10 Greatest Anime Movies of All Time, rank

While the law does not judge a book on its cover, films can sometimes capture the true nature of the film being advertised. This is especially true when it comes to anime movies.

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While advertisers for anime movies as an advertisement for the movie, they get the latest version of the service as pieces of film, using a variety of creative techniques to help pulling the viewer away, enticing them to watch the movie again. In addition, one can find a deep secret hidden in them.

10 The Secrets of the Kukui Festival (Spirited Away)

The use of solid black on the back of the The spirit The film will help make the rest of the picture. The black that covers the banquet hall in the shade adds to the feeling of evil lurking within them, while the use of red and orange reveals the wonders that are not. not only the banquet hall but the new world that Chihiro saw for himself.

Chihiro’s clothing, which is mostly solid orange, helps her stand out as a point for paper. He stood in front of the party lights and shadows as if he were afraid of facing the dark that would threaten him.

9 A World Of Color Pop

The pictures on the film paper no Battle of Kaumaka as if they had come from a Takashi Murakami statue. The nature of the colors will help to spread this paper and ask for the review. Also, although the color may not be noticeable at first, red leads to the viewer’s eyes.

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The avatars of the two avatars become specific, starting with the red on their costumes and slowly jumping up through the other avatars, up to the entire red ring of the two avatars. floating in the upper corners of the paper.

8 The next year of Cyberpunk (Ghost in the Shell)

Although the Motoko was seen partially naked on the Spirit in the Shell It seems that the reason many people watch it is the wires coming out of its back and its cybernetic pieces that really capture the viewer’s attention. He also wears glasses and holds a gun while soaring above the futuristic city sky.

Motoko itself can be seen as exploring the connection between man and machines, even though its position in the city is seen as a sign of danger or concern about the growth of technology.

7 The Rainbow in the Rain (Weathering With You)

The film no Weliwela With You It’s visual and good at capturing the memory of the water. Many raindrops can be seen turning the rainbow. The drops are not the kind of noise that is normally taken from the piece but are gently combined in a way that enhances the beauty of the image.

The light scattered over the main objects directs the viewer’s gaze from the top corner of the paper to the bottom corner. This allows the viewer to take in beautiful images in its entirety and all the details in between.

6 Two lives become one (Your Name)

The multi-pointed sparkle is a special place for viewers and a divider for the film’s presentation of My nameshowing how the greats, Taki and Mitsuha, lead different lives while living under the same heaven.

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The urban background behind Taki reflects his urban life, and the rural background behind Mitsuha reflects his country life. The small light balls begin to separate on each side and then form a single line that shows how the lives of these two different people are related.

5 All Eyes On The Kid Detective (Case Closed: Countdown To Heaven)

The 80’s film concept is strong in the film industry Case closed: count to the sky. Broken glass pieces with regular cracks help create a clean collage result. The details of the pieces with pictures of Conan’s friends point to the center of the paper

They returned the eyes of the viewer to the star of the show, Conan himself, as if he was about to jump off the paper. The orange color is used to direct the eyes from the house fire around Conan up to the members of the Black League.

4 The Sharing of Truth and Reason (Belle)

The white light is on the film paper no Belle automatically pulls the viewer’s eyes to the center where Suzu stands in front of her avatar, Belle. The red and blue stripes with dots combined on the other sides, show the difference between reason and reality. The white light blurs the line.

The Beast standing behind Belle is like the kind of darkness that arises in the science-fiction world that Suzu has exaggerated, but it also darkens the world again. paper up.

3 Follow the path of blood (Demon Slayer: Mugen Train)

The film no Demon Slayer: Kaʻaahi Mugen get the idea by using the big title logo as a dot to draw the viewer’s eyes to the bottom of the paper. The reddish hue of the symbol combined with the reddish hue of the symbol spread in a manner similar to a fan with the lower extremity over Tanjiro, spreading over Zenitsu and Hashibira.

The blood stopped briefly at Nezuko who was placed in the middle on top of Tanjiro. Rengoku and Enmu were at his side, making another flat. This is really helpful in giving the paper a review.

2 He Hourglass of Many Layers

The film is for Studio Ghibli’s Castle to the Heavens use places and people to create a glass clock shape that rises directly to the center of the screen. Using gradients that go from light to dark often from the bottom to the top of the paper gives the back a natural feel.

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The yellow color begins as a soft glow that shines over the Fort Tedus, the paths in the robes of the nobles, and ascends the ruins of Laputa, all in a glow from the wood from the mountains. rays of the sun.

1 The Trickster That Is Realism (Escaflowne)

Take a quick look at the film for Escaflowne, the viewer can be mistaken for a live movie advertisement. The photo paper features a real hand -painted photo. It does a good job of catching the viewer’s eye by showing a white background in the middle behind the main character, Van, cutting up near the portrait of Hitomi in the upper corner.

The darkness, almost like fog helps to give a mysterious air to the dark image of Escaflowne that stands behind. Paper can stand as just a beautiful piece of art.

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