10 games that go on after you think it’s over

Video games can do a lot. While it’s an hour or two away from smart players, one can take hundreds of hours to walk. With so many hours available to tell a story, it’s no surprise when developers throw some amazing stuff into the team.

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Some games are about a single fight, and all the events will take you to its end. Sometimes, that outcome is deceptive and the game finds a way to continue. Whether it’s a mysterious title or a magical game, there are no strangers to tricking players into believing the story is over, only for hours to see.

10 Persona 4 – Is the researcher successful?

Persona4 logo and fonts

Anyone who has played Persona 4 knows that there are a few moments when the game is over. The first time the game goes to its final stage, it takes about twenty to forty hours to go, depending on your style of play.

For those who don’t know, most of the game is about a mysterious murder, one that you and your friends will be forced to decide. The game is filled with twists and turns and is beyond the reach of most fans of the mysterious nature.


9 Donkey Kong Land – Not Made King K. Rool

The land of Donkey Kong Gangplank Galleon

It’s rare for old games to pull the mat out from under you about their fate. Games are usually shorter because long games are easier to develop.

Donkey Kong Country has succeeded in making an independent game in many ways, but one of the unique ways is its deceptive effect. When you head to the final battle with King K. Rool, you may be ready for the deceptive tactics he has, but you may not expect the fraudulent loans to run out before the fight continues.

8 Pokemon Gold/Silver – Return to Kanto

pokemon-gold start defense

It should be noted that while returning to the land of Kanto in Pokemon Gold and money is technology after the game, it will always provide a lot of information to continue your playthrough.

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When you go through all that the land of Johto has to offer and become a Pokemon Champion, then you can return to the field of the famous Red trainer. Finding the Gym guide line with Pokemon is even harder as it is a topic that is loved by all Pokemon fans.

7 Spider -Man and Venom: The ultimate murder – the end?

Spider-Man fights Carnage

One of the best beat ‘em ups on Super Nintendo comes in the form of Spider-Man And Venom: Maximum Carnage. It features a movie story, lots of amazing cameos, and a shaky number of levels for the side fighter.

You will take on the battle with Carnage and his various goons on many levels of the game, until the final battle. It turns out that everything is done for the good of eating, but that is not the end of it. For the last time, you have to fight Carnage to stop him for good.

6 Melee Super Smash Bros. – Giga -Bowser

Games with short development times are a shot of all the fighters from Super Smash Bros.  Melee in line with Link, Mario, Ness, Kirby, Princess Peach and Captain Falcon

It couldn’t be easier to throw the thrillers into a team like Super Smash Bros. It features tons of fighters, but the games are easy for fighters. Super Smash Bros. Melee is a real surprise for those who think they have won the Adventure Mode mode.

Even if you’re not playing easy challenges, you’ll be reunited with Giga-Bowser after you take on Bowser. The bigger he is, the more damage he takes to start small, and holds one big punch if he can put his hands on you.

Metal Gear Solid 5. Solid Snake sitting on a helicopter.

No one can be blamed for thinking that Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming as close as the end of the game which is all you would expect because of the fate of the big money titles.

Everyone should be able to see the story without the spoils, but when you face your enemy once and for all, the game shows that it is only the first chapter. of the story and many more. Much of what is said about the “end of the game” is amazing, and much of the important story continues to be told that a Metal Gear game can pull off.

4 Batman: Arkham Knight – The game is over, but not really

Arkham Screenshot of Batman and Arkham Knight Fighting

One of the most stressful moments in the current game is the demise of Batman: Arkham Knight, or, the lack of a sequel. The players had no problem with recording the actual outcome of the game after the game was large or small, but the regular player actually did.

You can go to the end and see the outcome of the game, but the problem is not the reality of the events. If you’ve left Riddler Trophies around the game, you’re probably in for hours of puzzle editing in order to see the real outcome of the game.

3 Tip 6 – Kefka wins

Final Fantasy 6 Kefka throws Emperor Gestahl out of the ark

Compared to Super Nintendo, the games are shorter. While there are some games here and there that take many hours to play, most games rely on hard drive and replayability to keep you coming back.

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That changed when Final Fantasy 6 went home fans. There’s been a lot of bait-and-switch in the series before, but Final Fantasy 6 is probably the most terrifying. You’re heading into what looks like the last war, just disappearing, destroying the world without falling, something you’re going to have to punish and fix.

2 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – The Castlevania

Fighting enemies from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

One of the most popular games from the Castlevania series is Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. The sprawling game tells a fun story set right in Dracula’s castle.

Most players probably don’t realize the fact that the game can almost double in length if you follow the right steps. Before going to one last deceptive battle, search the entire castle and you must go inside again. It’s an amazing amount of fun that adds a lot of value to a great game.

1 The Mario Series – The Princess is in another castle

The Princess is in another castle.

One of the most famous comics in video game history is from the Mario series. Mario’s fans often remember seeing the Princess in a castle at some point in their lives.

It’s a simple twist that evokes excitement and surprise. You have been to one world before, what challenges can a new world offer? Even better, this spin began at a time when most players thought the game was over when they won the first castle of Super Mario.

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