon killer a O Jujutsu Kaisen. But not every manga is available.

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The manga industry is bigger and better than ever, and more manga series of all genres are waiting their turn to get animated to become popular. with a wide range of anime, from high school rom-coms to theaters to fantasy fiction stories and more. . Some of the manga are about an anime adaptation, but they are too old, too short, or just bad and they will benefit from another anime.

10 20th Century Boys need an Anime Seinen

The author is Naoki Urasawa who has created some amazing manga stories like Monster a 20th Century Boysand the end is not an anime Monster do. It’s a shame, too, though 20th Century Boys he tells an interesting story about a group of friends who grew up until the year 2000 and came together to save the world.

There is a big rebellion going on, run by a mysterious person who chooses the symbolism that friends made in their youth. Happily, this mysterious thriller seinen is also portrayed as a global epidemic and the warriors race for time to prevent the extinction of humanity.

9 Vagabond is a Samurai Classic

Author Takehiro Inoue has created some amazing manga stories like this Slam dunk a it’s trueBoth of which are famous basketball manga stories, but there is something of No man, Inoue is a serious samurai manga series. Replacing a manga with a picture this good will prove the difficulty, at the very least.

But it might be worth it. At the cost of some visual flair, a strong animation studio can make a difference No man and brought his story to the public, even if the manga was allowed to hiatus after 40 books. In case The Vinland Saga It can be turned into an anime, so can history No man.

8 Mahou Sensei Negima! Need a proper Anime right now

Mahou Sensei Negima! He has two anime variations to his name, but none of them are very far away. Negima! it’s a 38-volume epic that can’t be converted into just 24 pieces or so, so it needs a new and better anime to really save Ken Akamatsu’s hit manga.

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It takes time, but it changes the story of Negima! It is very useful and helps to put this manga on the map. It has everything a manga might want, from high school shenanigans to mind -blowing action, great humor, thriller competitions, and martial arts, not to mention a fairy tale. great.

7 Fist Of The North Star is a must have 21st Century Anime

Fifth of the North Star It’s also an anime, but it’s an old 1980s anime that’s better for memes and pop culture orientations than playing in Crunchyroll at lunch. Fifth of the North Star helped lay the groundwork for the new shonen, from JoJo i Yu Yu Hakusho and beyond, it will therefore be rewarded with a better anime.

The basic branch shows a simple pattern Max Max-The best features and processes, all of which are not very difficult to develop if the hands of the UFOtable studio or MAPPA are in the original. Fifth of the North Star is also getting a deluxe version from VIZ Sig, so it will have a new anime, too.

6 Mashle will have to challenge the one-punch fans

The manga comedy hit series Mashle: Magic and Flesh should remember the fans of One Who Knows, with both stories being humorous stories depicting a faithful but good -hearted hero who uses great force to blow his way through all sorts of difficulties. But instead of superheroes, Mashle in the Harry Potter subject to it.

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A while, Mashle can amaze deeply, do My Hero Academia-Kind of rhetoric about racism, classism, and privilege that comes with great force. This manga also features some magical and martial arts techniques that are 100% sure to get animated, complete with goofy sound effects.

5 Oshi No Ko is not very interested in anime

The author of Aka Akasaka is more than his hit story seinen Kaguya-Sama: Love the war in his right hand. He is the one who made it Oshi no Ko, a hard -hitting presentation on the brutal reality of being a pop movie and/or a young reality star. Showbiz can be a real jungle, and Aka Akasaka knows.

Oshi no Ko a doctor who died one night and was born again as the newborn child of his favorite pop film, Ai. Now he has to defend his mother’s name and while he has a role as a youth playwright amidst a sea of ​​sharks. This needs an anime.

4 My Hero Academia: The Vigilantes is gone for an Anime

My Hero Academia Vigilantes it’s an official commitment to the most important My Hero Academia franchise, and his manga has come to an end, even though the magazines need time to catch up. This is the story of an All Might-adoring watchman who calls himself The Crawler and his vigilante colleagues.

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even if guards It cannot be as high as it is high My Hero Academia story, an exciting and wonderful new to MHA set, full of entertaining mysteries, evil villains, and new Quirks. A guards The anime should keep the excitement between the seasons of the great lizard.

3 Hokkaido Gals Is Rom-Com Fun

Hokkaido Gals Are Beautiful! A beautiful rom-com manga series currently available on the Manga Plus program, being made in the far north of Japan, Hokkaido. This snowy, semi-remote prefecture is a breath of fresh air, if it’s cold air, and it’s also a testament to what it takes to be one of the best girls in the anime.

The protagonist is Tsubasa, who moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido for school, where he met the beautiful genie girl Minami Fuyuki, who quickly fell in love with him and became a tour guide for his Hokkaido ice home. . Anyone who likes the same anime Shikimori is not only beautiful or Horimiya like the anime adaptation of Hokkaido Gals.

Don’t worry, Sekime-San! It’s one of the semi-obscure rom-com series available in the Manga Plus app, and it’s popular with anime gamers. Komi could not speak he liked this lizard too. Most importantly, a Manga Plus rom-com called Kubo won’t let me not see is filming an anime, so there is hope for it Sekime-San!.

Don’t worry, Sekime-San! Takadono, a high school boy who remembers fans Hitohito Tadano. Takadono soon befriended the famous girl Kaede Sekime and became her own husband, and they had a variety of good trips at school parties, the cinema, and abroad. He needs to make a beautiful anime.

1 Dr. must have. Stone Reboot Byakuya to an OVA

The main thing Doctor Stone Anime seasons are on the rise, but people shouldn’t forget the so-called one-volume manga spinoff. Dr. Stone Reboot Byakuya. This manga is made right after the certification event, and focuses on Senku’s single foster parent, Byakuya Ishigami, and his robot maker, REI.

Byakuya and REI worked hard to lay the groundwork for Senku’s future career on Earth, and REI has proven itself to be an amazing shonen protagonist despite its isolation and constant log. century spent in the orbit of the Earth. This manga is ripe for an hour OVA or movie.

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