10 Funny Anime Movie Designs, Organized

Whether it’s Shonen Jump or Netflix Originals, there are many anime titles that have introduced fans to new features that they have become passionate about. But if fans like them or hate them, there are some strange and ridiculous ideas.

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While not all of them will be discussed as good or bad, there are some that the audience cannot shake at first in their sense of humor. Some were famous for their design and others were admired by the people of the world for their appearance.

10 Majin Buu – Dragonball Z

Majin Buu laughs as he slaps his dog, Bee, at Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z It was probably one of the first stories to introduce people to the world of anime. With some of the best friends, super-human heroes, intergalactic adventures, and some of the most iconic movies, there’s a reason to love it.

After the Z Fighters fight a king and a time -traveling android, people are amazed at how much evil Majin Buu is coming up with. The red antagonist was one of the others dressed up with yellow gloves, puffy white shirts, and a mini dress, and everyone was laughing proudly as well. As well as being a child, of course, there are many things that are not right in this way.

9 Ryoku’s fighting costume – Kill La Kill

Ryuko from Kill La Kill

The first anime of Studio Trigger was a horror action series Kill La Kill. Placed in another high school full of strong clothes and very confident young people, Ryuko set foot in the school to see the killer of his father.

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During the story, Ryuko wears a sailor’s uniform named Senketsu who helps him find the killer. And in one of the more intense action scenes, Ryuko can adapt to fight some of the most revealing and surreal weapons in the anime.


8 Chikara – Naruto

Chikara Naruto

As long as he fleeth, Naruto It had full -length episodes and episodes that kept fans in doubt about the big story and the battles to come. And while it has some of these interesting features, the others are different from the lizard.

One of them was Chikara, who was featured in one event. Having a costume reminiscent of a country-rock star and Elvis-style hair, style, and a different tone in English, didn’t mix the style with the world of ninjitsu. .

7 Hollows – Bleach

Hollows from Bleach

Between 2004 and 2012, bleach He was one of the most popular anime characters of that time with his creative style and strong fights. The show features Ichigo who protects the world from invading spirits and leads the lost souls to the afterlife. And after a long hiatus, the anime series will return to end with a millennial bloody war.

From the beginning, the Hollows were introduced as ghosts who often tried to eat human souls. Their various tactics may reveal some formidable enemies for Ichigo to face, but there are others that are simply amazing and look as if they don’t fit into the world of bleach.

6 Kikirugwe – Dorohedoro

The world of Dorohedoro filled with hilarious adventures in an oddball world that combines steampunk and magic. The story follows Caiman, a man whose head is turned into a crawler trying to find the rightful man.

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One of the most unique features of the lizard is that it resembles a cat named Kikurage. Wearing a red -horned mask and having the features of a small dog and a cat with red fur is one of the most powerful things they can do to bring people back from death. do not.

5 Change Gon – Hunter X Hunter

Gon from Hunter X Hunter

Famous X Hunter It may not have lasted as long as an anime compared to its original manga, but the 2011 story has a lot of highlights and important pieces that fans thought were in a Shonen story. The story follows Gon as he tries to find the father who abandoned him while trying to become a “Hunter,” who seeks out criminals and finds the unknown. Ia.

In the midst of his fights with Neferpitou, Gon changes his old ways to defeat them. Among the young people in the picture, this short style is unique with a muscular Gon and a parent whose hair always flows up and continues to wear his clothes like a boy, although Not necessary.

4 Lightweight – One Piece

Big Mom holds her hands in One Piece

Since 1999, One piece has become one of the longest -running anime series and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The story follows Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates as they sail across the ocean and join a group of violent rivals.

There are probably many things from the world of Eiichiro Oda One piece and in fact, his style of painting can attest to their own list of humorous style designs. But one of the strongest villains, Big Mom, has to be paired with her unique body and polka-dotted red dress and yet she is one of the biggest villains of Luffy and his gang. to stand.

3 Competition of powerful heroes – Dragonball Super

ʻO Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Teams

As a final story on the Dragon Ball Super anime, the Universe Survival arc is a climactic showdown as 10 warriors from each world compete in a Tournament of Power in order to save their worlds from extinction.

While it was the center stage for some of the biggest fights in the entire series, it was also revealed that each world kept track of unique characters not seen in the entire Dragon Ball franchise before it was revealed. He is the strongest among the newcomers. From sumo wrestler Napapaa to beloved warrior Ribrianne, Akira Toriyama has been able to create unique images for his story over the years.

2 Shin-Chan-Crayon Shin-Chan

Darth Bader and Book Skypooper duel in Crayon Shin-Chan

Created by manga artist Yoshito Usui, Crayon Shin-Chan She followed in the footsteps of 5-year-old Chin-Chan, as well as her humorous adventures at school and at home. Although the anime premiered in 1992, parts of the series are still being produced to this day.

Yoshito’s style designs are as funny as they look with simple faces and squiggly outlines. But Shin-Chan’s small body and limbs separate her among the independent filmmakers.

1 All players – xxxHolic

Yuuko from xXxHolic

xxxHolic created by Clamp, a group of female artists working in the form of manga books. He was adapted for a 37-episode anime series that focuses on Kimihiro working for a magician named Yuko to give him a wish.

But the manner in which the images are designed for the show is questionable. With small heads and elongated limbs, the anime has received criticism for the way they are animated and stylized from the sides of the manga.

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