10 Josei Anime is better than they deserve

Unfortunately, the anime josei is not very popular. Some titles have made their own, but the anime’s eyes aren’t enough for them. The new anime boom on TikTok has helped drive the unseen anime josei to new fans. But the market is full of shōnen and isekai anime.

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Some of these josei anime are seen in their niches. The others may not be so hot that they can’t stand out compared to the other interesting lizards. These josei anime need to add new fans. Will a new eye increase their popularity?

10 Chihayafuru Is A One-Of-Kind Anime

Chihayafuru It would be a great job to show a female lead sports anime about Japanese culture. Competitive karate is a popular sport related to Ogura Haneri Poets anthology, where players memorize traditional characters to perform faster than their opponent.

Chihaya Ayase became passionate about the sport and wanted to be the best player in Japan. His carpentry skills helped him climb the ladder of competition as he competed for top titles. She wants to reunite with an old friend, Arata Wataya, the boy who first married her.

9 Following stories: Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū demonstrates the unique nature of storytelling.

Speaking of Japanese culture, Following stories: Shōwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjū illuminates rakugo, a kind of ancient comedy. With only a paper towel and cloth as a supply, the narrator sits on stage and retells a long but funny story.

After his punishment, Yotarō wants to change his life. He sought rakugo after the great narrator, Yakumo Yūrakutei, to encourage him. After receiving his mentor, Yotarō encouraged the old man to teach him his skills. During his training, Yotarō met Sukeroku, a fellow rakugo trainer, who had done more than before.

8 The Jellyfish Princess is funny and kind at the same time

Substitutes and new property companies are a relatively small group to come. But Princess Jellyfish possible evidence. The anime combines these bands and sprinkles just the right amount of comedic gold to keep the fun going.

Tsukimi Kurashita moved to Tokyo, ready to pursue a career as a photographer. In a lonely apartment, she lives a reserved life with other nerdy women, “the Amars,” in a separate house. Tsukimi met a beautiful woman who helped him out on a typical day, but he was surprised to see how real the stranger was.

7 Paradise Kiss shows a Heroine learning to find herself

One can relate to Yukari Hayasaka’s struggles. She wants more from her worldly life but doesn’t know where to begin. Classes and going to the best college were her most important things, but only to make her great mother happy.

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Yukari lost a moment in life when she was sought to be a role model. A group of film students reminded her – although encouraged – to design their costumes for an upcoming show. Nicknamed “Caroline,” Yukari traveled to a world she had never seen before and slowly left her comfort zone.

6 The Polar Bear Café is a popular activity to check out

There is nothing like going to a cafe after a long day. But what if the polar bear runs around? Polar Bear Café Josie people offer a lot of laughter and a light heart to soothe one’s mind.

Animals are 99% of the main character of the anime. They all gather in the main restaurant to relax, drink more coffee, and listen to the awful laughter of the owner of the pun. The idea may be trivial, but Polar Bear Café it is necessary to watch.

5 Saiyūki gives Anime Story a magical twist

Saiyūki A title based on a story that has been swept under the radar. Seasons aired over the last ten years but still remain in his favorite archive. Strong demons, intense fighting scenes, and motley armies of good male protagonists are enough to capture anyone.

After a group of demons began to attack the people, peace was lost between them. The demons planned to awaken Gyumao, one of the most powerful beings of their kind who had been recorded for centuries. Sanzō Genzo, a rebellious priest, must join with three demons to stop the coming destruction.

4 Usagi Drop Is A Great Family Anime

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and Usagi Drop a testimony to this idea. It’s fun, funny, and fun for people looking for a good family anime. Viewers can relate to the two protagonists who are learning to record and navigate their unseen lives.

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Non -bachelor Daikichi Kawaguchi attends his grandfather’s funeral and finds a surprise. He met a young girl, Rin, whom he knew was his grandfather’s unworthy daughter. This secret was well known among the other families, who refused to take care of Rin. Lacking parental knowledge, Daikichi offers to raise Rin and give her the home she needs.

3 Ristorante Paradiso is a pleasure

There is nothing more fun than anime about food and the food industry. Ristorante Paradiso It doesn’t look great either, but it’s a beautiful story in one of the most important countries of the culinary world: Italy.

Nicoletta knew her mother had left her to remarry in Rome. Disgusted with the betrayal, he traveled to Italy to return to his mother because he had abandoned her. But his plans soon faded when he was arrested with friendly staff at Casetta dellʻOrso.

2 Gokusen has an evil Heroine just like the boys

It’s hard to get strong female leaders, especially in anime with wrestlers. ʻO Gokusen a breath of fresh air with his original heroine, Kumiko Yamaguchi.

As the leader of a powerful yakuza group, Kumiko can easily defeat oncoming powerful bosses. Although she was happy and smart, ready to start her new career as a high school teacher, she had a lot on her plate. He worked at a school for all boys and soon saw that his students were nothing but mischievous and quarrelsome. Kumiko also had to worry about the eyes of the defender, who were urging him to hide his strength.

1 Petshop of Horrors – Find a small pet and leave hope

The old school horror anime is well known among fans. Something unique is about the kind of non -boring film, performance, or sound that keeps people interested. cattle shop of horrible things it’s old but good in a josei style.

The beautiful but mysterious “Count D” owns a unique pet store. He sells the most sacred items on the market. Name the animal, it has a customer, but its prices are far too high. An agreement is drawn up, which binding on the owner if they are unable to maintain the effect of the agreement.

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